31 December, 2010

So long 2010, Hello 2011

I've never liked endings. I hate to finish a book. I'll drag out the last two chapters for days sometimes. This year feels different for some reason. Well a big reason, but I won't spill those beans here for now.

I've had interesting time off. I've ridden, spent time with girls, Mom, and siblings. So very nice to have this time with family. For the last 30 some years this has been a very full week. Christmas, my ex-husband's birthday, our anniversary and New Year's all within 8 days. This was the first year I didn't say happy birthday to him since 1974. It's best, but feels very odd. 

I feel out of place. I have for months. Need to get comfy in my skin again. Working on it. Working on me. Just taking deep breaths, trying to find center and ground myself.

Time to set goals, working on that but have lots to do still.

Happy New Year to you all. May you find peace but most importantly, happiness.

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28 December, 2010

so much to learn

today was great!  

first I shopped for sunglasses. I swear between HR monitors and sunglasses I am B R O K E! ha ha  I looked and tried on and asked questions, but one of my best friends took time with me and helped me find what I wanted.

went mtn biking with a friend on fire roads. 2 people, not in prime shape, but taking time, raising the heart rate well above threshhold, and just laughing having fun and getting to know each other a little better.

Then dinner with brother and sister, Something that took way too long to do. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was engrossed in all of the conversation. I now know why I miss them so much.

Wish I knew how to do love the right way. Maybe it will come, maybe it won't. But one thing is for sure, there are lot's of people in my life that I care for deeply. Maybe that should be the most important thing.

peace to all

26 December, 2010

The best gift

for me has nothing to do with wrappings and bows. I wanted what I always want: Time with family and friends. My girls gave me the most precious gift, time to spend with them. Late in the afternoon we gathered at daughter #1's place. We cooked, visited and chatted and caught up on each other's lives. Of course we ate. We ate from the time the door closed behind us until we pulled out of the drive. I'm still stuffed, 24 hours later. Leftovers might have something to do with that.

One of these days we'll get the whole family together, again. I'm starting to look at real estate. My apartment is small and inconvenient for entertaining. I've been invited to friend's parties over the last year and a half and I truly want to reciprocate. 

Another gift, I gave myself was time off the bike. I've only been off the bike like this when I broke my collar bone. Before today I'd ridden 3 times since my race in Bend. I've gained weight, gotten lazy and my hips ache and don't work so well. Today I got on the trainer for an hour. I plan to spend at least 2 hours on the bike most of the days from now to next week. I'm on vacation until next year! I need to get organized. I need to set some goals for 2011. Both for racing and for work and even personally. We'll see how this goes.

I hope everyone has received the gifts they wanted.



24 December, 2010

End of year celebrations

Many of us celebrate differently, but most of us begin to reflect on the closing year and start to plan and set goals for the new one coming. 

I'm not a religious person, but respect those that are. Mostly, I want to be with family and friends. It's not so easy though. Work schedules are all over the place and the family has gotten fragmented. I'm thrilled to get to spend time with both my girls on Christmas. My oldest is hosting, very nice change of pace. The three of us have had lots of change over the last couple of years. I'm just grateful that we all are in the same town, love each other deeply and are able to make some time for our small family unit. 

To all of my family, friends and anyone that reads this:

much love to you. I wish for peace, serenity and above all happiness for us all. 

be well, laugh as much as you can and know you are loved deeply


21 December, 2010

So, what's with

my face breaking out these days? My chin is a total mess. argh

oh, and I let my subscription to online dating expire. It was dumb to do it anyway. The 3  months the same people were recycled over and over. All of a sudden, once my subscription expires I have 20 emails, tons of winks (still most are over 60), etc. I swear I think it's a gimic to get me to re-up. Waste of time and money. 

I have decided I don't need to date. I'm completely clueless. And will just mess it up somehow. Besides, it seems I have no idea how to meet guys. I'm not hanging in bars.

Back to work and bike riding all the time once the weekend holiday is over. 


16 December, 2010

I'd trade it all

right now for a quiet evening with a gentle companion putting an arm around my shoulder and a chest I can to snuggle into.


back to bikes and work tomorrow!!!!

I tell myself, it can be simple and easy. not so sure that's reality though. mostly 'cause it's not all up to me. but why not? just spend time here and there. 

15 December, 2010

2010 CX Nationals, Bend OR part 3

So I left out some stuff. Thursday afternoon saw the first Singlespeed Championships @ Natz. What a race! Craig Alexander dominated, while wearing blue jean cutoffs. Did I mention that sunsets about 4:30 and it's pitch by 5:00? probably, so I repeat somethings and leave out others.
"running" up stairs @ Bend

I called B2 to let him know I would be happy to work the pit or be support for his race. Said he wasn't going to use the pit but I could grab his stuff at the start line. Just so happened one of the kids loaned him a pit bike. This was good as he needed it on the first lap. But he was able to pass quite a few once back on the course. His was another fun race to watch. Tilford dominated the race. It was raining at the start but by mid first lap had changed to snow, some of the biggest flakes I'd seen in a while. Temps dropped and snow filled the air. I'm glad I was able to support. That's what team mates are all about, right? well, friends too.

I missed a lot of the next race, but another Louisville cyclist was in that one. We cheered and rang our cowbells for him, too. Next came the 17/18 year olds. Two local boys from Red Zone and another from the Lionhearts were in this race. So exciting to watch! D2 came in third and his team mate came in 11th, barely missing top ten but had a most exciting race. When finished he was completely brown with mud and said his eyelids were frozen open due to the mud sticking to them. D2 left today for Eurocamp and is representing the US on Sunday at the world cup. Go D2!! 

Later in the afternoon they held the U23 race and another local male cyclist raced. I missed the majority of this one too. Then the last race of the day we had two more locals in the 30-34 AG. A fun race to cheer and run around the course trying to catch glimpses.

There are some great videos of the actions at http://www.cyclingdirt.org/video and photographs at http://galleries.cascadeeventphotography.com/g/2010_cx_nats
After the races, CAO and I went back to the room, cleaned up, packed, ate, napped and then went back for the Clydesdale races at 9:30 and the after party. Fun times. It was midnight before we hit the bed and set our alarms to get up at 4:15 to leave by 5 am. Her phone rang at 4, the airline saying her 2nd leg from Chicago to Cincy was cancelled. All workd out well in the end and she was able to reroute through Houston. 

Next year is in Madison, WI. I have a feeling it will be a very cold week as it will be 2nd week of January 2012. (not sure why they had to move the dates) It's within driving distance. So, I'll have to see if I can find another crazy person to drive up and share expenses.

I put my shoes and helmet on the trailer with my bike. I've wanted to ride my mtn bike since I got home, but have no shoes. so dumb But I'll drive to Cincy this weekend and pick up my stuff. A few friends that live up there are talking about a mtn bike ride on Saturday. I hope I can join them if logistics work out. 

I think I'm gonna miss my CX friends for the next months. I'll have to find something else to fill my weekends. I hope weather permits outdoor riding, but it looks like lots of trainer time for now. Next couple of weeks I need to think about goals for 2011, both personal and cycling. Need to start looking for permanent abode as well. Time to settle down, buy some furniture, unpack and get comfy.

peace everyone

CX Rules!!!

