17 July, 2011


Decided yesterday to race my mtn bike at Capital View park in Frankfort, KY. It was the annual Bluegrass State Games. I'd never ridden there. Think I should've pre-ridden to get a better feel, but that's all history.

There were 7 Cat 3 women, 3 in 50+ category. The other two won the category. The course was technical with lots of twisty, turny single track. Fairly flat except for one grassy hill and then a long gradual ascent on the last mile or so. It was a 5.5 mile course and Cat 3 were to do two laps. I knew there were women in front of me and women behind me. I passed several men, though technically they might've been first-timers. I began to wonder how long this course was. Finally, I came up to the start/finish area and people were cheering my name which is always a boost. I grabbed a gu and poured some water on my head and began the second lap. 

About 1/2 a mile in I picked up a stick in my chain/rear derailleur and before I could react heard the most terrible noise come from under my butt. The stick twisted and broke the cage off of my rear derailleur and my chain wouldn't stay on. bummer  :(  no chance for medal this year. I walked my bike back to the start/finish and took a DNF. As I walked back I noticed buzzards circling over head. I think they were looking for me. ha ha

Lots of folks were still racing and another race to come, so I stayed as long as I felt I could and cheered friends on. 

Dropped the bike at the LBS. I hope they can get the part and fix it before next weekend. I hope to race at Versailles, if the stars and planets align properly.  

It has been a steamy weekend here and promises the mercury will continue to rise all week long. 

Stay cool everyone,


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AM said...

Bummer about the stick in the wheel. I did that with my road bike last year, bent spokes and everything. Good luck with it next week.