27 August, 2013

Don't always like what I read

even though I know it has merit. A snipit from a horoscope. Yes, a horoscope.

"Some people you love simply aren't going to be the best for you. There's no point in chasing what isn't going to happen. Be as free and independent today as possible. You can stand on your own with confidence. Find excuses to celebrate with those you like best."
Doesn't the last sentence seem to contradict the first? rationalizing 
Ladies Monday Nite ride happened last night. No rain! I rode my SS and only 2 other women rode, fast women. I tried to hang on. But lack of fitness and the 20 cog whooped my butt on hills.We met up with another meetup group and finished out our ride with them. Mowed grass just now. Think I'll go "run". More like a hike. It's hot out. 4 more days left til No Beer August is over. Fingers feel better but left thumb is worse than ever. Hope to make CX practice again tomorrow. see how that goes.

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