14 December, 2010

2010 CX Nationals, Bend OR part 2

Fresh kits, bikes loaded, and off to the CX venue. It was very cool and my only regret was that I didn't bag my feet. I've decided pre-riding a course is much better than riding blind, at least as a newbie. CAO pre-rode with me and she was glad she did, even though she could've the next day following her TT and the days' events. I did one lap, she did two. The water was a shock, the mud was tough and new to figure out but the soggy grass sucked the life energy out of my legs. I took my bike to the free bike wash put on by Pedro's while she rode her second lap. I was pooped and hungry. We headed back to the hotel for a nice dip in the hot tub and some food.

Thursday was tricky for me. She and the kids had their TTs the same time I was racing. I dropped her at the TT venue and they gave her a ride back to the main course after. I drove myself over to team parking. Got my trainer setup and started my warmup. We did all prep such as pinning numbers and mixing gatorade at the room. 27 women were at the start line for my race. I was 13th from the TT. I didn't wear a jacket or take a water bottle since there was no one there to hand them off to. I was surprised how comfortable I stayed without a jacket. I felt strong at the start, but several got past me before the water. I was holding my own and passed a couple of cyclists, but once we got to the soggy grass by the roadway I started losing some ground. I can't remember when except that I fell once on my left and once on my right sides. I was mud soaked, for sure. I never got off of my bike except for the stairs. They didn't put up barriers until the next day. The runup in the Bob's Redmill bowl had 3 lines, didn't matter which I took my rear wheel wanted to slide down the hill so I footed myself to the top on the left side and flew down the opposite side, which  scared me and made me pucker up. The flyover was fun, except I forgot to keep my pedals level on one lap and one bottomed out and bounced. The stairs were just torture for me. I know this will be a good place to start training and none too soon. Thinking about running the stairwells in the tower at work once a week starting in Jan.

The falls and stairs were my biggest time losers. I'm just glad I didn't get pulled, though I finished one lap down. I wasn't DFL, but not sure if that was because the last place woman had a mechanical or what. I was soaked and muddy and made my way to the jeep where I crawled up into, started the engine and slowly began to peel off the muddy kit. This seemed to take me forever. My legs and feet were covered in mud even after removing all attire. Towel, dry socks and warm head covering were all instrumental in my not getting chilled to the bone. My memory fades after this. I know we go get a nice hot bath and go out to eat.  I was so happy to have all of my racing behind me!

Friday is her race. It's not until 1:00. The girls start at 8:30 so I stay to see the start of their race. Then I head over to the TT course since B2 is the only one over there and he goes off at 9:30ish. He did great from what I saw. Others in front of him were riding their brakes on a downhill section but he flew like the wind going down it. I cheered and took pictures with my blackberry. Should've bought a camera. Once he was done I drove back over to the main venue. We watched the boys race. I grabbed some lunch. Then I took her spare wheels to the pits and stayed in the pits for her. I was so glad I could be there, cheering her on as she came through each time. She did great, finished on the lead lap! I'm amazed at the season she had. She was blown off her bike in May and broke her pelvis in several places. Came to CX season, her 2nd and improved with each race and coming in at the top of the series for her age/cat.

If CAO hadn't gone with me my experience would've been so much different. Not nearly as good and pleasant. I would've been lost and most likely depressed had I been solo. She is a gem.

more later...

peace to all

13 December, 2010

2010 CX Nationals, Bend OR part 1

Not sure where to start. I had planned to do this months ago. My first away vacation in several years and my first solo vacation ever. The furthest northwest I'd been before was Tahoe. I posted up to see if anyone else going needed hotel room, no one responded and I thought I posted too early. I borrowed a bike box and went to the LBS and had B2 tell me how to take the bike apart as I did it. I figured I would need to know how to do this and put back together once I got to Bend. 

Wow, how quickly things change. The Cincy kids team, Lionhearts, posted up they had room for bikes in their trailer. I emailed back and forth and made the arrangements. I would put my bike on their trailer at Brookside (Indy). They left right after the races and tag team drove (3 of them) around the clock until they arrived at Bend. They were able to get team parking (at a nice discount), which made a huge difference in logistics for the week. Then I get an email from C.A.O. She had applied for her upgrade to Cat3 and wanted to go to Natz. Asked about sharing room and rental $$. Man, I'm so glad she did.

Our flights landed in Portland on Tuesday within 15 minutes of each other. I upgraded the Ford Taurus I had reserved to a Jeep, another great move. We grabbed lunch before we got too far out of the city, then drove over the mtn pass towards our destination. It was beautiful as everything was covered in fresh snow, but the roads were in great shape with plenty of salt/cinder/sand for traction. We got a text saying the bikes had arrived and were in team parking. We met up, got the bikes loaded and checked out the venue. I'd hoped to be able to pre-ride the  TT course, but daylight was gone by 4:30 and it was pitch by 5. We headed to the hotel and checked in. I got on the trainer, while CAO went into logistics mode, she is an equestrian. Tarp was purchased and installed in the back of Jeep for bikes. Great idea! She also picked up some groceries, so we were set. 

Wednesday was my TT and being at 11 had plenty of time. We arrived at the course early enough to walk part of it. I went back to the jeep to warm up and she walked the rest to give me some insight. We had gotten word early that they changed the course, taking out 2 sections deemed unsafe as well as leaving out barriers. The course was covered in snow and slush 3 inches deep. There were very few places where you could see the gravel bleed through. I was glad I had ridden snow on Sunday in Indy, but once was not enough experience. I was tentative on the downhills, but knew enough to stay off the brakes. The large runup was a long steep sheet of ice and snow. It There was one place, a 180 and a runup (if I remember right) where I got off the bike. I went to get back on fell on my right side. I just wanted to get up, back on the bike and finish. I heard someone telling me to get in the small chain ring, then I could get going. I found out later that 2 of the guys from home were standing there watching and telling me this. I had no idea at the time. I just wanted to get the bike moving and finish. I finished next to last, but not all who were racing did the TT. This was a great experience. So glad to have CAO there. I wish the other two had said my name so I would've been more aware of their presence. She got me back to the hotel as I was soaked down my right side and freezing. Got a warm bath and ate some lunch. We then got fresh kits together and went to the CX course to pre-ride. 

to be continued...

p.s. failed to mention how scared I was on that TT course, it was sketchy

01 December, 2010

Final OVCX race is almost here

and I toyed with racing both days. I'd really like the opportunity to up my points. But with next weeks trip, I've decided to save my $ on gas and entry fee. I'm hoping my fitness improves this week. I was looking forward to one more CX practice today, but it was canceled. It's all good, everything must come to an end. right? Can't wait to see the ladies one more time on Sunday. This has been such a fun year of racing with all of them.

Project delivered today, but the file corrupted. woo hoo!!! Year end review went much better than I expected. WOOT!!!

513 extended an invite to their year-end celebration. Totally cool of them to ask the 502. I'd really like to attend. We'll see.

It's turned cold, which is probably good since next week will be frigid in Bend I think. I wonder if there will be mud or snow or ice. I've never raced in any of those conditions. Another opportunity for a first of many firsts these past two years.

I'm anxious and excited to head to Bend. I'm lucky a fellow cyclist is meeting me and sharing car and room. First solo vacation ever for me. I'm so ready to get away. It's been too long.


29 November, 2010

Deadlines and life

find a way to distract me from time to time. Here's a quote from Joe Friel:
Miss one key workout and you know it.
Miss two and the competition knows it.
Miss three and everyone knows it.

