08 December, 2013


it's nice to see them change one to the other. There are many years in Louisville that we don't see any snow or if we do it's a dusting to. couple of inches. We got a nice amount from Friday through today. Started with some freezing rain and then a few layers of it mixed between snow layers makes for crunchy walking.

Had every intention of MTBing this morning but when the alarm went off at 5:45 I could hear sleet hitting the skylight. Checked weather on my phone and it said sleet and freezing rain until 8. I went back to sleep. I love riding in the snow! Something kept me home. Really would be nice to go with someone, especially when roads are iffy. There will be more opportunities so trying not to be upset with myself too much. 

Ice covered trees on Friday before the snow. 

I made it to several of the CX practices but knew I wouldn't have the fitness to race this fall. I've ridden my MTB when I could. Rode a trail in Chicago, went to Brown county a couple of times, rode at John Bryan in the Dayton OH area, went to OBW a couple of times, drove to NC and ride Pisgah and DuPont in early November. Thrown in some running on the tread mill and trainer rides. Went to Nashville last weekend and rode a new trail for me Percy Warner. Good time! Then went to Lock 4 and rode. Started a winter training program this past week but then had a flare up and couldn't keep it going according to plan. However, I have done a few rides in the park after dark and that's been fun. Maybe a little scary but still exhilarating and fun. Signed up for a bike race that I probably have no business doing. But I did it last year, well attempted once and succeeded completing second time. We shall see how this unfolds since it's first weekends in Jan Feb and Mar. 

lock 4, Gallatin TN last weekend

Mom seems to be doing fine lately. We have a new routine where I call her each morning and she takes her medicine while I'm on the phone with her. Hope we can keep those spells away that she was having. 

Hope everyone had a nice a Thanksgiving. Very grateful we had do many with Mom. Hard to believe 14 is almost here. 

peace and good health to you 

07 November, 2013

Getting older and having to be grown up

is not so easy. Mom is slowly failing, faltering. it seems that it is speeding up though. Her spells are more frequent and these not much we can do. Today she went for her walk and abou an hour later was lightheaded and nauseous and felt terrible. I won't suggest no more walks. She seems to get much enjoyment from them. What else do we have but those moments of joy in nature and fresh air?  Not an easy thing to watch loved ones falter. If you pray, I'd appreciate a prayer. If you don't, a sincere thought of peace for Mom is appreciated. Have no idea what the future holds n the short term. However, eventually we all get called home. xoxo peace

03 October, 2013

Lesson learned?

I give people the benefit of the doubt. For too long at times. If I am your friend I am loyal, sometimes to a fault. But I want to say that someone full of piss and vinegar that is constantly speaking ill of others, that can not give the benefit of the doubt can just stay away from me. I know you've said hurtful things about me, but don't care to know what they are. it's none of my business. And just because I don't want to be around you doesn't mean I don't care. I  always will. I hope no one else suffers from the wrath you hand out. 

And to be such an "animal lover" but kick a kitten. oh dear lord what a sucker we all are.  

That's it. May the ones you've spoken ill  of find peace as I have. May the ones that have heard these words know they are vulnerable too. may those that only hear the sweet and nice words never have to witness the vinegar. 

Lesson learned?

I give people the benefit of the doubt. For too long at times. If I am your friend I am loyal, sometimes to a fault. But I want to say that someone full of piss and vinegar that is constantly speaking ill of others, that can not give the benefit of the doubt can just stay away from me. I know you've said hurtful things about me, but don't care to know what they are. it's none if my business. An just because I don't want to be around you doesn't mean I don't care. I  always will. I hope no one else suffers from the wrath you hand out. 

That's it. May the ones you've spoken I'll of find peace as I have. My the ones that have heard these words know they are vulnerable too. 

02 September, 2013

Summer '13 ends

well pretty much, except it's not 9/22 yet.  Not the summer I planned. I look at my race schedule and it ended June 9th other than a couple of token Short Track races. Don't want to sound like I'm complaining. Just stating facts. Wouldn't change a thing, can't even if I did. 

Plenty of time to think and contemplate and be crazy (not in good ways). So I eliminated all these foods. And then went to No Beer August which was no fun. Finally, I may have this chronic condition under control for the time being. Can only live now. Tried real hard to stop sweating what didn't happen or what might happen. So between working on my head (a true work in progress) and diet somehow I can now sit on a bike and not be miserable.

