01 January, 2013

It's over

and what a year it was, '12. 

The beginning was full of uncertainty. No job, not much to even apply for. My self esteem took a bit hit. The first rejection emails weren't so easy, but I began to be grateful for them. So many companies do not keep you informed of your progress in their search for candidates. A couple do and it was refreshing to have that level of consideration and respect in the job search. I stuck with the job search. It was my full time job. I found a part-time contracting position that has me working 30-35 hours a week and so far I'm able to pay my bills.

I rode my bikes and set goals around training and races.  I am very lucky that I got to ride quite a lot and have friends that could join me on treks to Brown County, Versailles, French Lick, etc. Debbie and I got quite a few miles on the trails together. Stephanie and Debbie put together a Monday night ladies mountain bike ride. This was so much fun and I met many other women that ride trails. I made lots of friends and watched so many improve their riding ability and skills over the spring, summer and autumn months. This was good for me, to focus on others and encourage them as they overcame their fears.

My youngest daughter moved in with me end of February. I wasn't sure how that would work out, but I must say it's been good and we've gotten to know each other really well. She's found a good job and loves it. Already talking about moving out on her own again soon. I'm very proud of her and her sister. They are smart, loving, beautiful women.

I had several crashes on my mtn bike this spring and summer. Debbie saved me at French Lick. She also took me to ER when I lost 20 minutes of memory at BC DINO for no apparent reason. I'm so lucky she's my friend.  All those crashes, sprained wrist and bumps on the head prevented me from getting the training groove on for CX in the fall. I haven't been on a CX course on my bike since Worlds in January. I missed that a lot.

Working on the training plan and race schedule now. Started a strength program that's mostly body weight and kettle bell. Trainer is setup and I'm getting morning spins a few days a week. The nutrition plan is still in place. Lots of fresh veggies and fruit, very little grains, some eggs and fish and plenty of water and herbal teas. Trying to eliminate as much sugar as possible. But I do like peppermints and chocolate. My CSA lasted through the 2nd week in December. It's been the best for having fresh veggies and new things I'd never tried.

First race of year is Saturday. Not sure I'll be doing much more than riding and suffering the 17 miles. I see lots of friends have registered. Some are missing this one though do to injuries. Cyclocross Elite Worlds is in Louisville 1st weekend in February  and I've signed up to volunteer. Now I need to buy my ticket for the Sunday races. This will be so much fun!

So what's my resolution? Continue to learn more about me, take time to think before reacting to circumstances. Be thankful for the obstacles and "bad" events as well as the "good" ones. Let love and life take the lead and remember I am only in control of my own happiness.

Happy New Year to everyone. May your life be full of love and blessings in '13.