That's definitely how I feel. I've not gotten in the workouts I should have for the last couple of weeks. Here comes the end of the season like a locomotive screaming down the tracks and I've just not gotten the job done as far as CX goes.  

I'm having fun and that is most important. Still trying to decide about Saturday, but definitely will race on Sunday. It's double points in the series contest!  :-) At the rate I'm going though I'll manage to drop another couple of places and completely out of the running for anything in that competition.

I'm super excited about next week. Finally a vacation away. Have transportation for my bike and gear. Have a friend going with me to share room and car expense. AND about 1:00 pm on Thursday I officially will be in my off-season. Beer will be flowing and lots of races to watch for the next two days. Cheering on the Red Zone kids and friends that are racing, too. 

Then I come home and just ride to ride and get some nice miles under my belt. I want to do more in the knobs and the forest. I want to find some women and get out there and ride all weekend, every weekend. I also want to ride my mtn bike every chance I get, weather permitting. :-)

peace everyone

25 November, 2010


plans are a fact of life these days. 

I was so very excited. Go to my sis's place with my girls and finally have a semblance of the family together again. I've not been to my sis's new house, though she's been living there more than a year now. We all received an invite and everyone said they'd be there. 

I had to go pick up some stuff from my youngest yesterday. I got home and went back out to run to the grocery and the battery was dead, again. It was dead on Sunday and the Francisco's gave me a jump so I drove all the way home from Lexington with no stops. I called my bro and he came and took me to Autozone and I bought a new battery. For the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to get the damned thing out of the van. There is a clip somewhere, but I can't find it. 

I called my new son-in-law last night to get some advice on the battery. It was late and he said he'd come out today and help. But also said they were going to stay home and have dinner there. It has poured all day so I called him this morning and said not to get out in this rain. I went out several times today and tried to figure out how to remove the battery, finally got the cables off. But still can't figure out the damned thing. My bro said I could ride with him to my sis's but I hadn't heard from my other daughter. I couldn't leave her behind. I was supposed to take Mom home. 

I really wanted to see everyone. Shit happens. I kept trying to figure out the battery. I made bean soup. I changed the tire on the pt to slick and started to ride rollers. hard to do in my state so started reading. can't seem to get into anything. craved a cigarette again ARGHHHHH 

stupid me

hope you find peace, hope I find it soon 

21 November, 2010

Setbacks tend to wear on one's soul

and I am not one to be a quitter, but boy have I toyed with the idea quite a lot lately.

It's a struggle some days to get to a smile. I have spent the last few days thinking of where I am and not that thrilled with it. Where do I want to be? How do I get there?

Work has lost it's luster and appeal. It's discouraging to watch more jobs lost or moved to far away places. I want that feeling of can't wait to start the workday again.

Personal life is just too solitary most days. So much so that I signed up for online dating. So dumb! It's like shopping and I hate to shop. Anyway, that runs out end of the month. So I've had a total of 2 "coffee dates" over 3 months. Time to figure something else out or maybe it's just that I don't need to figure anything out. I should just stop thinking about it.

Cycling has been the one thing that has kept me sort of sane. I can pedal and the negatives turn to positives. But the racing lately has been disappointing and I listen to myself start the excuse list. I hate that! I wish I didn't worry about how silly I look out there on the course. Oh well, too late and too bad.

I must say though, that there is a large group of ladies, youngsters and gentlemen that I've met that are some of the best people around. Not just the ones that race either. I am so very happy to see their faces each weekend. It makes me a little sad to think there are only two weekends to go and then a long winter to get through. Today I got to cheer for lots of friends. Took pictures that didn't turn out very well and talked to lots of good people.

Still wish I could make some things better. There's a friendship or two that are broken and I just can't seem to find a way to fix them proper.

peace everyone

19 November, 2010

supposed to count blessings

and most times I try real hard to do just that. But today as I drove down the road this thought popped in my head. I tried to shake it, really I did. But I could not remember the last time someone held my hand. Seems small I s'pose. But it's not in my psyche'  I miss being touched, held, engaged physically and aurally too. 

Started thinking about asking to be called home. premature? I dunno anymore

peace to you

18 November, 2010

Not quite there

but I almost made it through one month with no major mishaps. Somehow I've trashed my Powertap wheel. I have only raced it twice, Gun Club and Columbus. I failed to keep the computer turned on at Gun Club. Thought it would be good to capture data from at least one race. I didn't crash or fall or anything on Sunday. 

I went to change the tire to road so I could get on the trainer Tuesday night. I've been doing these through the week, switching back and forth. I noticed the rim was bent. Took it to the LBS and they said it can't be fixed. great.  Did I not run the right pressure? They said I had to have hit something. I don't remember a thud or anything. good grief.

So I picked up the set of rollers and came home and rode them. Of course it was finding the other road wheels, trying to set the computer to hr only. Still don't have that figured out. I got in about 45 minutes, though probably only 30 recorded. Not bad for the first time in about 9 months. So I managed a smile after after all.


peace to all

15 November, 2010

Correction/Revision to Infirmary Mound

Not all of my new friends with CX or cycling in general live out of town. I get to ride with some of the best ladies in Louisville each Wednesday for CX and Monday on the recovery rides.  I am so fortunate in many regards. 

During the third lap, Rachel came around me and did her best to get me to grab her wheel. I wanted to and I tried but I had popped my cork. I needed to get my HR down. So I watched her inch away and by the time I got out of the double track to the pavement she was GONE. 

Staci is so very strong. It's been so much fun seeing her win all year. Except I only get to see the pictures after the fact. I love it that she rode the runup yesterday and it's digitized for posterity.

I had many people cheering my name again yesterday. This truly gives me strength I'd otherwise never find. What's the coolest is when the kids are out there encouraging me.  Good vibes for sure.

peace everyone

14 November, 2010

Infirmary Mound

I tried to find someone to carpool. There was one fellow cyclist that wanted to join me, but for all travel and race on Sunday. I just didn't think I could drive 8+ hours and race in one day. Besides, I would've had to leave Louisville before 5am. I was invited to join some cyclists at their hotel, but the room was more than I wanted to spend. Another friend posted he'd found something close for $39.95, but I couldn't reach him to find out where. Then I received and invite to stay with someone I met last year at Storm the Greens. So Nice!!!

I arrived at the course @ 4:30 on Saturday afternoon, kitted up and rode the course for 3 laps. I'm glad I did. Even though the conditions were different this morning since it had rained overnight and the roads were still soaked as I drove to the course this morning. The course was great except for the horse and dog manure everywhere. We started on pavement, uphill about 400 yards or so to a right hand on grass and immediate barriers. Then a left hand turn to a off-camber straightaway. Another 90degree left turn up a steep hill (which I was able to right all 4 laps) and then my least favorite part of the course, a gravel parking lot that was at an incline into a headwind. The course was fast. The up/downs behind the pond were great, I loved those. You could take them at speed. I'm not fast on the single track but it flowed well and I nailed it each time, except for one little mishap with a briar patch. Into the 3rd lap I lost all go. I had no energy, my thighs were killing me, I couldn't breathe and my heart rate was high. I backed off, put it in a harder gear and powered through while focussing on lowering my heart rate and breathing. I got my 2nd wind on the 4th lap, too late. I went to upshift into my big ring on the last downhill before the uphill sprint finish. My chain went over the big ring to the outside and dropped off. I wound up pushing my bike over the finish for 7th. Not a stellar performance, but I didn't crash or fall which is nice to say, finally.   