During all of this time my weight has increased. I now weigh 10-11 pounds more than in April. Instead of losing the 10 lbs over summer I gained it. So frustrating! Good thing I didn't drink beer in August and ate fruit and veggies for the most part or I would be out of clothing to wear. Let's face it, I am not buying new clothes in larger sizes. That money goes for bike gear. ;)

Once I could stand to walk without any issues I started a "running" regimen. I run/walk and hopefully the walking will end soon and it will be just running. 2.5-3 miles is where I've started. Last weekend was IMLOU and talk about inspiring! wow, just wow watching friends and strangers put themselves out there for anywhere from 8-15 hours. I am humbled. So when I ran yesterday and started to have negative thoughts enter my head, I pushed them aside. I said, "doing good! better than Thursday" "You made it the entire first mile without walking!" and on and on. Riding Monday, Wed and a weekend day is the plan, with running Tues, Thurs and a weekend day. Today was yoga instead of a bike ride though. Can't get too hung up if the schedule doesn't happen. Not like before.

Cyclocross season starts soon and practice started 2 weeks ago. My hope is to attend Wednesdays and get some good efforts in. Doubt I'll race, except maybe one or two later, if the fitness comes along. Not fit now and can't justify the entry fee and travel money right now. I'm attempting to be frugal, for me. I miss my cycling friends. Not seeing much of anyone these days. Not much communication either. That's fine too. Just a cycle of life I hope. It's like a wheel, keeps moving. Sometimes you are on top and sometimes on the bottom and all the places in between. 

This summer has been on the cool side, with few days in the 90s. It's been nice to keep the a/c off and windows wide open.Sure helped to save on the energy bill. Autumn will be here so soon. It's time I get out of this house and around others. Just need to figure out where and who.  :-) 

Happy Labor Day to everyone. Hope yours was all you wanted it to be.


27 August, 2013

Don't always like what I read

even though I know it has merit. A snipit from a horoscope. Yes, a horoscope.

"Some people you love simply aren't going to be the best for you. There's no point in chasing what isn't going to happen. Be as free and independent today as possible. You can stand on your own with confidence. Find excuses to celebrate with those you like best."
Doesn't the last sentence seem to contradict the first? rationalizing 
Ladies Monday Nite ride happened last night. No rain! I rode my SS and only 2 other women rode, fast women. I tried to hang on. But lack of fitness and the 20 cog whooped my butt on hills.We met up with another meetup group and finished out our ride with them. Mowed grass just now. Think I'll go "run". More like a hike. It's hot out. 4 more days left til No Beer August is over. Fingers feel better but left thumb is worse than ever. Hope to make CX practice again tomorrow. see how that goes.

25 August, 2013


that I can start over again with riding and training. Seems this year has seen many attempts. But this is life

Also grateful for friends, too many to count. Some closer than others and this is good. 

Watched several friends become Ironmen today or repeat the effort.Some  several times over. I admire their dedication. not sure it's it me though. 

I am proud to know these people. Grateful they are part if my life. 

But for the record many other friends are just as amazing for all they do, whether its endurance sports, charity work or dedicated parents and caregivers.  

I am truly rich. and grateful. 

07 July, 2013

Realignment needed... again

Back to being focused on the journey and letting the outcome happen. Strike that being focused, ENJOYING the journey. 

It is very easy to get wrapped up in the frustration of not being able to do what you want. Damned ego. 

Realignment tends to happen more than I'd like to admit. But right now I'm grateful for where I am. No, not able to ride/train the way I think I should, but got on a bike yesterday and today and just decided to ride. Being off the bike tends to take away the fitness quickly for me.

I poached a ride from a friend (with their permission) and rode gravel yesterday on my CX bike. Flatted early and decided to wrap it up early. Today I went back and rode that ride and made it 18 miles. Took my Scalpel instead. Something about tubeless tires with Stans made me more confident I wouldn't flat, though that possibility is always present especially when gravel is concerned. 

What a beautiful ride it was. I did an out and back. When I gain more fitness I'll do a longer loop. I walked the big climbs. Remembered my inhaler, which I didn't need. Yesterday I forgot it and had an attack about mile 2. Not sure why.

Quite a bit of this ride is shaded. A real plus on a hot day. 

