29 January, 2009

Ice and snow storm

Monday, I took off work and felt great so I rode the trainer. Tuesday wasn't bad, slept close to 12 hours from Tuesday night throughout Wednesday. Wednesday night was terrible! Each time I moved I got a sharp pain. I tried not, but finally broke down to tears.

So, we just had a nice ice and snow storm that began Tuesday and ended on Wednesday. At least three inches of ice covered everything and then the snow dropped about 4 inches. I love snow and wish we'd gotten more, but the ice has made life miserable for everyone. The trees are weighted down to the ground, limbs are breaking. Power lines are being brought down. Over 100,000 were without power. I lost power Wednesday morning at 5, it came back around 9 pm. I spent the day looking for candles, batteries, getting the fireplace going, drinking cocoa, reading. Was a relaxing day. I found the old rotary phone, so I could connect to the outside world. This meant I had to keep my regular weekly with my boss, but that was fine.

Today was digging out of the email inbox. It's taken the whole day, responding, reading, filing and I'm not completely finished. So many people couldn't get to the office connectivity was a major pain. Finally around noon time I decided to venture out and head to the office. Car was dead. Got to dig for the battery charger and hook it up. finally got out of the garage and driveway, even with the ice and snow it wasn't too bad until I got to the main entrance road. Someone scraped the ice about halfway down and stopped! They didn't scrape the hill that leads to King's Church Road. I knew I needed a good running start. I put the car in low gear and took off, once I got within about 20 feet of the crest of the hill my front wheels started spinning and I slipped to the right into the snow. I worked and worked, front and back to no avail. Fairly quickly two guys in separate cars drove in, down and up and walked back to help push me. They could barely stand up. So, we decided to turn my car around so I could go back, get a good start and try again. Well, when I got turned and through to the end of the street, I just went home. My ribs were starting to hurt from the few minutes I'd been walking around the car. Just not worth getting stuck again and really hurting myself.

I'm getting a bit stir crazy. Really ready to get out and about. I don't know if tomorrow will allow that or not. I'm hoping the sun comes out and melts the entrance. Or maybe someone puts out salt, or maybe someone comes back and scrapes the ice away. The temps are warming to the 40s on Sat and 50 on Sun. Maybe my ribs will allow me to ride for a little while. Maybe not.

26 January, 2009

How do I title this?

So, there's more change at work. How we are structured, how we work with each other, etc. I was told not to overthink it. Well, that was a silly thing to say, 'cause that's what I do. With everything! It's how I'm made. Part of being Gemini, part of being in menopause, part of making big changes in all parts of my life. I analyze and analyze. It's who I am! I'm struggling with where I am in many areas. What can I do, what can I learn, how can I assist? What is the career progression, is there a plan? Do I look elsewhere? Not in this economy!

So I took a couple days off the bike. Normally don't ride on Friday. Didn't sleep much at all Friday night. Was looking forward to a 60 miler on Saturday morning, but had stomach issues half the night. So I took Saturday off. Thought it was a good move. Went out and rode on Sunday with the club. I was up front with the racer boys and a few fast club riders. Is was a cool 23F throughout the ride. They weren't pushing very fast so I was able to hang with them and sit in the paceline. At one point on Lexington they put on a rotating paceline that went counterclockwise. I sat back on the left-hand side and watched to learn. Very interesting stuff! Once we rode onto Baxter and Jefferson we moved back to a double line, there were about 10 of us together. Somewhere between traffic lights one of the guys panicked, decided he didn't need to be riding with us. Instead of slowing and signaling, he made a sharp right turn to the side of the street, clipping my front wheel. I couldn't react fast enough and went down. One of the racers that was directly behind me ran his front wheel into my left rib cage and flipped over me. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt or bikes damaged. The club's VP of Racing, rode back with me to the start. The other rider that went down peeled off and headed home, but not with us. I kept tell ML that it wasn't necessary to ride with me, that I was fine. I'm so glad he did. He took me on a route that had no hills and only one small incline. That incline was painful riding up. The other routes that I knew and would've taken would have been so very much worse. I sat with some of the other riders as they got back at the local coffee house, sipping on hot chocolate. I then went to my siblings to have a family meeting about Mom. It was several hours before I got home. On the way home I stopped and picked up beer, then got gas. Getting in and out of the car was painful. When I got to the house I worried about begin able to get in or out of the tub. I'm so glad that I did take a bath though. I ran the hottest water I could stand and turned on the jets. They helped loosen up those muscles and such around the ribs. Once I got out and dressed I put ice on the ribs for an hour or so, fifteen minutes at a time. Took an aleve and had a couple beers. Sleep was difficult for a couple hours, 'cause each time I turned I woke up in pain.

Stayed home today and am amazed at how good I feel considering. Think I should be good as new at least pre-wreck condition by the weekend.

