31 July, 2011

Some kinda funk

Not sure why. My right knee hasn't felt right since I crashed on the trails riding my CX bike. I'm training, but don't think the intensity is where I should be putting it.

Rode Waverly yesterday. Felt like crap the whole time. Was it the heat? air quality? humidity? I am not sure at all. The one thing I do know is that I absolutely love the new trail "under construction" out there. It's being ridden in very well and the whoop-di-dos are fabulous. I had to have sweated minimum 32 ounces. As soon as the ride was over I stripped and put on dry clothes. Except they were soaked in 10 minutes while chatting with some other mtn bikers in the parking lot. I drank a protein drink as soon as I got home, ate a small amount and crashed for about an hour. I had to! GNO was set for 8 pm. It's been a long time since I did a night out like that. Such good chicks to hang with. We talked, laughed, danced  oh yeah....

I turned off all alarms, left the phone in the living room turned down, and slept like a rock. Woke up about 7 and thought, nah...  I hydrated all morning, actually drank several glasses of water while at GNO too. With these temps and exercising, you have to hydrate! Got a call from a fellow Rogue and we decided to meet at the club Heine Bro ride at 2. I haven't done this ride in months. As I rode over I felt weak and almost nauseous. CH and I talked as we started the ride. I had no intentions of doing much. But we jumped in the front group and worked our way through St Matthews and fell into a nice groove in the parks. I was feeling better. But I just knew I'd be dropped  as we rode downtown, missing a light or something. But I didn't I made it all the way to RR and was feeling very good. But somewhere around Champions park they kicked it up and I couldn't respond fast enough. As I approached Thurman Hutchins I realized I was almost out of water. So I pulled in and filled up. Crazy, already downed 2 bottles. I rode most of the ride back solo, until I got to Brownsboro @ Rudy Lane where I met up with a few guys. We clicked off the miles back in good time. A day like today you don't want to stop. Red lights suck, because that is when the heat really gets to you. I'm not feeling too bad about my ride today, considering. Now to decide on Tuesday.  hmmm

Sending out positive and healing vibes to a good buddy. Went through a procedure recently. Hoping they can get back on the trails and road soon. Sure would like to talk with them but that's not to be.

It's supposed to be scorching hot the next few days, 97F tomorrow and 99F on Tuesday. We might see high 80s by first of next week. 

Here's to everyone staying hydrated and having fun the best you can!


ps, my pee has run clear for 3 days, so I can't say I've been dehydrated!

24 July, 2011

Versailles weekend

It's hot and it's summer and that's the way it's supposed to be. I love the heat and I love to sweat, but lately I'd like a respite.

KT and I drove up to Versailles on Saturday. We'd planned on camping, but then a friend offered us nice cool place to sleep. The three of us got to the park about the same time. They rode their course and I rode mine. They started to hang back and I said to just go one. I wasn't ready to try to ride at their pace and don't want to slow people down. 

Cliffside was fun just like I remembered. I felt strong climbing and not too tentative with the steep dropoffs to the left. As I approached the end of ciffside I rode over some large rocks and heard what I thought was a burb from my rear tire. I stopped and looked at it, but it wasn't flat just a little low. I forgot my hand pump! I got back on and rode a little further, took a corner and slid out. I looked back and my tire was flat. Two guys came by and helped me get the tube in and inflated. This after I tried to inflate it once with a CO2 which didn't work. I thanked Norm and Nigel, they took off and I finished my loop.

The three of us got back to the parking lot within minutes of each other. We took off to our friend's house where there is a preserve full of single track. We rode about 3 miles , which is accessible right out the back door! Very fun place to ride with lots of twisty turns and a few places you can catch air.

We got cleaned up and went to dinner at a local winery. Free wine tastings and delicious food was enjoyed by all! We were all fairly tired by the time we got back. But first we looked at my tire. Tried adding Stan's, but it would not reseal. So I was going to put my tube back in, but our host gave me a used tubeless tire. So nice! I started to protest, but since they ride a 29er now has no need for 26 inch tires. What a good friend and super host.

