30 August, 2012


An article I just read:

it's helpful. Now to think.

03 August, 2012

August has arrived

July 23 saw my 5 year mark of no tobacco. At first I thought it was a big deal. Then when a friend didn't want to join me in celebration I realized it's just a mark in time. No big deal. Five days, five weeks or five months were so much more important.

Women go through a lot of changes throughout their lives. I'm not saying if men do or not, I'm not a man and don't know about that. Puberty is difficult on both genders, that I remember. There was a lot of education about that, I assume there still is. 

I am amazed that more women don't go off the deep end and do drastic things while going through the stages of menopause. It's so trying. The inability to focus was the hardest part for me. Employers don't care and don't understand. Mood swings are intolerable and night sweats prevent any kind of decent sleep. Hot flashes start in the lower back just inside the spine and radiate outwards throughout your body to the most extreme parts. Heat so intolerable you think you are in hell. Then, finally at your breaking point it relents. 

Once in post menopause even more changes take place. No one ever talks about these. I can understand why. Estrogen levels drop. This causes so much havoc I don't want to explain. If you are curious send me a note. Once upon a time a varied audience read this and I don't want to shock or put anyone off from reading. I've not written for a while and may have lost most of what little audience I had.

Not sure about racing at this point. Too many physical changes and still unemployed.  I have an interview on Monday I am cautiously optimistic about though.

Love and peace to you