This picture doesn't do the hill justice. It's 7% over 8/10 of a mile. The first (and last) climb of this ride was 9%  over 6/10 of mile. shew-wie. A few places on each are exposed and got quite warm due to the effort and the warm and humid day.

The Ohio river is just to your left on the way out and on your right on the return. It's full of mud and debris after all this rain we've had for weeks. It was moving very swiftly. I took a video but you can't tell so I'll not bore you with it.
There is a large bend in the river, called Horseshoe Bend. I thought I captured it, but I did not. 
This as I approached my starting point. Always nice to have a history lesson.

And no summer trip to parts west of New Albany, IN are as sweet without a stop at Polly's Freeze! Today was Mango Sherbet. YUMMY for my tummy and a few moments of brain freeze as well.

So, this 4th of July weekend has been so very nice. Slept in a couple of days, ran some errands, rode my bike, cooked some desserts for friends and got to see both of my daughters and Mom!

The journey has been good. The destination kept changing. And That Is Okay.

I surely hope everyone had a nice weekend as well. The sun shone today which was so good!

peace and respect

06 July, 2013

Moist weather

and unhappy girl parts have left me off the bike since Tuesday. Finally got my gear together and took off to ride today.  This is what it's looked like for weeks now, but with the added rain.

I stopped at LBS for tubes since I had none for the CX bike and was planning on gravel. Arrived at destination, started getting ready and realize my cue sheet was not in the car. No problem, I'll google the page and write it down again. No writing utensil. So frustrating!!!! Think I need a new tire. We've looked at it several times now. There must be a barb or thorn we've just not found.
I only got 6 miles and last 1.5 or so was on pavement returning to my van. From what I did ride, the scenery was beautiful and the ride was going to be difficult. I have little fitness so the first real climb was misery and I know it only gets more difficult as you ride in and out of the river bottom.
This is the view I was gifted on my detour following my flat tire.

I'm grateful to have friends that explore a wide variety of areas. So you could say I'm a ride poacher. for now.  Hope to start creating my own in the near future.

Lots of other things I've missed writing about over the last weeks, a trip to Land between the Lakes at Grand River, KY and Lock 4 in Gallatin, TN.  The amount of riding in between has been miniscule. Couldn't even hike/run. Have put on too much weight. Mostly too many inches for my clothes. I need to sweat and burn calories in the worst way.

USA Cycling's National XC Mountain bike Nationals is coming up. I'm not fit to race. The IRS still has my refund and fiscally I shouldn't take a week off without pay. BUT you only live once and while I may camp instead of hotelling it, I want to experience new trails. There are a few IMBA Epics in Pennsylvania so I hope to check out at least two while traveling that state.

So much life happening besides me and my bike riding/lack thereof which seems so insignificant.

Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July weekend. It's a special for one sure.


there is so much I want to type, but can't

25 June, 2013

not enough time in the saddle

and I'm cranky, stiff, feeling old and getting out of shape too fast. Went for a hike tonight. IT.was.hot.  
maybe I can get squared away in July

24 June, 2013

Last week of Short Track Racing

in Louisville KY is about to happen. So I jumped in the Women's A/B race week before last. I was not compettive at all. So I took the SS to the shop and switched the rear cog to a 20 instead of 22 I've been riding. Went to Eva Bandman and rode around a bit, backwards and forewards. Its tough and I will be slow. Now I know I'll be lapped before the finish. But I will have fun and maybe provide some comic relief.  :)


19 June, 2013

Double Nickel

At one point I never assumed I would reach this attainment of numbers that count my time here this time around. I am rich and I do not take for granted the fact I have so many people I count as friends in this life. I am grateful ad fortunate to know so many from childhood to college and married life, friends from my daughters and friends of my daughters. Family has this meaning that doesn't exclude to blood. 
Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday whether verbally or mentally or textually (is that a word?)  It's not the day I had in mind. But that's ok. There are times you just have to slow to a speed that works for the moment. I was blessed to have lunch with my sister. All last minute kind of things which is always delightful. Then my entire evening was spent watching and cheering on friends that race the Short Track race tonight at Eva Bandman Park. What FUN we have. It is always a joy to watch the 2 and 3 year olds racing their striders. This is one of the special events you can find in Louisville on a week night.
55 and loving every day I wake up to. 
Next week is #5 and the last of this year's short track series. I hope to race. Maybe just jump on the SS and see. Gonna be last so might a well see what this bike and body can put together. hahahaha

I love you, each and everyone. 


