29 January, 2009

Ice and snow storm

Monday, I took off work and felt great so I rode the trainer. Tuesday wasn't bad, slept close to 12 hours from Tuesday night throughout Wednesday. Wednesday night was terrible! Each time I moved I got a sharp pain. I tried not, but finally broke down to tears.

So, we just had a nice ice and snow storm that began Tuesday and ended on Wednesday. At least three inches of ice covered everything and then the snow dropped about 4 inches. I love snow and wish we'd gotten more, but the ice has made life miserable for everyone. The trees are weighted down to the ground, limbs are breaking. Power lines are being brought down. Over 100,000 were without power. I lost power Wednesday morning at 5, it came back around 9 pm. I spent the day looking for candles, batteries, getting the fireplace going, drinking cocoa, reading. Was a relaxing day. I found the old rotary phone, so I could connect to the outside world. This meant I had to keep my regular weekly with my boss, but that was fine.

Today was digging out of the email inbox. It's taken the whole day, responding, reading, filing and I'm not completely finished. So many people couldn't get to the office connectivity was a major pain. Finally around noon time I decided to venture out and head to the office. Car was dead. Got to dig for the battery charger and hook it up. finally got out of the garage and driveway, even with the ice and snow it wasn't too bad until I got to the main entrance road. Someone scraped the ice about halfway down and stopped! They didn't scrape the hill that leads to King's Church Road. I knew I needed a good running start. I put the car in low gear and took off, once I got within about 20 feet of the crest of the hill my front wheels started spinning and I slipped to the right into the snow. I worked and worked, front and back to no avail. Fairly quickly two guys in separate cars drove in, down and up and walked back to help push me. They could barely stand up. So, we decided to turn my car around so I could go back, get a good start and try again. Well, when I got turned and through to the end of the street, I just went home. My ribs were starting to hurt from the few minutes I'd been walking around the car. Just not worth getting stuck again and really hurting myself.

I'm getting a bit stir crazy. Really ready to get out and about. I don't know if tomorrow will allow that or not. I'm hoping the sun comes out and melts the entrance. Or maybe someone puts out salt, or maybe someone comes back and scrapes the ice away. The temps are warming to the 40s on Sat and 50 on Sun. Maybe my ribs will allow me to ride for a little while. Maybe not.

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maggie's mind said...

We were iced in a few days, too, and I was so glad to start getting out again!