It was after 11 before I hit the bed. It was nice to sleep in the cool. Morning came before I was ready, but we had a race venue to get to! Grabbed breakfast, packed the car, checked the tire and it held air all night, said our thank you's and headed out. 

KT started at 10 and it was already a warm day and very humid. I made my way back in the woods and videoed the hole-shot. Looked like KT got a bad start but the 1/2 field was good sized at about 12 it seemed for women. She took 5th place after crashing, dropping her chain and having a good bump to the neck. She's one tough chick, for sure.

My race started at 12:40, major warmth. I had a bit of confusion about start time, but that was resolved quickly enough. I made it into the woods #5, not too far in someone had to stop so we passed her. I rode 4th for quite a while, there is no place to pass on cliffside. The girl in front of me was going to give way, but I said not since it was so precarious. I was riding as fast as I dared and felt strong. Then coming around to the left on a switchback at the creek for some reason I rode high to the right of the trail, my rear tire slid down and I wound up leaning against the hillside on my right and buggered up my right shin a little. The girl behind me got around which put me 5th. She had mentioned how hot it was but I just kept pedaling and breathing hard like I do. We were out of the steepness and I worked so hard to stay on her wheel. We got to the place where the long and short courses met and one of the women was pulled off to the side so now I'm in 4th. I started to get bunched up behind men. Several let me around. There was a teenager in front of me and waved me around him, but he stayed in the middle of the trail and there wasn't enough room. So I rode his wheel and bumped him a couple of times because he kept slowing down and I was right there. I rode in to the finish with a handleful of men. The woman I'd tried to stay with was lucky and got in front of those guys I guess.  All in all a fun race. I have plenty to learn especially how to pass on singletrack.

Not quite ready for back to work. I'm tired. The heat today sapped my energy for the rest of the day. 

Hope you all had a great weekend. I am loving these racing weekend adventures. Wish they weren't quite so hard on these bones though.


21 July, 2011

somethings I just have to let be

20 July, 2011

"tumblin' thompson"

DB dubbed me this yesterday. 

Talked to my mechanic on Monday and took his advice this time about rear derailleurs. Parts came in today. Hope I get the bike tomorrow so I can get another good ride tomorrow before the weekend.

I rode my road bike on Monday for an easy recovery hour with a friend. We got to my place and fixed a healthy dinner. Nice girl talk too.

Yesterday DB said she would show me the Cherokee race loop. So I took my SuperX out and rode trails. I was feeling really good and got a bit brave when somehow I took a little spill going up Hogan's fountain trail. Dropped my PT head and she was kind enough to go find it for me. No suspension on trails is a BIG change for me and my hands, wrists and shoulders took a beating. I still was riding fairly well until we got to No Net, where I walked a lot, but not as much as I thought I would. During the entire ride, I felt strong going uphill, but very tentative downhill. CX brakes are nothing like disc brakes and my hands are weak to boot. The original climb up Cochran Hill is part of the race loop, not the newer climbing switchbacks I've grown to like. Once we reached the peak and started back down, there was a lady walking her dogs. I thought I slowed and was going to miss and get around but I hit a big rock with my front tire, hear a "sproing" and wound up on my back on some brush. My butt was in a hole in the bush. The lady was on her cell phone and got off to check on me. DB came back and I said, please check my bike. She had to pull me out of the hole. Banged my knee pretty good. Right hood was moved on my bike as well as the front wheel was misaligned from the handlebars. No big deal. So we finished the loop. DB later posted my new moniker on facebook.

I love going down Cochran hill with the whoop-de-doos. I grabbed a little air at one point, which made me gasp since I was on the CX bike. I want  to do that on the mtn bike, 'cause I know it will bounce better on landing.  :-)

Today, my right knee does not want to bend all the way. It's stiff. But not painful. It didn't seem to be any issue until I walked downstairs in my cellar to put my new potatoes and my knee gave way when I stepped down on it. I did NOT like that feeling.

Took today off the bike. Giving my knee a rest. Pulled weeds instead. More self therapy with that. 

