29 September, 2011

Not the brightest bulb on the tree

I have been working and working to make this deadline. Nights and weekends, ugh. Coming down to the wire I took the last two days off the bike. Legs were NONE too happy about that. Today's program was recovery, but I missed the last two days of efforts! I haven't had enough mileage on any ride lately IMO. Not since the fire road ride. So I too off about 4:30 and rode to 62 and Waterline Rd and back. Getting there felt great! I rode the sidewalk on the bridge. That was a new experience, just don't look down!  I rode my superx with knobbies. The rear tire was flat but held air when I pumped it up and didn't think much about it.

I turned around and came down the hill. Couldn't pic up too much speed. Once I got back to Utica Pike I saw two deer just before the 4 way intersection. I snapped a pic, but was too slow an they disappeared into the woods.

 Once I started back my left calf cramped up. I shook it out, kept the bike in the small chain ring kept going. It was a beautiful day, mid 70s and sunny. Tail wind all the way out Cross and head wind all the way back until I crossed the bridge.  34.24 miles and I was s.l.o.w. but I needed the time to think. Lot's going on these days. 

Friends having babies while other friends pass to the other side. Family things continuing and I am blessed to be able to spend time with my family and friends. I am one lucky woman.

Off to Dayton for 2 days of racing this weekend. I read it is going to cool down. ;-)

enjoy your weekend!

27 September, 2011

Indy CX double weekend plus

Brookside was as good as ever. They made a few changes, all to the good. The concrete steps are a mainstay and I still am not prepared for running or climbing. How do I fit this into my day/week? The start is uphill on the pavement. I worked hard to gain ground from the back. Since I didn't race the first weekend I was behind everyone else that did. I'm not positive, but think I was somewhere around 6 or 7 in the hole shot (maybe 10). There was a nice off camber section that was longish with a nice left hand turn uphill. Somewhere along this (I think at the turn) a cyclist in front of me hit her brakes, she didn't stop but slowed quite a bit. I was too close and bumped into her rear wheel. As is customary, the cyclist in front is unscathed. I however, flip. My chain falls to the outside of my chainring and by the time I get up and get the chain back on, the last place cyclist is now about 400 yards ahead of me. For about 30 seconds I was so dejected. Almost ready to give up. Then I start talking to myself, as I do and begin to pick up the pace. Now, mind you this is the beginning of the race. It starts to rain, ever so lightly. I'm not sure how long it takes, but eventually I pass 3 people and wind up not dead last. So, I won!  I didn't quit, I raced hard. I worked very hard to make up as much ground as I could. 

One of my friends came in 2nd in the Mens' Cat 4 Master's. I got to cheer him on some and snap a photo or two at the start. I took some video throughout the day and I cheered on everyone that I could once I changed and put my bikes up in the van. There is just something about being at a CX race. Cheering and heckling, watching everyone else suffer just like you did during your race.

My phone died while taking video. I jumped in the van after the last race and drove to the venue for Sunday. St. Mary's @ Fort Harrison State Park. I paid to get in the park and drove around until I found what I thought was the area for the race. I put on a dry/clean kit and started riding around. I saw some spray paint on the grass, but couldn't figure it out. Then I see some single track. I start riding it. There's about 3.5 miles of it. It was fun, flowy with some technical areas not well suited for me and my cross bike. When I come back out the guys are staking the course. They are all very nice and happy to let me pre-ride. One of them even asks me to ride the double track/fire roads and let them know how it is. More rain is predicted overnight. I said I thought I would be fine, hard and challenging. They left it in.  I leave and find a hotel. Spent too much on it, but I didn't care. I had been up since 5 and stood too long at the race. I needed elevation and sleep.

