07 September, 2011

It was a good day

when I look back on it in total. Started with waking up at 3:00 and I was awake for a while. First time I've heard jets flying overhead. They were close and back to back to back. I slept in, I decided why not. Last day of my "holiday" (time away from work, mostly). 

Mom and I discussed her meds. She said I put the wrong thing in her nighttime container for yesterday. I'd gone out and wasn't here when she took it and went to bed. Minor altercation but easy enough. We went to see the eye doctor for a check-up. Everyone was very nice. I asked the doc a number of questions. He can't tell her that she can not drive. However, he stated that she shouldn't. We all have known this, mom included. It's time but won't be pleasant, to be sure.

The afternoon was quiet. We both napped. I answered emails and gave some instructions in preparation for tomorrow's return to work. I'm snowed under at the moment. Tomorrow we go to Mom's  GP for a follow up from last week's visit. See how her labs turned out. I'm very hopeful about tomorrow!

Tonight I went to CX practice at RRCC for the first time this year. I missed the first two.  :(  Just as I predicted those kids kicked my butt! But I had so much fun chasing after them. At one point I thought my heart might blow up. It didn't. HR ran higher than it has for quite sometime. No spills tonight. I would've lost more time if I'd dismounted. Next week though! My legs are very tired and very happy. My calves are tight. My quads are sore. I love this feeling! I'm also thrilled that my breathing is good. No CX cough, yet. The temps were around 60 and a light mist fell. It was perfect for short sleeves and shorts doing hot laps. I love these people. I love this atmosphere. 

Mom retired to bed before 8:30, I may head that way myself soon. Six am start to work will be a shocker to be sure.


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