Looking at a vacation sometime soon. Need to find a place where I can ride mtn and road bikes, but only a day's drive away. Racing the DINO Versailles on Sunday. KT and I are planning on going up on Saturday so we can pre-ride and camp before the Sunday race. Should be a fun time!

It's hot hot hot and humid here. The mosquitoes are everywhere and I dislike them much.

Hope everyone is finding ways to stay cool!


17 July, 2011


Decided yesterday to race my mtn bike at Capital View park in Frankfort, KY. It was the annual Bluegrass State Games. I'd never ridden there. Think I should've pre-ridden to get a better feel, but that's all history.

There were 7 Cat 3 women, 3 in 50+ category. The other two won the category. The course was technical with lots of twisty, turny single track. Fairly flat except for one grassy hill and then a long gradual ascent on the last mile or so. It was a 5.5 mile course and Cat 3 were to do two laps. I knew there were women in front of me and women behind me. I passed several men, though technically they might've been first-timers. I began to wonder how long this course was. Finally, I came up to the start/finish area and people were cheering my name which is always a boost. I grabbed a gu and poured some water on my head and began the second lap. 

About 1/2 a mile in I picked up a stick in my chain/rear derailleur and before I could react heard the most terrible noise come from under my butt. The stick twisted and broke the cage off of my rear derailleur and my chain wouldn't stay on. bummer  :(  no chance for medal this year. I walked my bike back to the start/finish and took a DNF. As I walked back I noticed buzzards circling over head. I think they were looking for me. ha ha

Lots of folks were still racing and another race to come, so I stayed as long as I felt I could and cheered friends on. 

Dropped the bike at the LBS. I hope they can get the part and fix it before next weekend. I hope to race at Versailles, if the stars and planets align properly.  

It has been a steamy weekend here and promises the mercury will continue to rise all week long. 

Stay cool everyone,


16 July, 2011

fitness, subjective?

So I've been thinking about what the man said last night, "how do you stay so fit?"  was a nice boost to my self-confidence. But, I'm not all that fit. I want to lose minimum of 10 lbs and be able to ride my mountain bike for over 2 hours without stopping to catch my breath and let my HR drop.

I have friends that are tri-athletes and can ride, run and swim circles around me. Then I have friends that do ultra sports, like 50 and 100 mile runs/trail runs. Or others that ride their bicycles in brevet series of 400K or more.
I am sure he must've been saying that as comparison to many women in my age group (or broader). I am more fit that I was for 3 decades. However, I'm not where I'd like to be. I may never be satisfied.

But it's very nice to have someone, anyone say something nice like that. When it's a perfect stranger (and married to boot) then that's icing on the cake. Made my weekend, to be sure


15 July, 2011

ok, so I'm clueless!?!

I ask a friend to dinner, but they never respond. I go anyway. I've been wanting to get to this local microbrew, New Albanian Brewing Company in New Albany, IN.

I drive over and put my name in for a table and find the bar. Bartender pours me samples of two different beers and I choose one. There's really no place to be, so I find a corner of the bar to set my glass of beer and water and wait.

An attractive gentleman starts talking to me, asking questions. Introduces himself. We chat a bit. He asks what I do to keep so fit. We chat some more. Easy conversation. Then I find out he's married. wa wah   Story of my life. It's cool. Received a nice couple of compliments, so good for my self confidence. Maybe I made another friend, can't have too many you know

Not sure what to do or if it's up to me. Just totally clueless with it all. ha ha

The full moon is gorgeous tonight. I hope you guys have an evening full of fun and laughs and maybe some more fun. (<---   (-:   )


10 July, 2011

Riding bike is TOPS

Monday is recovery day, but this week it was 4th of July so I rode trails with DB for what seemed like a very long time! Met a a TR guy that races mtn bike. I didn't know they existed! ha ha 

Tuesday was going to finally race the 5-spot (which is actually $15 this year) but work comes first. By the time I wrapped up and headed out I missed the women's race. So I did my form sprints as prescribed as the alternate workout. 4 over and 4 on the way home. I watched the 1/2/3 race and chatted with several of my buddies. There are quite a few guys and enough making up teams that they can do point strategy. Something I need to learn more about.