St Marys was so much fun. It was definitely a power course, almost completely flat save one area in the double track. It rained all night. Everything was saturated. When I got to the venue, preregistered, prepped and pre-rode I discovered the course was already different from last night. The Cat 4 Master's Men go off at 9:30 in advance of the Women's race @ 10:15. The course changed even more once they raced. There were many places where the grass was mud, the double track had been best to take the high side earlier, but now riding the low side with as much speed and power as you could muster was the best. I fell three times in this race, once on the double track. That is where I think I bent my rear der (again). After that fall I could not shift back to my big ring. I could not get the speed or power necessary in my small chain ring. I lost too much ground. I wound up finishing better over all on Sunday than Saturday. I need to stop falling down!  

I spoke to the LBS about more aggressive tires for mud. I am not ready to spend that much money to still not podium for socks.  Ha ha   Okay, I know I'm not going to win cash racing CX. Even if I did it wouldn't pay for new tires. We'll see how this weekend goes and how the weather is too. If we keep getting more rain I may need to do something so I don't slip slide all over the place. 

Mom is at my Sis's place this week. A nice respite til the weekend. The dog seems to be better. She's not barking at everything that moves anymore. She still chases the cat given the chance.

I came to a realization today (slow learner) that some people will never be a friend. Or maybe a friend like I want is a better way to say it. I don't control anything in this world. Not even my own thoughts, though I try to be better at that. Some  people are friendly, maybe just because it's good business. 

I should've done my holeshot workout tonight. Actually, I should've stayed home and worked. But I needed something different so I took a long walk. Almost 5 miles. It was a beautiful evening. Roses are still blooming, squirrels are gathering nuts for winter. So many people were outside; walking, running, riding bikes, pushing strollers, etc. I watched couples hand in hand. I saw a little one fresh with learning to walk, but instead was running on tip toes in front of her Mom. Dogs walking their humans (that's what really happens you know). It was pleasant and peaceful. I let the hurt from my realization earlier fall away. I sat and had a nice greek salad half way through my walk, then came home. I saw such a beautiful evening sky. Here it is. The clouds look like the opening is heart shaped.

I am filled with a huge jumble of emotions right now. But need to get through this work deadline of Thursday. Then there's a double weekend in Dayton. 

I hope everyone is taking time to breath in some fresh air and enjoy as much of nature as possible.

peace to you

22 September, 2011

what to write

I Love my Mom. Family comes first. It's challenging. I Keep reminding myself this is not about me. But I am thankful for my brother and sister. They give me a respite now. 

This weekend is #2 and #3 of the Ohio Valley cyclo cross series (OVCX) .  There are some very fast and strong women in the cat 4 35+. I'm still realistic. as long as I don't DNF and hopefully not DFL life will be good.

I have two friends who went down this morning. Both injured due to an unleashed dog. Their seasons may well be over for 2011. Sending them the best of vibrations and much love and healing thoughts.

peace to all

13 September, 2011

full moon this morning

Day was full of conversations, some of them were aural which is always a big treat. Too many are still written, some of the important ones too.

I am perplexed about things. But will see how it all plays out.

So much to do, so little time  ha ha

"Forget what you give and remember what you receive"   good advice


12 September, 2011

Huber's Applecross - day #2

They reversed the course and made some additional modifications. I pre-rode 2 laps before the Men's Cat 4 race. It would be challenging to be sure.

After Saturday's race I took too long to eat. Wound up at ValuMarket hungry and bought veggies and things to take Sunday. Also picked up some sushi for dinner. yum  I slept 9 hours. Kept hitting the snooze.

The lineup was a bit different some people from Saturday didn't race and new people showed up. They started the single speeds, then the Cat 3/4 women's open then the Cat 3/4 women's 35+. The lap times would be set based upon the first, fastest lap. One of the single speed guys set the pace and we did 4 laps as opposed to 3 from the day before.

This was a fun and challenging course. It was all about power and some technical skill. I need more power to ride that darned run-up. We all ran it in this race (I don't know about the SS because they were too far in front) When I came around the end of the first lap and saw 3 laps to go my heart wound up in my throat for a bit. Halfway through the lap I caught my composure and second wind. I put the bike in the big ring everychance I had. I felt great coming back down out of the orchard, around the pond. I went airborne each lap just before the sweeping downhill which was yesterday's run-up.