I've decided I don't like driving 4 hours alone. It's just not something I want to do again. All the way home I second-guessed my decision to go. It wasn't a cheap weekend, even though I didn't have to pay for lodging. But this is what I like to do. So I'm gonna finish out the season and think about goals for 2011. I'm thinking I want to create a network of friends that want to race and possibly go to races together. I thoroughly enjoyed last year, even though I only raced once it was full of camaraderie. I truly miss that.

Next week is Lexington, then Dayton, then 2 days in Indy with one day before leaving for Bend. I should think about Christmas shopping soon.

ps Don't get me wrong! I have definitely made some fast friends with women in my races. It's just that they all live out of town. 

peace to all

07 November, 2010

Gun Club

End of daylight saving time. Gain an hour though I don't know where it went. Set the alarm for 4:30, got up 10 til 5. Chest congestion, not a good thing. Ate breakfast, packed the kit bag, packed the car, hit Qdoba @ 6:40 for an egg burrito and hit the road. Pulled into the venue @ 8:40.  It was a crisp 25F and frost everywhere. Pre-rode the course and my toes were numb. Race @ 10, first lap still frosty, 2nd lap greasy, 3rd lap smooshie (is that a proper CX term?) This was a mtn biker's course, which I am not. However, this was a FUN course with lots of twisty technical turns, Loved the sand pits, did not love the run up. I was able to ride some thing others couldn't or wouldn't. But with my chest gurgling by the 3rd lap I had nothing. Somehow I finished in front of 2 from my AG and 2 from the younger set. I never saw them. 

I got to see all my friends, those I race against. It's a good community of people. I wish I could've stayed for the last two races. But I wanted to get home before sunset. Driving solo after an early day in the dark is not so appealing. I'm a big wuss. Maybe I'll find someone to join me for the drive in the coming weeks: Columbus, Lexington, Dayton, Indy. 

I hope I feel better and can get my training back on this week. I had chronic bronchitis every year for over 2 decades because I smoked. This is the first chest congestion I've had in 3 years. I remember, I don't like this feeling at all

peace to all 

06 November, 2010

Wounds almost healed

so it must be time for another Cyclocross race! 

Storm the Greens was great fun and hard. Being on our regular practice place didn't really help. 5 sand pits that were all ridable and only one dismount for stairs made it a good opportunity for me. I chased Judi and maybe passed her once or twice. We battled the entire race, but she got me in the end.

It's been an interesting few weeks. Lots of life and project deadlines for work. Got a head cold. I've ridden my bike 3 times since Sunday. Today was much colder than I was prepared for. I mean, I dressed for it, fleece bibs, underarmor, 2 pairs socks, fleece jersey/jacket, skull cap and full gloves. Legs felt like lead. I was sluggish and just didn't feel like I was getting warm. Did my efforts and they hurt. I've been back and done for almost 2 hours and the wheezing has not subsided. 

I just read a course report from a friend for tomorrow's Gun Club CX outside Cincy. This is gonna be ugly. Good times. I bought a van last weekend, so now no more begging for rides and being stressed when they don't pan out. A friend lent me his drill, I bought some hardware and a 2x6 that I had cut into 2 4' lengths. I now have the hardware installed on one of the 2x6's and can mount 2 bikes in the back of my van where they will be stable as I drive. Woo Hoo!

Now to pack everything up and get a decent night's sleep.

Road trip!

peace to all

24 October, 2010

Good weekends

don't necessarily mean doing well in your races. Don't necessarily mean having that special date.

This weekend was a mixed bag as far as racing bikes goes. BUT I have to say that having Judi over to spend the night and race today was the best. She is so down to earth and good-hearted. I am fortunate to be blessed with such good friends.

more later...

peace to all

16 October, 2010

Bloomington is tomorrow

I make mistakes, I push too far, I have a dark side, I am too...

It's time to make peace with me. Not sure how to do it. But just like cyclocross and others aspects of my life, I Will Fall Down and I Will Pick Myself Back Up.

Tomorrow is Bloomington. I have a ride with someone I don't know very well. Another opportunity to grow my world a little bit and add a new friend. 

This morning I rode to RRCC, it was brisk. I rode a warm up lap and then did my openers. My toes went numb before I got there and it took a hot bath to thaw them out. The grass was damp with dew and since I was the only one on the course I could see my tracks from each previous time. The sand had the thinnest slimy film on top, which made it slickery. 

Took myself to Ramsi's for dinner. Good grief why did I order enough for two? gluttony  I am miserable but content and have enough for dinner tomorrow when I get home. 

Last night I slept better than I have in a long time. Sure would be nice to do that again.

peace to all

15 October, 2010


Change is fine, I accept it and embrace it. Endings, I hate them. COMPLETELY detest them. I love to read but I am so sad when I finish a good book.

I've had some endings recently that make me sad and want to grieve and morn. A friend has said no more. I don't understand, but so be it I guess. 

I happened upon a local establishment in the last year or so. The Swan Dive, owned and operated by a woman. She served a good selection of beer on tap as well as vegetarian food and all had a vegan option. Best vegan mac n cheese I ever ate. Tonight was the last night she would serve food. Next Friday will be the beer blowout. Her's was an eclectic clientele, but all so friendly and nice. I will miss this place to sup and chat with friends.

Lot's of other endings like friends moving away. Though I try not to be too sad about that as they deserve to be supported to achieve their greatness wherever they travel.

Tomorrow the sun will shine and I will wake (I hope) and get to ride my bike once again and race on Sunday. I found someone willing to share a ride with me. So I will grow my world a little more.

I will miss the weekends of last year, where I travelled to all of the races with team mates and cheered them on. There were 4-5 Rogue women racing cross last year in every race. This year there is me. (in the 502). Dynamics change. People move away or move on to new teams.

This is life, embrace it or be left behind......

peace to all

13 October, 2010

UCI3 weekend

We'll try this again. So after all of the transportation changes, I make it to Cincy races on Saturday and Sunday. I originally planned on racing all three days, but some life events happened early in the week that prevented my racing on Friday. Happy that I hadn't registered til I found this out. 

Like I said, I slept ok on Friday night. I was breathing well on Saturday. I got to pre-ride the course and while the temps were cool, I was very warm at the end of the pre-ride. So I was glad I hadn't worn a base-layer or arm-warmers. The course was fast for the most part and fun. I need more skill in the turns and more fitness for sprinting out of the turns, but also running the barriers and other areas for running. My heart just feels like it's in my throat and I have nothing for the running portions. Java Johnny's was a good time. I hung around and cheered on the Cat 3 Master's and saw the first of the Elite women, but needed to get home so I missed the end of the races. Arriving home around 6:30 I planned to do a few important things, but was worn out. In bed by 10, but didn't put more than 2 hours of sleep together and was awake at least 5 times before 5 am. 

Harbin Park was the Sunday race and it was pretty much all about power. I didn't get away until 7 so still not much prep time before the race. I did get one lap of pre-ride, which is important. Judi and Karen were there (two of my favorite competitors) along with a fellow Rogue from the 513.

