31 May, 2009

Last day of May 2009

It's been a full year so far. So many things have happened, beginnings and endings and all things in between. I sit and reminisce. Think about the boxes of pictures that require copying. Decades of events on paper, in living colour or black and white and some in sepia tone. I think I should schedule a vacation day, make a long weekend. Probably will be full of smiles, chuckles, tears, and lotsa love.

I bought a toolbox from Target. Pope said probably not the best choice of stores for tools. :-) yeah, but if I need power tools I'll go to Lowes!

Yesterday I conducted an experiment. I ran a duathlon out of my apartment. Brisk walk to the reservoir and then 2 laps for a mile and a half run, brisk walk back to transition to the bike. Rode down Zorn, east to Wolf Pen and back to Mockingbird. River Rd piece was 10 miles. I had a total of 14.8 miles on the bike and went straight into T2, carrying the bike upstairs, changing shoes and heading back to the reservoir. I was a little worried, but the second run was good. Slower than the first, but good. 3 weeks to prep for the Oldham Cty duathlon. 7:30 am start the morning after my birthday. We'll save celebration til Sat afternoon!

18 May, 2009


Life is so different in some ways. Much the same in others. I believe we create much of our own pain and suffering. We create our own joy and happiness. It is what we define as good that we then celebrate in ourselves and others. Once the bar is missed, misery creeps in if we are weak.

I miss those I was once very close with. I cherish those that are close to me now.

The sky was clear and blue all day today. Sunshine makes me smile and gives me joy. I rode my bike after work, and that is always a good thing.

Sunshine comes in many forms. I'm lucky to witness a couple of them. :-) :-D

10 May, 2009


So, this evening see's Sherri starting out with roasted veggies, then 2 coffee mugs full of Extreme Moosetracks and a 6 pack of Magic Hat's summer brew Wacko. Perfect brew for a nutty lady.

The sun woke me, trying to burn through the window blinds. Ate well. Packed the car. Off to the time trial in Shelby County. big turnout. We arrived about 45 before start time. Started 1 and 2. This was the second in a series. Last month was cool and very windy. The first 3 legs saw either a cross- or head-wind and then a tail-wind last one home. Today was full sun, not a cloud in the sky and the flags were barely dancing in the light breeze at the middle school start. It was still hard and several passed me along the way.

Spent a little time with Mom yesterday. Still some tension, but was nice to visit. Only email or text with the rest of the fam, except the youngest. We talked, seems we are the only ones that talk these days. So much is lost with written conversation.

One of my friends would be saying to call the Whaaammmbulance. They are right. Feeling a little sorry for myself, when I shouldn't be. I am where I am because I want to be here. So, I'm having ice cream and beer, closing out the weekend.

Happy Mother's day
this year find's it a new way
and it's a-okay

03 May, 2009


is eye opening
very educational
also challenging

brings a new flavor
to this existence of mine
always been social

surrounded by friends
always in touch with fam'ly
but solitude now

Derby Day a new way

Never completely sure if anyone reads. Of course, I've not written much lately either. Lot's of new stuff, still trying to settle in, pay bills, cook for one (or not cook for one). I need to buy tools, go to Radio Shack.

Historically, the Kentucky Derby has been just one big party. some years a day or two and other years as long as a couple of weeks. We held an annual cookout with plenty of pork, potato salad, and a cornucopia of choices for finger good. Of course the beer would flow and mint juleps too.

This year I went out to see a friend play music at a local coffee house on Derby Eve. Home by midnight :-) slept in on Saturday and finally took off on my bike for some solitude. Got home in time to bathe, nap, and catch the race on TV.

Rode again today, solo. Only 30, but again a good time on the bike. Need to get out tomorrow, maybe some hill repeats. TT on Sunday, different way to spend Mother's Day. Youngest's birthday is coming up soon, too. Aside from the time trials, not sure what else I'll be doing as far as racing. Need to wait and see.