01 January, 2009

Happy New Year!

Started out nicely at midnight. Not too much drink and not too far from home, so was tucked in bed by 12:45. Slept in til almost 8:00 this morning. It was crisp and about 22F. After laundry, oatmeal and surf routine, I took off for the club Polar Bear ride. Approximately 20 miles and temps were 28F when we started and the sunshine was absolutely fabulous. Flying down Blankenbaker about 35mph made for a nice wind chill. The ride was invigorating! A swapmeet began at noon and chili potluck started serving not too long after. The bowl of hot chili made for a nice warm-up at the end of such a cold ride.

First lessoned learned (shoulda known), a person that sweats as much as I do and has fairly thick hair should reconsider getting a permanent if they are going to exercise in the cold wearing a balaclave or anytime and wear a helmut. Talk about a wet and wooly mess at the end of the ride today! Thank goodness I bought a cap recently so I had a little coverup. ;-)

Got to see Debi's Transition today. NICE bike! White with red lettering. It's made by Specialized, their Time Trial bike. Today she got the mileage on it to about 32 miles.

Last night, a couple of times I thought about smoking. Hubby went outside as no one else in our small party smokes. It was in the teens and each time I thought about a smoke, I immediately thought NO, not gonna go out and freeze.

Live each day as best you can. Have as much fun and laughter as you can muster throughout each one. Try to find a pleasant memory or better something that will make you laugh out loud when the tension gets tough and deadlines are tight. Best wishes for happiness and joy in 2009!


maggie's mind said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you the best in 2009!

Anonymous said...

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