16 June, 2013

more bike riding - I love to play

Land Between the Lakes last weekend. It was the White Lightning XC race, that follows the Canal loop. An attempt at racing in pouring rain only to crash and bump my head about mile 3.5 or 4 continue to finish the lap and then DNF. Head just kept hurting worse an worse. All in all it was a great weekend. Unfortunately several of my friends also DNF.  But others did and anyone that can race 30+ miles in pouring rain are superstars in my book! 

I bought a single speed MTB. I have several friends that ride single speeds all the time so I asked why. top answers consistently are that it will make you smoother and increase your power/strength. I shopped and priced and on limited budget purchased the Cannondale SLR3. it came with a rigid fork named FATTY. I ordered a Reba shock for the front but headset was delayed in arriving. So I took it to Cherokee the evening I got it and rode the loop. So much fun! however, my hands and arms were beat up and hurt all night long riding with no front suspension. This is the first hard tail I've ever ridden. it is definitely a different ride than my scalpel. I found a pair of flat pedals that have a thin profile but large platform at 100x100 cm. Now I need the shoes to come in. I've been wearing my old running shoes because they have the fewest lugs and are fairly smooth and worn in the bottom. but they are worn out and I should have shoes with stiff soles. 

I had this thought I might go to Ben Hawes after the LBL race on the way home but with the rain and muddy bike and me I came home and cleaned everything straightaway. Trashed the BB again! so annoying but inevitable. 

There was a DINO race this weekend at French Lick. Wasn't into the idea of racing so instead I packed up the car and went to Brown County State Park in Indiana. I took both bikes with the intention of riding SS on Saturday up top and then the Scalpel on Sunday for all of the climbing. I rode Limekiln and Walnut from the camp site. Got a late start, but didn't really have a timeframe in mind. By the time I got back to Limekiln I realized I had the front shock locked out! Hah, that was not smart. But riding Limekiln back to the campground was fast and flowy and so much fun. I even caught the slightest bit of air at one point. :)  I need to get used to the flat pedals though. A couple of times my feet flew off of them and that made me a tad nervous. Once I got back to the campground I grabbed a snack and a beer. Thought about what I'd just ridden. Then took off to ride again, but explore Schooner Trace. This is the Expert trail at Brown County. LOTS of rock garden areas, some man made and some natural. There's one section that is so off-camber I couldn't tell much difference from the trail to the hillside. I walked that. It was a long way down. I walked a lot of this trail, but rode as much as I could. I got to the road crossing and didn't see the trailhead on the other side. I should've looked harder. Took a detour down the road and then had to climb back up. :-)  By the time I got back to the campsite it was 8:30. I had a nice fire, meal, shower and beverage. Slept in until 8:30 this morning! By the time I ate and got everything together it started to rain. Missed the opportunity to ride Green Valley. My legs talked to me off an on all night. They were very tired this morning. But first I explored some of Brown County I hadn't seen before. Ogle lake is pretty and made me wish I had a kayak or canoe.I walked up to North Tower and caught the view. 

Driving south on I-65 on a whim I jumped off at the North Vernon Exit. Started checking the weather maps and thought I saw a dry spot. So I drove to Versailles. It has a little elevation, but nothing terribly steep. I thought about it and decided to ride the SS again. I have it for training, no time like the present to stay focused. I was slow, but not as slow as I thought I'd be. Actually a couple of Strava segments I was only a minute or two slower than my fastest time there. When I got back to the car and started loading the bike it started to sprinkle rain. Once I got changed and behind the steering wheel it started to pour. Seems everything works out for the best most times. I don't like driving in the heavy rainfall, but just relaxed and took my time. Got home and eveyrthing was dry, but dark clouds were fast approaching from the west. Again, I got everything unloaded and into the house before the storm hit. 

I am tired and my legs are sore. I have a smile on my face though and very grateful I can do things like this still. The saddle issue seems like it will be chronic for the foreseeable future. I think I'll just ride as much as I can an try to ignore it until I can't stand it. 

I thought a lot about my Dad this weekend as I rode. I miss him. I hope all the Dad's out there had a wonderful holiday today and hopefully got to go play.


Me getting ready to drive home after weekend of riding SS MTB. not flattering picture but honest and real. getting old

04 June, 2013

Good day

work was good, took a power nap when I got home, knocked down the grass in the front yard and left to ride trails. Not many people on foot tonight. Maybe because I started later. Plenty of MTBers though. 