Wednesday I went to meditation. It had been too long. I needed it and so glad I went. I felt so relaxed and grounded after. I joined a friend at Holy Grail and had a couple of very nice ales and wasabi peas. yums  

Thursday, KT and I rode the Blue Dog ride. This goes to New Albany, Blunk Knob, Hwy 11, but we detoured and took Corydon Pike back down into New Albany. That Knob always kicks my butt! I had checked the cue sheet for most of the turns and made a few corrections. But missed the right hand turn onto 11 and we turned left instead. ONTO Chipseal no less! We went way past Farnsley Knob Rd, found a nice lady who let us refill our bottles and turned around. I was so happy to see Polly's Freeze! I told KT I needed a slushy. We stopped for a bit and cooled down. It was a very warm day. We made it home just before dark. KT loved the downhill on Corydon Pike back into  New Albany.

Friday was recovery ride, yeah right! I met KT. My schedule said small chain ring. I was spinning my arse off! I only did one lap and we made plans to race on Sat. Went home, cleaned up, went to grocery dropped in a friend's house for fish tacos, came home, packed the car, hit the bed.

Sat. I picked up KT about 6:45 and we headed for Anderson, IN to race the DINO RNP. This was a ~ 3 hours to get there. KT is Cat 1 woman racer and I am Cat 3. Her course was 6 miles while mine was 3. I was good with that. :)  We both pre-rode. And boy were we glad we did! There were quite a few obstacles and very technical places. I took my time preriding but came out hard and took a lot of the downhills much faster because I prerode. Unfortunately, KT won her race, she was bookin! I came in third in mine. One of the RedZone girls raced my category and took 1st which was awesome. She got me by 3 minutes, a minute a mile. After awards we packed the car and headed to Versailles, IN State park. The next race on the DINO schedule. The temps rose as did the humidity. But at least we rode in the shaded woods. I had KT lead the way about 2/3 to 3/4 of the day. I wanted to watch and learn. We rode 12.5 miles and what a great time we had! Unfortunately, I fell twice.  But then I always fall it seems. It was dark by the time we got back to Louisville. We stopped by the store, unloaded KT's gear, got home and unloaded most of mine.

Sunday, I have been doing just a few odds and ends and NOT riding my bicycle. My legs are toast. The phone alarm went off at 6:30 even though I thought I told it not to. ;)   I slept until 10! I've made a pot of veggie soup, done laundry, stripped the bed, swept and mopped floors, watered plants and kept my feet elevated the rest of the time. 

Promised a friend that I will show her how to fix a flat tire tomorrow evening and hope to get in an easy spin before putting in some good efforts the rest of the week. Think I'll get into the office tomorrow and see some colleagues as well. Waiting to hear about moving my grip shifters closer to the end of my handlebars. KT says that will help with my stability and balance. I can use more of those! ha ha 

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone and stay cool! 


oh yeah, KT said she was talking to one of the guys at RNP. He asked how old we are, etc. Said it was pretty hot that a 53 year old woman was racing mountain bikes. hmmm, maybe other guys think so too. Be nice if they told me that.  ha ha  

08 July, 2011

Think I am lost now amongst youngers. There are none my age lately

04 July, 2011

Beers, briars, bikes, bruises, bumbs and some beauty, too!

Last weekend I took Friday through Monday. First real vacation, short as it was, this year. I drove to Cincy and raced two evening crits: Madeira and Hyde Park Blast, on Friday and Saturday. Proof of how far behind everyone else I am as far as fitness on the year. But they were good indicators and motivators. It was a good thing I was on my own afterwards. Was not proud of my performance at all.

I left and headed to Versailles, IN and rode the trails on Sunday. What a beautiful park and trails. It was a little wet, but only sloppy in spots. The top trail (Creekside?) was cordoned off so now I want to get back so I can ride all of the trails. I left there and headed to Muscatituck in North Vernon. They have a nice campground and it was quiet on Sunday evening. I camped in my van and dreamt of more trail riding the next morning. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. I woke up and checked the forecast on my iphone, saw the orange and red bearing down and packed up the van. No sooner had I pulled out of the park the skies opened and it poured. It poured all the way to Memphis, IN. I got home, unloaded the van and got a call. A couple of ladies wanted to ride, so we put in a nice 45 miles on the road. 4 days of bike riding is my idea of a nice mini vacation. 