I got smart and dismounted on the right side of the bike at the run-up. This prevented me from falling across the tape like a turtle.  ;)  I ran the sand pits today. While my running and cardio stink, it was better than expending extra energy trying to ride the fluffy sand. I must get this running and dis/remounting going. I also need more power and less weight and a newer engine. ha ha ha

It was a fun weekend. I ended up 5th on Sunday after a 7th place finish on Saturday. It's not a bad way to start the season. I had to laugh, one of the ladies I raced against made a few comments. All with the best of intentions. But she said to me, "Sherri they need a category for women in your age group". And then "what've you been doing to get so fast?"  To which I responded, "just wait, I'll be kicking your butt in December."  all in good fun though

I stayed and watched the rest of the races. Took some video too. It's always great fun to race and then watch everyone else suffer. Their races are longer but they have better skills and are faster too. I keep watching these cyclists ride the run-up and I just wish I had that kind of power in my legs. I will keep working on that.

I was exhausted by the time I got in. A friend and I went straight to dinner. She and I were both starving. I got home, took a hot bath and was in bed before 9:30. I think I was too tired to stay asleep though. Woke up about 12:30 for an hour, then sleep was sporadic and a migraine ensued. Might've been too much sun. I was a little crispy around the edges. ;)  

The videos show good things, but also have my voice. I hate to hear me. I sound like such a hick. Cheering and heckling all of those guys. It's nice to hear your name as you suffer. I know I pedal harder when I hear people pulling for me.

I'm off next weekend from racing. Sunday will be family day. Missing the first of OVCX at FishstiCX but family comes first.

The authorities shut down one of our three bridges across the Ohio river over the weekend. We now have traffic catasrophe if you need to cross. I hope if you are one of these caught in the mess that you are able to find a solution/alternative.

peace to all 

10 September, 2011

1st CX race of 2011 is in the books

Huber's Applecross Day 1 was fantastic. Tough course, yet fun. Weather was beautiful, though warmer than I'd hoped and drier too.  ;) 

One of my very best friends just bought a CX bike last Sunday, practiced all week and did her first bike race ever today. I'm so very proud of her. She did great! 

There were 9 women registered for the 3/4 35+ women's race, 8 toed the line. There were 3 under 35 Cat 3/4 women. The best part of my performance was that I got the hole shot. I enjoyed the race, as much as you can enjoy a CX race. But fell in the sand pit once, slid out on the long off-camber section once, and fell for the last time on the 3rd lap at the run-up. I rode it 2/3 or more of the way and just couldn't keep it going. Dismounted on the wrong side and fell to my left across the tape on my back like a turtle. Bike on top, head downhill feet uphill.  ha ha I started laughing and couldn't breathe and couldn't get the bike off of me.

Tomorrow!!! They are going to reverse the course and make a few changes. I'm sure it'll be tough.

Best part of the day is all of the camaraderie amongst all of the women. Such a good feeling.  Next best was seeing so many people I've not seen since last CX season. Good people all.

Time for bed, I am beat


09 September, 2011

Yippee! 1st cyclocross race of the year tomorrow

but I'm fairly tentative about it. Training is slow to get together. BUT I am psyched to get to see all of these great people I've not seen since last season!!!

One of my very good friends is up to do her first race tomorrow. She will rock this race. All she needs to do is chill and focus.

I'm thrilled to sleep in my bed again for a few days. My sis came and took Mom for a few days. Life is good.

So, it's almost a full moon. I'm feeling all giddy. Like maybe I should do something outrageous before the weekend is over.

I'm slightly disappointed that my daughter is the only person that has noticed my new do. Eh, its cool. 

To all of my friends racing this weekend: kick some CX Ass!!!! and drink a beer when you are done.


08 September, 2011

Riding in the rain

just riding in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again.
I'm laughing at clouds.
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And i'm ready for love.

So I've plagiarized, but I rode through the parks today and LOVE riding in the rain. It was anywhere from a mist to a steady light rain with some drizzles thrown in for good measure.