At one point during my ride, coming down KYMBA downhill I heard someone behind me but I kept pedaling hard. Finally at one point the trail opened and I said to come around. He was like, that's ok you're riding well and I'm enjoying watching you. You are taking good lines. Well that made my day, especially when I saw who it was. Yes, I pulled to the side and let him around. Tried to hang on his wheel, but I am not fast enough for that. This guy does the longer races. 

Have plenty of work to do. Still way too slow and need to learn how to do the twisty turny stuff with more speed. Mostly I need to get issues under control so I can ride more. Hope I can race short track tomorrow. We will see when it comes. No matter what the Short Track series is a blast whether you race or spectate. MTBers are fun people to be around


oh yeah. my max HR is now going into 210 and higher on regular basis. that's NUTZ

02 June, 2013

Germantown in springtime

It's been a very quiet lovely day. Slept til 7 got up at 8. I swept a lot. Drove to friends and picked up some Iris, dug and planted. Cleaned bikes. piddled. Didn't ride. thought about it. it's been a nice sabbath, day of rest. Rest for the mind. Temps have been perfect for a MTB ride. Trails were probably fine except for usual wet places. 

Sitting outside at Nach bar, listening to some tunes.People are all about their phones. Fine. don't come around me. "times have changed". well fuck that shit. rudeness is rudeness. Multi tasking you say, I say fuck that shit. especially if I'm a customer in your store. 

and now back to the day I had earlier.Beautiful  temps. Everything is green. New blooms are exploding into their brilliance of life.  Need to ride my bike next couple of days to be sure. 

Sometimes solitude wins over all the rest. 


30 May, 2013


a lot of stuff these last few days or more. I've put in for a week in July to race Nats. Not sure about racing anything right now. Brown County is one of my favorite races despite the 1 mile climb on the road to start. They've changed the course this year to include the new Green Valley trail. This should be even more fun than years past.

You can't call riding training when there is no consistency or all out efforts. I took Monday off since I had ridden Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Not wanting to aggravate the saddle issue. I rode Tuesday, but not nearly long enough or hard enough. All was fine. Went to work Wednesday and then the first Short Track of the year was Wednesday night. I am working registration. It's a great atmosphere and fun people to be around. Didn't get to race, just too crazy at reg and couldn't leave it. That's fine, a commitment is a commitment and I'm good with it. I won't be competitive, but would be a great hard workout. It's been a long time it seems since I've had one of those.

I did get to watch the last two races which is great! I got to cheer for lots of people, something I thoroughly enjoy. Beth had a great race as did Marge and Jenn along with Emily and Kate. Niki, KK and Kiersta were the podium. Those three are tough competitors! I watched a couple of guys race 2 races back to back. Have I mentioned most cyclists are crazy?!?  haha

So this stupid saddle issue pops up at home after short track. OUT OF THE BLUE! for no apparent reason. Today after work I kitted up and jumped on the bike, for about half a mile. No way I could sit and ride. So came home, changed clothes and went for a hike/run. At least I burned a few calories. My weight is fluctuating crazily due to inconsistent training. I gotta figure this out. Go back and look at my diet. Maybe start checking Ph levels on regular basis. blegh

I've about decided to get a SS hard tail. Problem is the one I can afford is fully rigid. Need to figure out what to do with front suspension and make sure standover height will work. Also, going to sell my AnthemX2. Anyone know someone wanting a nice full suspension bike? :-)

I think summer has arrived. mid to upper 80s so far this week and humidity is climbing as well. Love it except for the hot bedroom at night. Thank goodness life isn't perfect. It would be so boring if it was!


27 May, 2013

Since the last entry I've ridden a bit but nothing you could call training. Well a few rides truly were training rides.