This course had everything except mud. There's one down-hill from a grassy hillside into single=track through woods and back up the other side on a grassy knoll that scared me bad. I almost went all out the last time down it, but held back just a little. There was one place many had trouble with early on, it was a short, uphill turn to the left over tree roots and dusty dirt. I decided to ride it and almost made it when at the apex I lost it and went down. This cost me at least 6 places. The straight away to the finish was an uphill effort on thick grass that was at least 3 inches tall. I heard one person say it was like riding sponges and magnets. As you approached the finish line there was a short (2 ft or so) steep incline. Once over that hump you proceeded uphill into a long straight deep fluffy sand pit. I saw a few people ride this. By the time I got to it my legs were screaming. I had no fuel left to ride or run, so I slogged through the sand. Can't really call it walking either. The rest of the course was fun, hard but fun. I rode the second sand pit each lap with no problems.

I am not aggressive enough I've decided. These last races I've been too tentative and allowed others to pass. Just didn't feel like duking it out, because I didn't want to fall down again. But it seems I'm gonna fall anyway. So looking where I am in the OVCX points standings and USGP in 10/11 days from now I need to HTFU, suck it up and ride the Bloomington race as hard as my legs will allow.

After driving solo 2 days (10 hours) in a row to Cincy and the fatigue that set in and prevented a good night's sleep, I've sent out emails to find someone to carpool with. Bloomington will be at least 4.5 hour round trip. It gets lonely in the car and after a race I get sleepy. I've rec'd no responses except from people not going. I'm sure it will be a fun race, no matter. The temps should be much better, too.

peace to all

12 October, 2010

Waited too long

and can't remember much, but here goes. I posted up on purplerides about hitching a ride with someone. I get responses from two people who weren't going. Go figure. I asked a friend about a ride who said we could work it out. Another friend contacted me about riding together, which was very cool. Then on Thursday #2 had projects come up and couldn't go. No worries, so I talk to #1 who says he'd call Friday night about logistics. I talked to my youngest about lots of stuff and her husband offered me his car. They brought it over to me. Which was a very good things since #1 never called.

So, after packing the car Friday night and sleeping ok I drive to cincy. I didn't leave as early as I intended. I like to have 2 hours before race start, I had an hour. I signed in and started getting ready. Decided I wasn't going to be all nervous about this race, there were large numbers of women in this race and I just wanted to finish midpack. Java Johnny's was technical, with a lot of twists and turns around trees and over acorns, but then also some fast straight stretches. There were a few short steep hills thrown in as well as a few places where you rode across a paved road riding down a curb and up the other side. I thought I did well with the hole-shot start, but lost some places on the twisty turns. I passed a few people on a straight away and even rode the steep hills. The sand pits killed me. And then on the last lap as I was twisting around a tight third tree in a row I fell. It was slow motion. And I couldn't do anything but laugh a huge belly laugh. I lost ground but got up and finished the race. 28 women in the 35+ cat 3/4 started, 24 finished and I was 20. Good enough. I stayed to watch and cheer on others. I was sad at the beginning of my race as there were no Rogues to be seen. However, there were some hometown folks (adults and youths) that cheered me on as I raced. This was good stuff.

It's late and my memory is fading. We'll see about Sunday's race another day.

peace to all

10 October, 2010

Weekend race report - delayed

I want to write something, especially before I forget what to write. But this old lady is worn out. I can't imagine how those cyclists feel that raced all three days. My legs were tight driving home and my hips got stiff in the car. 

Maybe tomorrow. For now I'm drinking some Tulsi Jasmine tea, hoping this helps me sleep all night. Lot's of work to do this week

peace to all

05 October, 2010

So many things I could post

so many things that happened over the last 36 hours. No matter what I thought happened "to" me or I experienced do not concern me so much at this time. My girls, my blood are of top most concern. When they ache, I ache. When they bleed, I bleed. No matter the age this does not end until the last breath is taken. Some things are out of my realm of control and power. I can not ease the heart ache. I can only be there. I am grateful for the friends that have rallied around her at this time. She is truly blessed and loved as am I. We may not always know it, but we are rich

03 October, 2010

Tour de Louisville

I knew it was going to be a tough race. I attended a CX clinic out there on Tuesday and pre-rode much of the course, sans tape obviously. I'm glad I did as they gave us several pointers throughout the course. It was terrifically challenging for both the uphill climbs as well as the downhill descents that were mainly off camber. Also, we really didn't want to land in the lake (though technically they are ponds IMO).

I thought about taking the trainer,  but left it at home. I was bumming a ride with a friend and she doesn't even race! The back of her SUV was full of my gear, wheels and bike. We arrived about 2 hours before my scheduled race start. Plenty of time to pick up number, pre-ride with tape up, cheer on the 4s and warm-up. It was chilly when the clouds hid the sun and very breezy. I slipped on my capris and long sleeved jersey for the pre-ride and had on my windvest. I felt overdressed by the end of one lap.

Unfortunately, one of the cat 4s fell and broke a leg. This put our race a full half-hour behind schedule. Made it difficult to stay warm. They started the juniors in front of us and then all of the women together, elders in back. I was doing well passing on the hole-shot and of course everyone started bunching up at the first and second turn. I was much too tentative and passive in the turns and several passed me. Once on the straightwaways and second set of turns I got more confidence and even on the big downhill at the lake I was feeling really good and passed several women along the pump track that followed. I goofed on the first lap at the run-up and was in the wrong gear and "ran" it.  I rode that sucker the rest of the race. Early into the 3rd lap I took a sharp left turn and my rear wheel slid out to my right. I thought I was sliding ok, then my head bounced off the ground and I heard a crack. Once I stopped, I was at the tape and I sat up and took off my helmet for inspection. I couldn't see anything, but those stars were in the way!

I put the helmet back on and got back on the bike and finished the race. Everyone had passed me by then and I was in the back. As I rode up the last hill towards the finish line at the end of the third lap I started thinking I'd pull out of the race. My heart and neck were hurting. But then I said, "Sherri you might be many things but you are not a quitter". I had cotton mouth and a few other distractions, but I put them all aside and finished the race. I tried very hard to finish strong, though I think I probably just looked a little pathetic out there.Someone has to be DFL, I just don't want to be anymore, if I can help it.  I also need to get over this fear of falling, I think it's inevitable.

I want to say that I was very happy to see so many women in the 3/4s race today. I'm not sure of the total number but there were 22 pre-registered.

I got to meet some of the 513 Rogues today, but hopefully will get to spend a little more time with them next weekend in Cincy. That is if I can figure out how I"m gonna get there.

Here's to a good week ahead
peace to all

02 October, 2010

Two wheels and two feet are ok for now

but they won't be enough to get me to Cincy next weekend or even enough to get me to Tour de Louisville tomorrow.  Correction, I could ride to the race tomorrow. But I doubt I'd have enough energy to ride home after riding there and racing.

I had a nasty tummy ache last night. Went to bed before 9. Slept almost all night except for waking briefly twice. I was still miserable this morning. But needed to get somethings done, 1) get a new copy of my driver's license that I lost on a bike ride and 2) go to the eye doctor and get new contacts, since I've been wearing my last pair for at least 3 weeks. (procrastinate much?)

It took me a while to get moving. Oatmeal wasn't going to work. I scrambled an egg. I kept walking out on the deck. It was cool. I didn't want to do the errands in my spandex kit. Just didn't seem appropriate. so, I got out my stretchy jeans that are too big and a long sleeved shirt with my wind vest and headed out. Man! it was very cool in the park with the wind chill on the bike.

Anyway, I did my stuff and by the time I got back to my neighborhood I was feeling almost normal. Riding a bike does that for me. After soaking some beans and doing laundry and praying it would rain and then watching the rain fall and stop I walked to the store. It's always fun to walk down Bardstown Rd and watch all of the people. There is such a wide variety of souls out and about.

