05 September, 2011


Temps have dropped. 90s on Saturday, 60s today and breezy. Everyone showed up with arm and leg warmers on today at CX practice. Well, everyone but me. I rode to practice and wore my windjacket. One I did a warmup lap I was nice and toasty. This was a ladies practice. Great group of people! And 2 guys with lots of patience and experience and helpful drills and tips. 

Breathing is slowly getting better. Weather has to play a part. Rain yesterday should've knocked down some of the ragweed pollen. 

One of my good friends bought a CX bike yesterday. I took her to RRCC and showed her the course. She came to practice today and Rocked It! She didn't even take a spill. I did. I was scab free long enough  haha

hope everyone had a great holiday!


ps, the better version was lost by blogger. where I went into detail about barriers, and stairs and such. got frustrated and didn't feel like trying to recapture it. I'm lame. blegh

too much stuff lately. I really wish I didn't wish so much that I could take a real vacation. 

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