First week of May the only real bike workout I got was with Disa on Friday. I did get a few hike/runs in though. 2nd week I ran/walked a few times then went to Brown County after work on Wednesday and rode Walnut and Limekiln before driving home. Suffered from allergies/asthma too much this week. Te weekend arrived and I drove to Land Between the Lakes and rode the Canal Loop. This trail is a Jekyll and Hyde. Kentucky side is all climby, roots and loose rocks while the Barkley side is fairly flat with nice flow and twisty turny sections. The only issue riding was the 4 sections under water. I walked around as I did not want to get water in my bike again so soon.The Canal loop runs counter-clockwise, except for racing and some are then run clockwise. Last fall for Race to the Canal which is a point to point the race was clockwise and a much different ride indeed. The third week was another Wed after work to Brown County. The goal was two laps of Walnut and Limekiln for 16 miles, 8 of which would be technical with rock gardens and rooty switchbacks. The weekend brought an invitation to find dry trails with a friend. Wound up being 3 friends. KT and JD took off and rode fast the way they do. NL was very kind and rode with me, even though I insisted he ride with the others. We drove to Ben Hawes in Owensboro first. Fun trail! We grabbed a late lunch and drove to Scales. My friends said this was a fun, old school all mountain type of trail. I only rode about 1.5 miles and bailed. stupid crotch issues have plagued me all month. After a long day and late arrival home I slept well. A new friend from Monday Nite Ladies invited me to join her to ride O'Bannon woods. She had flat issues and needed to get to a wedding shower. We rode together on the new trail and she left at the campground to head home. She's new but strong. She's a runner and training for marathons so she has the legs/fitness to ride. She also has no fear and did quite well maneuvering the rock gardens. This past week was another light week. Monday Nite ladies and then a mtb ride on the road that met up with KYMBA in the middle and rode what happened to be mostly dry trails despite all of the rain we've had.

Long weekend has been nice. My boss said to record hours for today. Nice of her to do that. A couple of friends that work at the LBS talked about this Mayhem Enduro early this month. Sounded interesting so I looked it up and registered. They wound up bailing. Their loss. It's a 5 stage race where the 5 stages .5 to 1 mile long are timed. The total distance of the trails is about 11 miles and you ride at your leisure between stages, but must finish in a 3 hour window. Lots of jumps and I do not catch air! Mostly downhill sections with roots, rocks, twisty, gaps and some pedaling. Everything jump had an out or it was easy to pedal through. There was a big table top on stage onWe had a e, deathdrop on stage two (which was 2 drops in succession and required the correct line). Stage 3 brought a very technical rock step/drop that was fun to watch, but no way I would try being there solo. I shouldn't be such a scaredy cat.  Stage 4 had more downhill whoop-di-dos and stage 5 ends with a ramp across the creek to the finish line. This is mainly a team event with teams from 2-4 members. Since there was a local race in Louisville this weekend I knew I couldn't form a team, so I entered the women's open. There was a Pro, a local Pro that knows this trail system in her sleep and an Expert from PA. I was the only sport. Their times were 13 to 11.5 minutes faster than me. AND I'm ok with that.  haha. I slid on my butt down the death drop, trying desperately to hold on to the bike. Should've ridden it but can't change history. I've been riding my Scalpel with the rear suspension "locked out". Beginning of 3rd stage I remembered that and opened it up. Bad Idea. Too much power (haha) just squooshed into the ground. So I put it back.

The people at Mayhem were great. Sierra Nevada is a sponsor and a cold beer was placed in your had as you crossed the finish line. Obviously many people were at the finish before me and it was so nice to be cheered across the finish. Of course, they also encourage to jump the ramp and a photographer stood at the ready. This was held at "The Wilds" outside of Zanesville, OH.  It's a kind of animal refuge that covers a very large amount of acreage. After a fellow racer said he saw a lion on the double track Saturday while he pre-rode I kept thinking about Jurassic Park. Product of my environment  :-)  Many of us camped at the venue. I slept in my van while others had tents, campers, RVs. We had a large firepit and I donated the firewood I brought. Saturday after pre-riding and setting up camp we all gathered by the fire. Ate, drank and got merry. Was such a welcoming atmosphere. We all shared what we brought. It got quite chilly, down into the high 30s , but warmed up nicely for my racetime. Couldn't have asked for better weather. I started out behind the 3 I camped next to and after stage one jumped in front of them. Wound up chasing a couple of teams from Cincinnati several  guys I know from CX. Mountain bikers are the most laid back and sharing of cyclists I've met. I found out that down-hillers don't like to pedal and lots of cross-country guys don't descend/jump well.