My tummy is still not right. I didn't get my openers in for tomorrow's race. It's gonna hurt very badly, I just know it. I'm thinking that all this stuff with the car wreck and settling with the insurance company has just got me stressed. I don't want to shop for a car. I don't want a car payment. So, I think I'll find something older. It's not like I need a car for every day. Just weekend races mostly.

peace to all

29 September, 2010

Circles can be broken

and that can be a difficult thing to overcome. A friend and I were talking last night. He mentioned studies that have been conducted about the sizes and numbers of our circles of friends/acquaintances and how societies have born out the facts of these numbers over the years. 

You see we may have several circles of friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances. The closest of which is somewhere around 10 for most people. The total number of relationships any person can maintain is about 150. This can be very interesting and useful for lots of things, especially social networking sites, etc.

I've been thinking about my circles over the last year and a half. My closest circle was small to begin with. Upon my divorce it was shattered into almost non-existence. Everyone loves my ex-husband and for good reason. I lost my mom, sister, and daughters (but daughters only for a short while) and several friends when I moved out on my own. Logically, I understood but emotionally it was and still is tough.

I worked at growing new friendships and growing my circles. Problem was and still is I tend to smother people. I don't mean to, honestly. I'm still Still, learning to be on my own. There are all kinds of people in this world. Many are comfortable being on their own. Some of my new friends are most comfortable being in solitude, even one of my daughters. Without any malice or intent I've managed to push away some of the people I most want to be in my inner circle.

Not sure I have a point to any of this. I'm just tired. I don't want to fall down off my bike again for a while. I don't want to lose another crown/tooth. I'm not looking forward to finding a car for my insurance settlement. I wish someone could let me in on their secret of how to be at ease in solitude. Someday, what I'd like is to have at least one person in my innermost circle that would put their arm around my shoulder or just sit with me for a while, conversation not necessary.

So if I email you too much or text or twit or im, tell me and I'll try to be better.

peace to all

26 September, 2010

Never get too comfy or even think about resting upon your laurels

Beautiful morning, crisp @ 57F when I left the apt @ 9:30. Stopped to get a cup of english breakfast tea @ JBC and headed to Shawnee. I wanted to see the Cat4s, especially MH race. Alas, MH is not racing but running all over taking photos. "Why aren't you racing?" I ask. He responds that he's just gotten an internship with a cycling magazine (damn I can't remember which). 

I finally got to meet Karen Wh and her husband from Dayton. What a great couple! She and I have been fb friends since late last year following the last CX races.

I didn't warm up properly at all for my race. Just rode around half-ass. But I was breathing well all morning. I've been taking my advair once daily instead of once every third day.

We line up and the whistle blows and off we go to the hole-shot. What fun! Someone has a wheel on me. Not sure who. Fun I kick into overdrive and take the hill, bomb down the other side and ride for all I had. I'd pre-rode the course once, easy and knew I needed to follow the lines already taken by previous races. The course was flat and fast on one side with a nice off-camber that went into a snake around trees to the first log barrier that snuck up on you. Men were bunny-hopping this log, I stepped on it to get over. The second part of the course had quite a bit of flat, but then this up and down, up and down, that put you on off-camber at the top corner which was interesting. I bombed the downhills and then the off camber straightaways to the start finish. Somewhere on lap 3 I felt like I might wheeze, but put it out of my mind and told myself, only 1 lap after this. I am still surprised that no one passed me. It felt good to win and have a nice gap in front of the rest of the field. Only regret is my remounts. I didn't do them properly. The logs were such a bear to clear, that I lost momentum and just stopped and got on my bike instead of running and legging over the proper way. This is what I'll work on this week for sure.

The rest of the day was so much fun, cheering on the other racers. After the last race I headed home. The only way I know to get to and fro is the LBC bike ride that goes to Shawnee. As I am driving down Market between 9th and 8th street a car to my leftt (I'm in the rightmost lane) turns on his right turn signal and immediately starts to pull into my lane. He pulls into me and I am trying to react, slow down but wind up turning into 8th street. There's a parked car so I take the sidewalk and at the same time a parking meter. The entire driver's side of my car is wasted. The front rim is split. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

I'm tired. I have lots of stuff to take care of this week. Car repairs and crown replacements, except I have no car to get to the dentist. Fun times!

I seriously do mean fun times. Cars and teeth can be replace but memories like today, racing and laughing and cheering on others is priceless. I am indeed a lucky girl. Lucky too because my Heather came and swooped me up and took me and my gear home. I love her more than she'll ever know.

peace to all

22 September, 2010

Clean-er air would be nice

I really wish it would rain. The atmosphere is full of dirt, pollen, dust particles and making it very difficult for many of us to breathe easy. Rain would knock some of the stuff down.

These last few weeks have been so frustrating. Asthma and wheezing mixed up with crazy crashes. I'll keep getting out there and trying to get some efforts in. Signed up for the local CX race on Sunday. Temps are supposed to be in the 70s, but no rain in sight.

I danced a little jig earlier and burning incense. If I had a mouse trap I could offer up a sacrifice. I know, that's cruel. But I might be that desperate soon.

Went back to the Advair. Guess I'll do one a days and double up Saturday if necessary. I've not used my fast-acting inhaler this much since I quit smoking.

I hope everyone else finds a way to breathe easy very soon.

peace to all 

21 September, 2010

Another chapter closes

and I wonder how the new chapter will unfold. Mishaps and crashes leading up to my youngest daughter's wedding day kept things interesting, to say the least.

Rehearsal and dinner went very smoothly. Bride and Maid of Honor were making lists and checking everything multiple times. I didn't have much to do, but by the end of Saturday I was fairly exhausted.  

Wedding day morning seemed to so smoothly, to start. Pick up Heather, pick up Amber, load the car with dresses and such. Pick up the wedding cake. Arrive @ the wedding site and get ready. Nerves were only a little frazzled. Last minute touches were just that, last minute. But when the music started and the flower girl began walking down the stairs all was perfect. The bride never stopped smiling through the rest of the day's festivities. 

The happy couple are cruising on their honeymoon and the rest of the world continues living. Hustle and bustle of work days and other of life's activities. 

I've been saying my obligations are over, financially. While this is true, I'll always be Mom. Now to replenish the coffers and plan the next things to do. A vacation would be nice, think it will most likely involve riding/racing bicycles. Time to be more serious and focused on training. Cyclocross is a combo of tough competition and lots of fun times with friends. Now to see if I can race and train with no more crashes!

peace to all

14 September, 2010

Tough and fragile

It amazes me just how tough yet fragile the human body is. It is resilient as well. I guess I will continue to prove to myself that I am not invincible (already knew that a long time ago). I've had lots of bumps and bruises and crashes. I've had some people ask me what I'm doing to myself. Do I have the skills to be doing what I'm doing? Shouldn't I find something more safe and less risky like crochet or needlepoint. 

Give me a break, people! I ride a bike. Yeah I fall down (more than I want). I'm also learning. Part of learning is making mistakes. It's how I seem to learn best. I have made the same mistake twice, granted. But I have fun riding. I have fun doing things that are difficult. Riding on bumpy grass, fishtailing through sand, dismounting the bike to carry it over obstacles and push it up grassy or better yet muddy hillsides. Remounting the bike to ride off camber as fast as possible just to slow down and ride through 180 switchbacks. You fall down. Hopefully, you get back up and go. Get dirty. Breathe hard. Hands hurt. Lungs burn. Have FUN. 