21 January, 2009

Change! it's all around and nothing can escape it

We are surrounded by it. We inaugurate a new president and the market drops again. I do not expect things to improve overnight. I am cautiously optimistic. I sat and watched the oaths and his speech. I was in the lunch room at work. I was so disappointed in some of the younger workers and their lack of attention and respect. But then we live in a free country and so I will continue to be disappointed by others.

Lots more change coming to the workplace. Seems it's been nonstop since 2005. Not sure I'm happy about it all. Doesn't really matter if I am or not. :-( Lots of changes coming in my personal life, but those are taking a while. Some day maybe I'll post about those.

Went to Tuesday night Trainer Tours last night. We had at least 50 people. So many congratulated me on the Most Improved. Several had their stories to tell of my riding this past year. AB said how bad I was when I started. Made me laugh! The session was only 50 minutes and 10 of those were me warming up in advance. I was working my ass off, went through 2 bottles of water. I stood in the pedals more than I've ever done before. We were supposed to spring, which I tried but I just wanted to stay in the pedals the full time. I need to understand more about the heart rate stuff. My average usually hovers around 145 - 155, but last night my max hit 184 which I think it pretty high.

Broke a spoke in my rear wheel so bike is at the lbs today. I miss it! Tomorrow is supposed to be tough at Trainer Tours. I can't wait. sick huh? Hope the weather holds as there is a 60 miler on Saturday. Sunday is taking Mom to church day.

18 January, 2009

It's been a cold week

making it difficult to get outside and ride or run. The temps dropped to zero a couple of nights, winds make it feel well below zero. Tuesday night, once I got home from the Trainer tours I started having crazy chills that continued into Wednesday morning. I don't think I had a fever, but slept most of Wednesday. I didn't want to take a chance on carrying germs to work so I worked from home the rest of the week.

The Trainer Tours on Tuesday night were a great workout, though seemed short. Other than a few instances of not being able to stand in the pedals the entire time, I felt great about doing the workout in the appropriate gears and intensity. Sad that I didn't feel up to riding on Wednesday. The Thursday night Tour got cancelled due to a concert at the church, so I rode the trainer at home.

A dear friend of the family passed away on Thursday so hubby and I picked up my Mom and went to visitation. I saw so many people I've not seen a long time. Sad to think a death is what it takes to bring people together, but then maybe that is a good side affect after all.

The temps on Saturday morning were 16F at 9 am, so I opted out of the regular club ride. Rode the trainer for 2.5 hours, staying in the big ring and standing in my pedals several times, pumping out some revolutions. While riding indoors is not particularly fun, it's better than not riding at all.

Kentucky finally posted their results from the Senior Games on the National site. I found out that I qualify not only for the Time Trials, but also the road races. I have tons of work to do and time to shave between now and August!

The club banquet was last night. Had such a good time, chatting and mingling with everyone. Some I've not seen since October as they don't ride in colder temps. I was surprised as I won the club's Most Improved Female Rider award. Very cool stuff.

Today I'm riding the 2:00 ride and then going to Oli's for a potluck.

11 January, 2009

A cold week ahead

At least that is what the weather guys say. Just never know for sure if they will get it right or not.

Saturday found me waking to thunderstorms at 5am. Darn! The 60 miler I was planning on got cancelled. The rest of the day was rain and gloom. So I rode the trainer for 2.5 hours. Put on a huge sweat. Forgot the heart rate monitor the first hour. Such a ditz at times. Then jumped off, refilled water bottles and got the monitor on and started. I still need to understand what all the numbers mean.

Drastic change today from last Sunday. Dry, chilly at 32F and the sun came out during today's ride. For some reason I just didn't have it today. I started out strong, but got dropped by the fast boys before Lex Rd. Picked up a couple others, who said hop on. They intended to catch the fast boys. But my right hip flexor started talking to me. I kept spinning and mid downtown got it warmed up and took off for a while. Was alone until Cox Park, then got passed by everyone (almost everyone). I'm wondering now if my cleat needs to move on my right shoe. Right toes go cold and tingly and then the right hip flexor went to screaming on Glenview. I just had to talk myself through to the end of the ride.

So, hubby finally got a contract on the house. It's only been 22 months! :-) Can't really sigh relief until closing, but sure is nice to have something to look forward to. Hoping for good news for my youngest on Wednesday, she gets results from her tests. Crossing my fingers. I know 2009 will be challenging, but I am optimistic that it will wind up being a good year.

09 January, 2009

New experiences on the horizon

I've been thinking about this new year, the next couple, all the way to 4.5 down the road. That will be my double nickle year.

Don't stand still unless it's just a second to catch your breath. This train called life moves fast. Maybe speed is all perception, but the older I get the faster it goes.

Lots of things still to do, give back, live. I'm writing a little here and there. I learning, reading and ready to get on with the next adventure. Or maybe I should say continue this one.

:-) Live, laugh, and love til it hurts and then do it some more!