Short track starts this Wednesday. I've signed up to do registration and hope to race, knowing I won't be competitive. I don't care at this point. I'm having fun with the experience. Someone else is always going to be faster and in my case most people. haha

On another topic, my CSA started this month. There is nothing better than having fresh veggies to eat. Greens, asparagus, radishes and turnips along with a few herbs and garlic chives have been included these last 3 weeks.. Looking forward to summer salads and soups. I've tried to eliminate night-shades from my diet; potatoes (not sweet potatoes/yams!), mushrooms, tomatoes, gr peppers and eggplant. All eliminations are an attempt to reduce inflammation such as arthritis. I've also started drinking nettle tea as often as possible. I've come to know several people with some intolerance to foods such as wheat. It's good to share experiences and learn about alternative remedies to pharmaceuticals.

I have another cold sore (herpes, fever blister...). I started getting them after the divorce almost 4 years ago. I had chicken pox as a child and shingles in my early 40s. I assume it's from that not a new infection from contact with others. Still there is a stigma. Some people have issue with it while others are still inclusive. It's interesting how some will point out the obvious with no regard to feelings. Once, a lover pointed out that I have a large freckle on my back. I still am not sure why he told me this. Should've asked I guess. I rarely attempt to look at my backside. It's of no consequence now anyway.

Several friends raced this weekend. I've tried to keep up with how they've done. Maybe I'll see them this weekend June 2nd is the DINO Brown County race. Should be more fun in store!

If you read this I ask that you show kindness and compassion throughout your days and nights.

respect and peace

28 April, 2013


and not training. That's what I've been doing. Difficult to be focused when there are saddle issues and lots of wet trails. So...

Today I rode with 3 other women, on the road, to Utica. Was a great ride and got in some tempo and pace lining. Plenty of comaraderie too.  Good times

Friday I did a trail night ride with a group from meetup. It was fun, but I learned a few things. I need a better light or ride more at night to get used to it. Have more patience. We rode very fast from point to point, but stopped really often and "rested?" I guess you'd call it. Too much standing around for me. It was a good workout though. I will join them again. Once I find a better light.

Lots of emotions lately. trying to just let them come and experience them. 

lots more to type but I'm whooped. off to bed


22 April, 2013

OMBC #2 Mohican

Week before last was decent training. Got some good trail miles in and finished with 35 miles in 2 days. Then last week went out the window. Between needing to be out of the saddle, then rain and other plans. Lack of consistency definitely hurts progress.

Rode with 2 friends to Columbus on Saturday evening on our way to race Mohican OMBC #2. We were lucky that one friend has an aunt and uncle that put us up for the night and fed us breakfast Sunday morning. As we were leaving the city on our way to Loudonville, we stopped at Starbucks. I know better, really I do but I did something very dumb. After being coffee free for about a year and a half I decided to have a shot of espresso. Wrong thing to do. By the time we arrived at the race venue 1.5 hours later my blood pressure and heart rate were elevated and I was nauseous. I opted to enter the novice race, feeling as I did, instead of the Sport class which was the same as the Expert class and was 25+ miles. Temps had dropped overnight to freezing. It was warming up but was still chilly and windy. Twenty minutes into the novice race I started wheezing. Yet again another asthma attack. I lost my lead into the single track. Eventually I passed another novice woman, but a mile or so before the end she passed me and I Never saw her again. This is racing

The long course was tough, with 3100 ft of climbing and plenty of roots and rock gardens. I don't think any of the three of us were happy with our results. But all in all it was a fun weekend with friends. We got to ride new trails. We ran into KT who came in 3rd in the expert women's race. She had taken her sons and spent the weekend with her family not too far from the venue. We also got to see Tim and Lauren, a couple we met at Mulberry Gap the first of March. Tim came in 2nd in the expert vet open race and Lauren took home 1st in the expert women's race.

A weekend with friends, new and old while riding bikes and seeing new places is so special. I am very fortunate and am grateful for each new adventure and opportunity. I love this life I'm living. 

I hope you had a fun weekend with people you love and enjoy being around too.
Life is good.


12 April, 2013

Prana (life; to move)

Celebrated a friends milestone birthday tonight. We drank and danced and moved to the music. I felt alive and chi was moving throughout my physical body. 

Definitely shows my age. Leaving the party and home well before midnight. sigh

Looking at it I'm sure some thought  things like what's that old lady doing dancing out on the dance floor. Anyone within 5 years of my age had a partner, either dancing or close by. I miss those days, somewhat. 