I bought a dress for my baby girl's wedding tonight. It's ankle length to cover these banged up legs. I hope it passes muster. I think pearls and low heels will look good. The shiner is looking fairly good. I think the concealer should work through the pictures at least. :-)  

I'm so ready to get back on my bike and ride I can taste it! 

sending high vibrations and much love to family all this week

peace to all

13 September, 2010

Not all that badass, though I'd love to be

Amber came by and we talked over some wedding stuff. She carried my wheels upstairs out of the car. Made sure I was ok, but didn't pawn over me which is good. I used my poultice and drank my jasmine tea and was in bed before 10. When I laid down I bawled like a baby for a few minutes. So silly, but just had to get it out of my system. I remembered how alone I was after my collar bone and got a little over-whelmed. Tears have a way of cleansing the soul. It's been quite a while since I shed any. Slept so soundly, I was surprised. The jasmine tea also has chamomile and I took my mega minerals, that must've been the right combo.  :-)

Worked from home today and probably will tomorrow. I got up every hour and walked around so I wouldn't be completely stiff. Around noon I walked downstairs to check the mail and back up. I did one step at a time gingerly and wasn't so bad. After dinner I walked to Old Town. I was almost home and at one point my thigh buckled. By the time I got back my leg was very tired. Climbing the steps normally was a push.  But I pushed.

Lots of work to do. Have to buy a dress for the wedding! Miss riding, but I don't want to swing my leg over the saddle yet or carry the bike downstairs. But I want to spin. Wednesday.

peace to all

12 September, 2010

Day 2 of Applecross is in the books

and what a day it was. The weather was beautiful, morning started about 65F and mid afternoon was 82F, with mostly clear and sunny skies and variable winds. 

They took out the really bumpy rumble strips and put in a pumpkin patch and turned the course backwards from Saturday. The steep run-up was now a downhill to a dry rutted up mud pit a 180 right turn to barrier and a small run-up. The steep downhill to off camber into the lake was now a dry fast off camber ride to a short steep uphill that was a blast. 

I pre-rode the course before the first race. Breathing was great and the course had much better flow. Watched and cheered the Cat4 men for the first third of their race and went to get ready. Decided to go with the easton's and EF helped make sure my tire pressure was right. 

the race starts as a "braveheart" start where everyone is about a hundred (?) yards into a field all lined up across this painted line and we have  prime for the hole-shot. What a great way to start a race. Once into the tape you have an immediate 90 degree right hand turn and another 90 left. Talk about going all out to almost stopping craziness. Fun stuff! We ride into the apple orchard and do the first barriers. Switchbacks, all through the orchard is uphill, which I liked better as I was able to handle the turns better than yesterday when it was downhill. I was feeling good and felt I had a decent chance of completing the full race and not DFL. Ha, so much for that thought.

Coming out of the hole shot at the end of the first lap, I'm sprinting hard to get to the bottom of the hill before going into the orchard. In front of the officials tent I lost my front wheel and down I go. I sat for a second, a man came over and asked if I was ok as I was getting up and checking my bike. He took my bike over to the side of the course and I said something like, "don't help me I could be DQ'd" thinking I was going to ride. I'm looking at the hoods to see if they need adjusting and my right thigh starts burning. I look down at it and decide to sit back down on the ground. Yeah. The handlebar had frogged my quad, resulting in a huge hematoma. (internal bleeding). ARGH   Oh well. The EMTs put icepacks on me, one of the them kept checking on me over the next couple of hours wanting me to go to hospital and get checked out.  Eh, it'll be fine in a few days.  

I know people think I'm a huge clutz and I won't disagree. However, what happened today to me almost happened to a fellow cyclist in a later race. Turns out there were some tree roots covered by the clover and I found one. These things happen. I started thinking how maybe I'm not suited for CX, but I've decided screw that. It's great fun and it's hard and soon enough it will be even better with nasty weather and lots of mud. Here's some footage of what CX is about.

Guess I will buy a long dress or skirt for my daughter's wedding this Sunday. The shiner is looking better and concealer should take care of it. 

The only thing I am upset about for today is that I couldn't cheer for my fellow cyclists. One friend came in first and I couldn't get over to see his podium. The ladies I raced with and hung with this weekend did great. and RF who raced her first ever yesterday got on the podium with third place today. Coolness beyond description. I love this sport and these people.

jam-packed week ahead

peace to all

11 September, 2010

1st 2010 CX race done

1st sign it might not be a great race, went out for my openers last night and breathing sucked. Complete my first set of efforts and was wheezing. Started to pack it in, but went on and did 4 of 5 of the 2nd set. Got home and went through my relaxation routine

Didn't set the alarm, in bed before 10 and slept the best in a very long time. I intended to pull out of the drive by 8:30, just didn't happen. Started to get antsy about it and decided that was silly as I had plenty of time to arrive, sign-in and warm-up before my race @ 11.

2nd sign, short of breath carrying gear out to the car. It took 3 trips down my outside flight of stairs. So, I puff on my albuterol in the car and head out. I really wanted to get there to see RF race. She was going to race with the beginners. When I arrived I found out I hadn't missed her as they decided to have her race behind the Cat 4 men (still not sure they didn't have her race with us women). She did great! So much so, she is racing with us tomorrow. Yes!

I warmed up on my trainer and breathing was still iffy so I take another puff. I was thrilled to see SM racing with me in the 35+ and SS racing the 34 and unders. SS and I did a warm-up lap. Fun course, except for that first SUPER bumpy part. It was overcast and damp but felt warm to me. We line up and take off. They took off and I didn't get clipped in until the first turn. By the time I got to the second turn they were almost out of sight. There were plenty of places on the course that I liked. One power area that was almost like a golf course in smoothness and carpet feel. The part that took you into the lake was Great fun, muddy and off-camber. The first barrier came after a 180 turn into a dry mud pit and immediately turned to a nice run-up the hill with your bike. When I got to the beginning of the third lap and saw where the rest of the field was I  decide
d to back off so I could try to breathe and allow them to lap me. This is mainly because I just didn't think I could pull off a 4th lap. SM came in first, which totally rocked. SS had a great first CX race. A fellow Rogue who raced the Cat 4 race and a Twin-Spires racer were there cheering me on along with several of the ladies from the Monday night Skirt-ride. SM and I took the podium as the only 2 in our AG.

The rest of the day was filled with cheering on other racers and socializing with lots of people. I got to know several people a little better and catch up with a few I'd not talked with in a while. I watched ND race as the only elite woman with the elite men's field and come in fifth place against the men while winning the women's race. They had to do 8 laps! OUCH

Driving home I reflected on the day and how fortunate I am. One woman told me how she thought I was in my late thirties. How sweet. So many people asking how the other guy was doing when they saw my shiner from Monday night CX practice.  ha ha  Lot's of good conversation, joking and just clean fun (well maybe a little bit of dirt on the legs and bikes).

Tomorrow brings the 2nd CX race of the season. I hope the breathing improves. But I know I'll have an even better day since so many more racers will show up and I'll get to catch up with even more friends.

Life is good

peace to all

08 September, 2010

Sometimes it just doesn't click like you want it to

Been wanting to write, but just couldn't muster up the sit-down and do it time.

