30 May, 2013


a lot of stuff these last few days or more. I've put in for a week in July to race Nats. Not sure about racing anything right now. Brown County is one of my favorite races despite the 1 mile climb on the road to start. They've changed the course this year to include the new Green Valley trail. This should be even more fun than years past.

You can't call riding training when there is no consistency or all out efforts. I took Monday off since I had ridden Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Not wanting to aggravate the saddle issue. I rode Tuesday, but not nearly long enough or hard enough. All was fine. Went to work Wednesday and then the first Short Track of the year was Wednesday night. I am working registration. It's a great atmosphere and fun people to be around. Didn't get to race, just too crazy at reg and couldn't leave it. That's fine, a commitment is a commitment and I'm good with it. I won't be competitive, but would be a great hard workout. It's been a long time it seems since I've had one of those.

I did get to watch the last two races which is great! I got to cheer for lots of people, something I thoroughly enjoy. Beth had a great race as did Marge and Jenn along with Emily and Kate. Niki, KK and Kiersta were the podium. Those three are tough competitors! I watched a couple of guys race 2 races back to back. Have I mentioned most cyclists are crazy?!?  haha

So this stupid saddle issue pops up at home after short track. OUT OF THE BLUE! for no apparent reason. Today after work I kitted up and jumped on the bike, for about half a mile. No way I could sit and ride. So came home, changed clothes and went for a hike/run. At least I burned a few calories. My weight is fluctuating crazily due to inconsistent training. I gotta figure this out. Go back and look at my diet. Maybe start checking Ph levels on regular basis. blegh

I've about decided to get a SS hard tail. Problem is the one I can afford is fully rigid. Need to figure out what to do with front suspension and make sure standover height will work. Also, going to sell my AnthemX2. Anyone know someone wanting a nice full suspension bike? :-)

I think summer has arrived. mid to upper 80s so far this week and humidity is climbing as well. Love it except for the hot bedroom at night. Thank goodness life isn't perfect. It would be so boring if it was!


27 May, 2013

Since the last entry I've ridden a bit but nothing you could call training. Well a few rides truly were training rides.

First week of May the only real bike workout I got was with Disa on Friday. I did get a few hike/runs in though. 2nd week I ran/walked a few times then went to Brown County after work on Wednesday and rode Walnut and Limekiln before driving home. Suffered from allergies/asthma too much this week. Te weekend arrived and I drove to Land Between the Lakes and rode the Canal Loop. This trail is a Jekyll and Hyde. Kentucky side is all climby, roots and loose rocks while the Barkley side is fairly flat with nice flow and twisty turny sections. The only issue riding was the 4 sections under water. I walked around as I did not want to get water in my bike again so soon.The Canal loop runs counter-clockwise, except for racing and some are then run clockwise. Last fall for Race to the Canal which is a point to point the race was clockwise and a much different ride indeed. The third week was another Wed after work to Brown County. The goal was two laps of Walnut and Limekiln for 16 miles, 8 of which would be technical with rock gardens and rooty switchbacks. The weekend brought an invitation to find dry trails with a friend. Wound up being 3 friends. KT and JD took off and rode fast the way they do. NL was very kind and rode with me, even though I insisted he ride with the others. We drove to Ben Hawes in Owensboro first. Fun trail! We grabbed a late lunch and drove to Scales. My friends said this was a fun, old school all mountain type of trail. I only rode about 1.5 miles and bailed. stupid crotch issues have plagued me all month. After a long day and late arrival home I slept well. A new friend from Monday Nite Ladies invited me to join her to ride O'Bannon woods. She had flat issues and needed to get to a wedding shower. We rode together on the new trail and she left at the campground to head home. She's new but strong. She's a runner and training for marathons so she has the legs/fitness to ride. She also has no fear and did quite well maneuvering the rock gardens. This past week was another light week. Monday Nite ladies and then a mtb ride on the road that met up with KYMBA in the middle and rode what happened to be mostly dry trails despite all of the rain we've had.

