20 July, 2011

"tumblin' thompson"

DB dubbed me this yesterday. 

Talked to my mechanic on Monday and took his advice this time about rear derailleurs. Parts came in today. Hope I get the bike tomorrow so I can get another good ride tomorrow before the weekend.

I rode my road bike on Monday for an easy recovery hour with a friend. We got to my place and fixed a healthy dinner. Nice girl talk too.

Yesterday DB said she would show me the Cherokee race loop. So I took my SuperX out and rode trails. I was feeling really good and got a bit brave when somehow I took a little spill going up Hogan's fountain trail. Dropped my PT head and she was kind enough to go find it for me. No suspension on trails is a BIG change for me and my hands, wrists and shoulders took a beating. I still was riding fairly well until we got to No Net, where I walked a lot, but not as much as I thought I would. During the entire ride, I felt strong going uphill, but very tentative downhill. CX brakes are nothing like disc brakes and my hands are weak to boot. The original climb up Cochran Hill is part of the race loop, not the newer climbing switchbacks I've grown to like. Once we reached the peak and started back down, there was a lady walking her dogs. I thought I slowed and was going to miss and get around but I hit a big rock with my front tire, hear a "sproing" and wound up on my back on some brush. My butt was in a hole in the bush. The lady was on her cell phone and got off to check on me. DB came back and I said, please check my bike. She had to pull me out of the hole. Banged my knee pretty good. Right hood was moved on my bike as well as the front wheel was misaligned from the handlebars. No big deal. So we finished the loop. DB later posted my new moniker on facebook.

I love going down Cochran hill with the whoop-de-doos. I grabbed a little air at one point, which made me gasp since I was on the CX bike. I want  to do that on the mtn bike, 'cause I know it will bounce better on landing.  :-)

Today, my right knee does not want to bend all the way. It's stiff. But not painful. It didn't seem to be any issue until I walked downstairs in my cellar to put my new potatoes and my knee gave way when I stepped down on it. I did NOT like that feeling.

Took today off the bike. Giving my knee a rest. Pulled weeds instead. More self therapy with that. 

Looking at a vacation sometime soon. Need to find a place where I can ride mtn and road bikes, but only a day's drive away. Racing the DINO Versailles on Sunday. KT and I are planning on going up on Saturday so we can pre-ride and camp before the Sunday race. Should be a fun time!

It's hot hot hot and humid here. The mosquitoes are everywhere and I dislike them much.

Hope everyone is finding ways to stay cool!


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