07 November, 2010

Gun Club

End of daylight saving time. Gain an hour though I don't know where it went. Set the alarm for 4:30, got up 10 til 5. Chest congestion, not a good thing. Ate breakfast, packed the kit bag, packed the car, hit Qdoba @ 6:40 for an egg burrito and hit the road. Pulled into the venue @ 8:40.  It was a crisp 25F and frost everywhere. Pre-rode the course and my toes were numb. Race @ 10, first lap still frosty, 2nd lap greasy, 3rd lap smooshie (is that a proper CX term?) This was a mtn biker's course, which I am not. However, this was a FUN course with lots of twisty technical turns, Loved the sand pits, did not love the run up. I was able to ride some thing others couldn't or wouldn't. But with my chest gurgling by the 3rd lap I had nothing. Somehow I finished in front of 2 from my AG and 2 from the younger set. I never saw them. 

I got to see all my friends, those I race against. It's a good community of people. I wish I could've stayed for the last two races. But I wanted to get home before sunset. Driving solo after an early day in the dark is not so appealing. I'm a big wuss. Maybe I'll find someone to join me for the drive in the coming weeks: Columbus, Lexington, Dayton, Indy. 

I hope I feel better and can get my training back on this week. I had chronic bronchitis every year for over 2 decades because I smoked. This is the first chest congestion I've had in 3 years. I remember, I don't like this feeling at all

peace to all 

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