I took the week after Master's Natz easy, maybe too easy. Bought the mtn bike and rode it. It's been a struggle feeling good on the bike. My hands have ached, ragweed has kicked my allergies into high which then turned on the asthma. Good grief, enough is enough now!  

So I've been to CX practice and CX skilz and drilz clinic and this Monday Niki put on a ladies clinic. All great things put on by good people. At CX practice the medium kids drop me. Now, these kids are all probably under 12. Sad but true. They are GREAT kids and it amazes me how fluid they are on their bikes. Duane and Steven have put on skilz and drilz clinic for anyone that wants to come. We've focused on dismounts and remounts, carrying our bikes over "barriers" and riding uphill and downhill while attempting not to use the brakes (yeah, well I touched the brakes 3 times last night). And one fellow teen CXer, who shall remain nameless, tells me that my pedals look too low to the ground for a CX bike. hmmm, oh well.

Monday, Niki put on a clinic for the ladies. She wanted to make sure anyone that is new to racing had a chance to ask questions about it. She also gave some great tips. We practiced dismounts and remounts. We practiced starts and once we'd done several of those we practiced hole-shots. Fun stuff. We did a warm-up lap and then headed over to practice the stairs and use our dismount/remounts on the real thing. This was great fun. We did one at a time, then two and then three. All seemed to be going fairly well for me, remounts could be better. Then on my 4th time around I was solo. I misjudged timing and speed and dismounted a little late, then the bike went right and I went down. It was slooww motion. I saw that step and couldn't find my hands or a way to slow down or stop. Right cheekbone meets corner of a railroad tie step. Owie. So I knew it was going to be a nice shiner and it is. 2 days later and it looks worse than ever. I think I might've cracked my bone or at least bruised it.

Like a fellow cyclist said, it's a good thing I don't have a man in my life or he'd be getting all kinds of grief about now. My daughter's wedding is a week from Sunday and right now I just hope it fades enough that I can cover this up with concealer. I played with that earlier tonight and it didn't work so well.  :(

I'm so fortunate to have this activity to look forward to each day. Bicycle riding has helped me in countless ways. October, November and the first half of December are going to see weekends filled with CX races. I've met many people in other cities (both in person and on facebook) and I look forward to seeing them during this season and cheering them on, too. There are quite a few lady newcomers to the scene and this is super exciting.

Til next time, Keep The Rubber Down!

31 August, 2010

Need to write

but just haven't had time or desire lately. I'll come up with something soon, I hope

16 August, 2010

Rest week, mountain bike, no bike

So the races ended and rest week began. I rode Monday night skirts, e.a.s.y. Legs felt like crap and I had ridden easy on Sunday, too.  

Took Tuesday and picked up the new mtn bike. Brian wasn't there, he called in sick. bummer  So, I got the bike and a purchased a camelback too and headed home. Wednesday was fun as I took a vacation day and headed to Brown County State Park. Others had made plans to go, but I had decided a few weeks earlier to do this and do it solo. I was accused of being unsociable, but so be it. I needed some time to get to know this new bike and play for a while. I rode for close to 3 hours. I stayed on the lower, easier trails and had a blast. It was so hot and very humid that I was drenched in 5 minutes of getting kitted up. When I finished riding I immediately changed into clean dry clothes. Driving home my bike came off of one of the posts on the bike rack. Scared me to death! So, I stopped by the LBS and had Brian check it out for me. All seemed to be ok. 

By the time I got up on Thursday I noticed I was having some issues in the saddle contact areas. This got progressively worse through the day and Friday. I went to Walgreens and bought monistat, thinking that might help but did nothing. The weekend was misery. I couldn't ride!!!!!!!

So, finally today I ventured out for the skirt ride. YES! It was slow and easy. We had a new girl and I hung back with her most of the time. She did great. Poor thing fell twice as she is still not used to the clipless pedals. Thank goodness she wasn't hurt badly, just the ego. We all assured her we've "been there done that".  By the time we arrived at Seneca the second time she asked how much further we were going to ride. Her legs were turning to jelly. She was happy to hear the rest was flat. Once to Cycler's we all decided to grab a recovery drink and some nourishment at Spring Street. Nice times with the skirts.

Saddle issue isn't 100% recovered, but much better than it was. CX training rides start on Wed. I don't think I'm ready for dismounts and remounts yet. We will take it easy for sure. In the mean time I hope to run on Tuesday and Thursday this week and ride easy if there's time. Friday will see some intervals with longer endurance on the weekend. Then next week we'll get serious.

be well, laugh and love, peace

08 August, 2010

Last race of the week - the Criterium

I should've gone to bed earlier. Up @ 5 am, to eat, pack cooler and car, etc. Pulled out of my space @ 6:11 and into the parking lot @ 6:21. It was wonderfully cool and a nice breeze off of the river. I almost wished I'd worn long pants and sleeves, almost.  I couldn't setup the tent solo, so when the t-shirt vendor arrived we helped each other out.

Kelly's race was @ 8:00 am, the 30-34 AG. What a race it was! There's something about cheering and screaming at a sporting event early in the morning that gets the blood flowing. I was so impressed with her demeanor throughout the race. She pulled two laps early on and hung in the rest of the race, working with another woman. In the final straight-away the sprint was on and Kelly kicked it up a notch and crossed the line third. This was so cool to see a team mate finish 3rd and podium. Way to rock it, K2!

I took the next hour and a half and relaxed across two camp chairs and continued to hydrate and ate a bagel with almond butter. @ 11:30 I started getting ready, kitted up and took off to warm up. I decided not to use the trainer after all and just do my prescribed warmup by riding Utica Pike. It was a good warmup - high cadence and steady states were good and my legs felt great. 

There were 16 in my AG. Still small, but nice sized field. All are seasoned racers. We come out of the second turn and everyone is all bunched tight. A girl bumps my left side and I hold my line, but she then moves left and takes out another racer. The pace picked up and I matched each big effort and attack. We come around the back side on lap 4 I think and are all bunched up again. This chick tells me to get my handle bar out of her hip, that this isn't a contact sport. Hmmm, I beg to differ. Anyway, my heart rate is staying @ 170 and I'm working and hanging in mid pack. But on lap 7 (30 lap race) there's and attack, she's pulled back but another immediate attack and then a third. Not sure about my legs, but my cardio just can't take that yet. I got gapped. I tried so hard to bridge, but instead watched 3 others pass me by. So there was a Kenda girl and me left. We talked through and agreed we wanted to finish and would work together to make it there. I was a little frustrated because she stayed in her 23 cog the entire time and just spun. I would get us up to 22mph and then she'd drop us back to 18. I tried to take advantage and rest and finally just relaxed and realized we weren't going to get any closer and I just didn't have it to do on my own. 

I have to say that having so many people cheer my name as I went around and around was like nothing else.I am very rich to have so many friends that care so much about me. I almost felt guilty or at least bad for the others who had no one on the sidelines to cheer their names. 

This was a great week of racing and spectating and supporting team mates. I learned a lot this week. If you have a flat, take a wheel off then maybe the wheel truck will stop during a road race. If I'm going to do TTs, I need to do TTs and more steady state intervals. Train, train, train. If I'm going to do crits, I need to do crits. Today has seen some post race blues, but they won't last long.

Cyclocross is approaching. It's quite a lot like a crit on grass with obstacles. I need high intensity, short duration workouts.

I wish I still had my friend coaching/mentoring me. I'm ready to play. Get the mtn bike soon. That should help me with skilz and muscle building. 

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