Long weekend has been nice. My boss said to record hours for today. Nice of her to do that. A couple of friends that work at the LBS talked about this Mayhem Enduro early this month. Sounded interesting so I looked it up and registered. They wound up bailing. Their loss. It's a 5 stage race where the 5 stages .5 to 1 mile long are timed. The total distance of the trails is about 11 miles and you ride at your leisure between stages, but must finish in a 3 hour window. Lots of jumps and I do not catch air! Mostly downhill sections with roots, rocks, twisty, gaps and some pedaling. Everything jump had an out or it was easy to pedal through. There was a big table top on stage onWe had a e, deathdrop on stage two (which was 2 drops in succession and required the correct line). Stage 3 brought a very technical rock step/drop that was fun to watch, but no way I would try being there solo. I shouldn't be such a scaredy cat.  Stage 4 had more downhill whoop-di-dos and stage 5 ends with a ramp across the creek to the finish line. This is mainly a team event with teams from 2-4 members. Since there was a local race in Louisville this weekend I knew I couldn't form a team, so I entered the women's open. There was a Pro, a local Pro that knows this trail system in her sleep and an Expert from PA. I was the only sport. Their times were 13 to 11.5 minutes faster than me. AND I'm ok with that.  haha. I slid on my butt down the death drop, trying desperately to hold on to the bike. Should've ridden it but can't change history. I've been riding my Scalpel with the rear suspension "locked out". Beginning of 3rd stage I remembered that and opened it up. Bad Idea. Too much power (haha) just squooshed into the ground. So I put it back.

The people at Mayhem were great. Sierra Nevada is a sponsor and a cold beer was placed in your had as you crossed the finish line. Obviously many people were at the finish before me and it was so nice to be cheered across the finish. Of course, they also encourage to jump the ramp and a photographer stood at the ready. This was held at "The Wilds" outside of Zanesville, OH.  It's a kind of animal refuge that covers a very large amount of acreage. After a fellow racer said he saw a lion on the double track Saturday while he pre-rode I kept thinking about Jurassic Park. Product of my environment  :-)  Many of us camped at the venue. I slept in my van while others had tents, campers, RVs. We had a large firepit and I donated the firewood I brought. Saturday after pre-riding and setting up camp we all gathered by the fire. Ate, drank and got merry. Was such a welcoming atmosphere. We all shared what we brought. It got quite chilly, down into the high 30s , but warmed up nicely for my racetime. Couldn't have asked for better weather. I started out behind the 3 I camped next to and after stage one jumped in front of them. Wound up chasing a couple of teams from Cincinnati several  guys I know from CX. Mountain bikers are the most laid back and sharing of cyclists I've met. I found out that down-hillers don't like to pedal and lots of cross-country guys don't descend/jump well.

Short track starts this Wednesday. I've signed up to do registration and hope to race, knowing I won't be competitive. I don't care at this point. I'm having fun with the experience. Someone else is always going to be faster and in my case most people. haha

On another topic, my CSA started this month. There is nothing better than having fresh veggies to eat. Greens, asparagus, radishes and turnips along with a few herbs and garlic chives have been included these last 3 weeks.. Looking forward to summer salads and soups. I've tried to eliminate night-shades from my diet; potatoes (not sweet potatoes/yams!), mushrooms, tomatoes, gr peppers and eggplant. All eliminations are an attempt to reduce inflammation such as arthritis. I've also started drinking nettle tea as often as possible. I've come to know several people with some intolerance to foods such as wheat. It's good to share experiences and learn about alternative remedies to pharmaceuticals.

I have another cold sore (herpes, fever blister...). I started getting them after the divorce almost 4 years ago. I had chicken pox as a child and shingles in my early 40s. I assume it's from that not a new infection from contact with others. Still there is a stigma. Some people have issue with it while others are still inclusive. It's interesting how some will point out the obvious with no regard to feelings. Once, a lover pointed out that I have a large freckle on my back. I still am not sure why he told me this. Should've asked I guess. I rarely attempt to look at my backside. It's of no consequence now anyway.

Several friends raced this weekend. I've tried to keep up with how they've done. Maybe I'll see them this weekend June 2nd is the DINO Brown County race. Should be more fun in store!

If you read this I ask that you show kindness and compassion throughout your days and nights.

respect and peace