17 November, 2012

Rode today

First time since the face plant 3.5 weeks ago. Though I've wanted to ride, my head just hasn't felt quite right. So, I took some time and put on some weight unfortunately. Hah!

I'm fairly positive most fitness is gone. The ride was better than I expected. That's not saying much.  My arches started aching by the time I reached top of Hogan's fountain climb. Looking at my stats I was shocked my HR hit 174. Normally, that is saved for racing. I was "riding easy". 

I've spent a lot of time off the bike this year. I hope that is limited to 2012. But I know it's probably going to continue. Not due to crashes necessarily, more of the saddle problem. It's not caused by riding, this I know. I had issues while off the bike and not doing anything.

I love to sweat and today felt great. I haven't gone this long without sweating since before I started riding in 2007. 

Looking at next year's calendar and races. Probably won't set anything in place until Christmas/New Year's. Hope to get to some new venues. 

Today's weather was great. Lots of people in the park and on the trails. 

All the best to all of you.