14 November, 2011

moms and daughters and dog and cat and being snubbed and so much BS I am tired

11 November, 2011

selfish wish

that one of my family would come watch me race before i stop

writers block?

I dunno. just not feelin it. lots of local drama and I hate gossip

01 November, 2011

phases and feelings

sometimes it's hard and it's a big jumbled up mess

you don't think about parents needing you. you don't think about life changing events until they are here.

lately I've had Mom mad at me, a friend stop talking to me and a daughter tell me what for.

I'm tired and sad. I promised myself I wouldn't cry anymore after my divorce was final. maybe it's time

most days are good but today has ebbed

smiles and sunshine will return tomorrow I am fairly positive.

miss having an ear and shoulder sometimes though.