08 January, 2009

One day left in the first work week of the year!

It has been interesting so far. My youngest daughter had a HIDA scan and more extensive bloodwork. Still not feeling very well, taking finegrin (spelling?) regularly. Back to the GI on Wednesday for results and next steps.

Took a full day to get back in the work swing. But, I've been running. Decided it's fun to run downtown in the early morning. Watch people drive to work. This is going to take a while to get the run thing in a groove. Wish I hadn't stopped last spring.

Lot's of other stuff going on in the personal life. Mom thinks she will get to drive when she goes back to the eye doctor end of the month. Honestly, I hope she can. She's been miserable and very mean.

Hope the weather holds for outdoor riding this weekend. I have been doing the trainer tours on Tuesday and Thursday. Good way to burn calories, sweat and get these legs and heart tuned up!

04 January, 2009

Exhilarating times and a couple not so

Friday was a different kind of day. I had a small biopsy. Checking for a certain condition which worried me that I would be out of the saddle for a while. Not expecting it to be a big deal. Find out on Friday. Okay and one side note, I gained 5 pounds over Christmas. What's with that?! I didn't eat any desserts either. Oh well, back to training.

Once done, I drove to another doctor's office to meet my youngest. She's had two surgerys now, a laproscopy to check for endometriosis and another to remove her gall bladder. The last was on Dec 9. She's still throwing up, nauseated and diahrea. This doctor is a GI. Tomorrow he will do an upper GI. She is so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wish I had more power so I could help her. But right now all we can do is keep trying.

Saturday I rode the 35er. It was odd as everyone started out about 12 mph or so. Hugo and I wound up up front and then before we knew it we were alone. Reckon the rest got caught by traffic lights. I had his wheel for a while downtown, but once we got on the Parkway he took off. I kept him in my sights a block or so in front of me, but lost him in Shawnee Park. Not sure what happened. Maybe he decided to do his own thing. I rode the front solo until S 3rd/Southern Parkway. Four guys caught up with me and they all said, "we didn't know it was you. We've been chasing you all the way through downtown". I hung with them all the way to the entrance to Iroquois Park. I kept them in my sights until the 2nd switchback. The ride back was fun, but I didn't have the staying power to keep with the fast ones. Guess I should be happy since it was a tender saddle the full 35.

Today was exhilarating. I rode the regular Sunday out of Heine at 2:00. It was drizzling and 60F. I had already decided that even if they cancelled the ride, I was going for a ride. Who knew when we'll get another 60F day in January or February or March! There were at least 30 cyclists that showed. We ran into several more from the racing teams a few miles in. Somehow I hung with the LBC racer boys for the first 13 or so miles. Through the parks, down Lexington, downtown, and out to River Rd. They lost me just before Thurman Hutchings park. Water was spraying up off the road, mud was smacking me in the face. Thank goodness for my sunglasses! Though I wore the orange lenses and as overcast as it was clear might have been better. This was the most fun I've had in a while. Getting all wet and muddy chasing the fast racer boys. It just doesn't get much better than this. I have a lot of work to do. Intervals and such. speed work! Less than two months before the first race begins in the Spring Series.

Oh yeah. I started running. Well walking/running. Think I'll sign up for the triple crown this year. Not sure how I'll do. but found out that the Louisville marathon is a qualifier for Boston now. So, maybe next year, if I'm fast enough I can qualify for Boston. That, would be cool.

01 January, 2009

Happy New Year!

Started out nicely at midnight. Not too much drink and not too far from home, so was tucked in bed by 12:45. Slept in til almost 8:00 this morning. It was crisp and about 22F. After laundry, oatmeal and surf routine, I took off for the club Polar Bear ride. Approximately 20 miles and temps were 28F when we started and the sunshine was absolutely fabulous. Flying down Blankenbaker about 35mph made for a nice wind chill. The ride was invigorating! A swapmeet began at noon and chili potluck started serving not too long after. The bowl of hot chili made for a nice warm-up at the end of such a cold ride.

First lessoned learned (shoulda known), a person that sweats as much as I do and has fairly thick hair should reconsider getting a permanent if they are going to exercise in the cold wearing a balaclave or anytime and wear a helmut. Talk about a wet and wooly mess at the end of the ride today! Thank goodness I bought a cap recently so I had a little coverup. ;-)

Got to see Debi's Transition today. NICE bike! White with red lettering. It's made by Specialized, their Time Trial bike. Today she got the mileage on it to about 32 miles.

Last night, a couple of times I thought about smoking. Hubby went outside as no one else in our small party smokes. It was in the teens and each time I thought about a smoke, I immediately thought NO, not gonna go out and freeze.

Live each day as best you can. Have as much fun and laughter as you can muster throughout each one. Try to find a pleasant memory or better something that will make you laugh out loud when the tension gets tough and deadlines are tight. Best wishes for happiness and joy in 2009!