11 January, 2009

A cold week ahead

At least that is what the weather guys say. Just never know for sure if they will get it right or not.

Saturday found me waking to thunderstorms at 5am. Darn! The 60 miler I was planning on got cancelled. The rest of the day was rain and gloom. So I rode the trainer for 2.5 hours. Put on a huge sweat. Forgot the heart rate monitor the first hour. Such a ditz at times. Then jumped off, refilled water bottles and got the monitor on and started. I still need to understand what all the numbers mean.

Drastic change today from last Sunday. Dry, chilly at 32F and the sun came out during today's ride. For some reason I just didn't have it today. I started out strong, but got dropped by the fast boys before Lex Rd. Picked up a couple others, who said hop on. They intended to catch the fast boys. But my right hip flexor started talking to me. I kept spinning and mid downtown got it warmed up and took off for a while. Was alone until Cox Park, then got passed by everyone (almost everyone). I'm wondering now if my cleat needs to move on my right shoe. Right toes go cold and tingly and then the right hip flexor went to screaming on Glenview. I just had to talk myself through to the end of the ride.

So, hubby finally got a contract on the house. It's only been 22 months! :-) Can't really sigh relief until closing, but sure is nice to have something to look forward to. Hoping for good news for my youngest on Wednesday, she gets results from her tests. Crossing my fingers. I know 2009 will be challenging, but I am optimistic that it will wind up being a good year.

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