But mostly I am ready to ride bikes tomorrow and Sunday. I hope to catch results from Battenkill. That's a tough rode race in NY state. Time to go north I think and ride trails all day long.

respect and peace

Sweet Caroline was special tonight 

10 April, 2013

I'm the one

it seems, no one wants to be beaten by. Old lady, ex-smoker.

interesting but at end of the day not important

I have my own goals and typically don't include beating specific people. Maybe I'm the anomaly


08 April, 2013

and sometimes

what you do (or try to do) gives love better than saying three little words.

03 April, 2013

I'm trying lots of things

but can't seem to find the right one(s) to eliminate. Rode down Dog Hill trail today going into the park. It has gotten rougher over the winter and a second trail parallel has been formed as well. My hands hurt so badly the entire way down I was almost in tears. I opted for one Cherokee loop because the hands weren't feeling any better by No Net. No dairy and no wheat or gluten. No beer either!

I'm not going to stop. Not yet. I love riding trails daggonit.

02 April, 2013

facing facts

Sometimes you just have to no matter how much you'd rather it not be.

but I'm not ready to give in/up yet

29 March, 2013

Evening trail ride

Yesterday after work the weather was nice and the trails were dry and @KYMBALou gave the greenlight. But I had to pick up my bike from my LBS Clarksville Schwinn. My drivetrain made all kinds of racket during my race on Sunday. Had to replace the bottom bracket. It was trashed. I'm thinking that spin through the deep creek at Jake Mountain and my lack of bike maintenance are what caused it. Brian said there was water sitting in it. Note to self, if you ride in water or power wash your bike, take the saddle out and turn it upside down for a couple of hours to drain. 

By the time I got home, ate a bite of food, changed clothes and aired my tires it was 10 after 6 when I started out. I put my headlight on the handlebars and headed to the park. It was a beautiful evening. I started to ride down Dog Hill and Tim O yells at me, "ma'am, you can't ride these trails". Always being funny he is. Tim's a great guy. At first I wondered if I had enough clothes on as riding on the road was brisk. But when I hit the Hogan's fountain climb I warmed up quite nicely thank you. I felt surprisingly well considering I hadn't been in the saddle since Sunday and this was Thursday. Spinning on the road for 2 miles to the park helps. There weren't as many people out as I had expected, a few walkers and a few runners and a couple of MTBers. As I rode No Net I was feeling really good so I headed to Wilderness at Seneca by way of the Golf Course. Riding around the golf course is always a challenge for me. The trail is rutted and lots of roots and some little punchy climbs. As I circled around the backside I saw 3 CS Schwinn racers. The trails were great. Wilderness only had the 2 usual spots that stay wet except in drought conditions. A lady MTBer was leaving as I was entering the trailhead. Later as I wound back around on the bucket loop there were 4 trail runners going in the opposite direction. Those were the only people I saw in Wilderness. Once I got to the top of the hill I wussed out and rode the switchbacks back down instead of taking the hill climb back over to Pee Wee Reese. I rode the road back to Cherokee and finished up the loop. As I took a few minutes in the gravel lot resting I checked the time, ate half a Lara bar and started again. I knew I would run out of daylight, but I didn't care. I rode the 5 mile Cherokee loop clockwise. Ran into Seth, Joe and Brian twice. The last time I was climbing Barret hill after No Net and heard them up top coming down. So I pulled over. Already had my headlight on at this point as the sun had settled behind the trees. They were flying down through there, no lights all three dressed in black. If they hadn't been so loud I'd not have seen them. As I make my way to Hogan's fountain the sky turns pitch dark. I thought about a conversation I had with coworkers. One saying she won't walk alone in the park, too risky. If I waited to only walk or ride with others I would never get out there. I try to be alert and aware, but I'm gonna do the things I like to do. The full moon didn't rise until 11 pm last night. Which made me sad as the sky was cloudless. My toes were cold and I started getting a little chilled. I couldn't see the walkers as I rode up Dog Hill on the road heading back towards home. I finished with 20 miles, it took me 2:40 but I just wanted to ride. Not concerned with speed after 3 days off.

Didn't ride today, hope to ride Saturday and Sunday and Monday. Have to take a day here and there though. Besides the hands weren't happy today.

Sounds like the weather will be outstanding tomorrow and then rain Sunday morning. Now to decide where to go and ride. Have plans to make some yummy soup in the morning early.
Then go to see Mom tomorrow evening

The magnolia is about to explode into full blossom.

Blessings for a wonderful weekend to you.