It's cyclocross season and these cooler temps are lovely. Low 60s, I wore my short sleeved skinsuit and a windbreaker and felt good. I had my headband on so my ears were dry. But everything else was soaked. Wool socks keep your feet warm even if they are wet.

Makes me wonder what the weekend races will be like. Rain is predicted throughout and it's been a mist to steady rain since night before last. 


Enjoy your Friday everyone


07 September, 2011

It was a good day

when I look back on it in total. Started with waking up at 3:00 and I was awake for a while. First time I've heard jets flying overhead. They were close and back to back to back. I slept in, I decided why not. Last day of my "holiday" (time away from work, mostly). 

Mom and I discussed her meds. She said I put the wrong thing in her nighttime container for yesterday. I'd gone out and wasn't here when she took it and went to bed. Minor altercation but easy enough. We went to see the eye doctor for a check-up. Everyone was very nice. I asked the doc a number of questions. He can't tell her that she can not drive. However, he stated that she shouldn't. We all have known this, mom included. It's time but won't be pleasant, to be sure.

The afternoon was quiet. We both napped. I answered emails and gave some instructions in preparation for tomorrow's return to work. I'm snowed under at the moment. Tomorrow we go to Mom's  GP for a follow up from last week's visit. See how her labs turned out. I'm very hopeful about tomorrow!

Tonight I went to CX practice at RRCC for the first time this year. I missed the first two.  :(  Just as I predicted those kids kicked my butt! But I had so much fun chasing after them. At one point I thought my heart might blow up. It didn't. HR ran higher than it has for quite sometime. No spills tonight. I would've lost more time if I'd dismounted. Next week though! My legs are very tired and very happy. My calves are tight. My quads are sore. I love this feeling! I'm also thrilled that my breathing is good. No CX cough, yet. The temps were around 60 and a light mist fell. It was perfect for short sleeves and shorts doing hot laps. I love these people. I love this atmosphere. 

Mom retired to bed before 8:30, I may head that way myself soon. Six am start to work will be a shocker to be sure.


06 September, 2011


I am energized yet weary. Elated yet in despair. Anxious though at peace. Mad however full of love

05 September, 2011


Temps have dropped. 90s on Saturday, 60s today and breezy. Everyone showed up with arm and leg warmers on today at CX practice. Well, everyone but me. I rode to practice and wore my windjacket. One I did a warmup lap I was nice and toasty. This was a ladies practice. Great group of people! And 2 guys with lots of patience and experience and helpful drills and tips. 

Breathing is slowly getting better. Weather has to play a part. Rain yesterday should've knocked down some of the ragweed pollen. 

One of my good friends bought a CX bike yesterday. I took her to RRCC and showed her the course. She came to practice today and Rocked It! She didn't even take a spill. I did. I was scab free long enough  haha

hope everyone had a great holiday!


ps, the better version was lost by blogger. where I went into detail about barriers, and stairs and such. got frustrated and didn't feel like trying to recapture it. I'm lame. blegh

too much stuff lately. I really wish I didn't wish so much that I could take a real vacation. 

04 September, 2011

Ha ha, life has it's way

of turning out for the best.  Might even turn out the way you want, but not on your terms. One thing I know, I have no control over fate. but despite my attempts sometimes, just sometimes life happens the way I would have it happen.  Other times, I concede it happens the way it should in spite of my wishes.  And the rest, maybe I'm not so wise after wall.

My Mom is  with me for a while. She has macular degeneration. I would be scared and cantankerous too if that was happening to me. We can now move forward with doing what is necessary to get her closer and help her be more secure and safe.

There's lots of other stuff going on too. But this isn't the proper forum for it. Just know family always comes first. But that doesn't mean anything more than I must let it unfold. 

CX is underway!!!  A friend bought her first CX bike today. We went to RRCC and rode the course a couple of times. This should be the best year yet racing CX!!!

peace to everyone

03 September, 2011

it's just all too personal