Wednesday was the finale of the Louisville Short Track series. I'd only ridden 2 of the previous 4 so of course I was ready to get my ride on. I got to the venue, registered and pre-rode the course. The first part was perfect, all uphill singletrack, twisty and turny. Then out on the grass to a fast downhill and a few turns then a slow grind uphill on grass. My first lap went well and started the second lap strong. Something happened somewhere on the grassy part and I fell. I don't remember much EXCEPT I got back on my bike and rode to finish, I remember jumping the log. Next thing I know I'm standing near the registration table. I check my helmet and it's cracked. dang! that's an expensive evening, to be sure. I call my LBS.  I drive over and they don't have my helmet in my size in stock. B2 say, "you can borrow my spare". This is so nice and thoughtful, since I'm racing all weekend.

So, it's 4th of July weekend. I pick up a girl friend early Sat morning and drive to North Vernon. She's a Cat 1 mtb racer! We both enter and ride the short track race. It was hard and fast. A short 1/4 mile track the Cat 3 women and men, Intros, and juniors all rode together at same time. The DINO staff were shocked by the number that turned out for this race, over twice what they've experienced in the past. 20 minutes in and at an all out pace and my heart and lungs were running out of steam. This translates into my thighs being full of lactic acid. But I finished and got third and a pair of nice socks for my effort. :)  

After the short track we rode to watch the downhill competition. What an experience! There were two different trails and all riders had to do each one, then the average of the two times were ranked for placement. I took some videos. Search Youtube.com for 'downhill @ muscatituck'.  Saturday evening was fun, catching up with lots of friends that were camping. My friend decided on sleeping under the stars. I left the sliding door open on the van and turned on my small box fan. This provided some white noise as we didn't realize there was a dirt race track close by where cars ran until 2am. Then of course the park was the local cruise spot for all local youngsters. Honking horns next to our campsite at 2 and 3 am was not cool.

Sunday arrived sooner than I'd wanted. But everyone got ready and the Pro/1/2s started their XC race at 10 am. I got some nice photos and video. Still need to upload the vids. 20 minutes before my race as I was warming up my bike started making a rattling noise. I took it by neutral support and he says my chain is too long. like a dumbass I let him shorten the chain. I race my race with no mechanical issues at all. I got a little tired of "dancing" with a few of the Intro men. They would pass me on the downhills and then get off their bikes and push up hills that I could ride so I would pass them. That was such a yo-yo effect, even worse than criterium racing in my opinion. Finally, I'm out there with only one or two others for a while, so I could ride hard and had someone to chase. I think my HR stayed at 169 almost the entire race. I learned a lot from pre-riding the day before. I got more brave taking the downhills and allowing that momentum carry me up the next hills. I stood on a few hills which felt great. The one major multi log crossing, I took my time over (since I fell trying it on Sat). I truly wish I was stronger and faster than I am. All in good time with the right training.

I'd wanted to travel somewhere today, but the rains came in last night and dampened that plan. I took my bike into the LBS today and got the chain replaced. Then came home and met another lady friend who is a Cat 1 racer and we rode trails, at a relaxed pace. The temps were cooler today and the trails drain so well. There were a handful of mud puddles, but for the most part they were in excellent condition. 

I met more people this weekend. Can't have too many friends or acquaintances. 

I am trying to come up with something nice for the best wrench around. I broke my rule by letting someone else touch my bike. That will NOT happen again, if I can help it. So dumb of me to do that.

I've had such a great weekend. My traveling buddy was so much fun and she taught me many things. Fireworks are going off everywhere. Most people I know are probably at the waterfront watching the big show. I should've gone I reckon. But sometimes it's not so easy being third wheel. I'm getting better all of the time, but still not ready to do somethings solo or with a couple.  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend.