31 January, 2008

Big year ahead

Oh my - i am heading into this 4+ month sprint to my birthday. I have relished every single one I've had so far. I never thought I would have any problems with any of them. Maybe I won't this one either, by the time it gets here.

I'm trying very hard to push away negative thoughts. I need optimism. I've been contemplating my last few professional years. They've been interesting. There's been tons of change. Some have been wonderful for me. Some not so much. I need to change it again. I'm just not sure anything I do will get me to where I'd truly like to be.

I've spent time looking back, reminiscing. I can't say I'd change any decision I've made to date. So I am looking forward to the next change being in my control, or at least more in my control.

Looking forward to this birthday isn't just about professional accomplishments. There is the whole reflection on what I've accomplished in this life in general. I've had a bucket list for a while. I need to add to it though. Most of what's left are travel destinations. I think there are some more ways I want to give of myself. I'll be thinking about what really gets me excited and puts a big smile on my face. Then determine what it is I can do to keep those emotions in the forefront.

I had better get busy! January is already gone...

30 January, 2008

Revelation? nah

yeah well.ya know. There are things that you KNOW just aren't good for you. Cigarettes, for example! But you keep indulging anyway. One day, if you're lucky or smart, or just sick and tired, you say, "I'm done". Most of the time, you don't, you take all of this energy to find a reason to keep on with the same ole same ole. That's not fun, that's not adventurous, that's just tired and lazy.

There are some things that I know are taboo, the proverbial forbidden fruit, doesn't mean I can't think about it,visualize it, fantasize about it.

I really wanted a cigarette this afternoon before leaving work. It's been a while. It scares me when it strikes and it's so strong of an urge. I didn't succomb, though it would've been so easy.

I had dinner with colleagues, who I count as my friends, this evening. Each of us has our talents. And this is good. It is so important to have such diversity. Now, this diversity doesn't have anything to do with skin color or race. It has more to do with roots, family history, and the different backgrounds we each have to call our own. As well as the different talents we each bring with us. I have found more left-handed people over the last few years, too! We are special.

It's 9:30 and I guess I could feel guilty for not doing any kind of training today. But you know, my brain got plenty and it will again tomorrow! The local bike club has a Trainer Tour tomorrow night at 7. I think I'm gonna go. I need to grow my world, expand my reach, spread my wings a little further.

I think the planets are aligned in an odd way right now. I have an overwhelming sense of melancholy. It's been a long time since this cloaked my perceptions.

29 January, 2008

Do you believe in guardian angels? Karma?

Well there was definitely something at play in my life today. Hmm, wonder what it was that I did right? :-)

I get pulled over this morning, but not issued a ticket. I wasn't speeding, I'm not exactly sure I broke a law, unless he wanted to say it I passed on a double yellow line, which I swear I thought it had changed to a dotted line. Cop just walked up to my window and tore me a new butt hole. I thought he went back to his car to write me up, then about 2 minutes later he pulls out. Poor guy, I either helped him get it out of his system or I just ruined his whole day.

Then, leaving work I take Broadway to Bardstown to Grinstead. I'm turning left on Grinstead and the car I'm facing is turning to it's left. So I pull out to turn and here comes a car from behind the turning car - SHAZAAM! Could've been head-on. My tires start hydroplaning, the other car turns his wheels in the nick of time and we completely miss each other and continue on, no harm no foul.

Hmm, it would be nice to imagine that everything in life had these sweet twists.

Now, I wish I could say my big project had this kind of luck. So, no this didn't carry in all aspects of my life.

It was a nice day in the high 50s. I carried my running clothes/shoes so I could run at lunch. But no, I joined a few friends and ate instead. Afternoon filled up nicely and I really should've run after, but I decided to pick up my tire pump for the bike (hence the detour routte and near miss above). It was still 55F when I got home about 7:15, but the wind was already about 30 MPH and gusting much higher. So I talked myself into riding the trainer for 30 minutes and then ate cold KFC after 8:00 pm. I need to run any/every chance I get. I need a big kick in the arse for not doing it today.

Tomorrow, the boss is in town. Full steam ahead!

28 January, 2008

New pic

I found this and thought it was funny. I wonder, if I keep twisting my face up like that would it make my skin shrink? You know like exercising!

27 January, 2008


is nothing more than good health and a bad memory." Albert Schweitzer

The sun shone today! I think we saw 46F on the thermometers. I spent the morning reviewing a couple of emails for work and then surfed a while. Hubby left for Florida to play golf with the boys for the week, so I am solo through Saturday. I spent sometime writing a couple of items, too.

Took off around lunch time, grabbed a pimiento cheese sandwich and banana and headed to the office. Was supposed to move to temp space tomorrow, so went in to purge and pack. Only got to purge as there were no boxes. Spoke to one of the guys in charge of moving and I found out that I might get away with one move instead of 2 - not holding my breath! At least now I get to work from home tomorrow and take a nice long ride outdoors tomorrow! YIPPEE it's those little silver linings that make life so much fun.

So I spend sometime doing some work and scheduling webcasts. Then about 3:30 or so I took off for a run. Run was good meaning that I felt good getting out there- I need to get a treadmill. I can't keep going 10 days between runs. I ran down to waterfront park, Did most of my workout around the great lawn and by the fountains. My running sucks big time. Just not getting relaxed with my breathing and it takes more energy than it should. I will still do the 5K, but doubt seriously I will be able to run the full distance. BFF will smile when I tell her, I think. So I called my oldest and invited her to have dinner with me. Then I hit the showers. We went to Cafe Mimosa. Pot-stickers and sushi for appetizers, Heather had Mongolian beef while I had the Lemongrass Shrimp with spring-rolls. We were in heaven! I let her take all the leftovers and dropped her at the apartment. Then headed to an empty house. It's not empty, I have Socks and Bastian to keep me company. My shins were tight and my right hamstring was starting to grab so I changed and put an easy 30 minutes on the trainer.

Guess I'll find out tomorrow if any of this trainer work is keeping me ready for outdoors. I am very excited. They are predicting a high of 58F. I get to ride in shorts! Hope to put in a good hour maybe 1.5 and go ahead and face my first hill. I'll take my cell and email somebody to let them know my intended route.

I already have the bad memory, now all I have to work on is the good health. Just workin on the fitness puts a smile on my face and keeps me happy.

26 January, 2008


Before I get too far - I am female. I deal with female crap on occasion. This is one of those occasions.

So far so good this weekend. Friday was a bust for riding. Started on Thursday and Friday was cramp fest.

Vanity #1 - went to the eye doctor for new contacts. He's going to work with me to find an optimal situation. We could fix this quickly if I want to wear contacts for distance and bifocals for reading and PC work. I hate glasses. I don't like the way I look in them. They bother me. Cranky much?

Vanity #2 - had a great ride when I got back from the eye doctor. finally put down workout #12 after both trying and skipping it on two different occasions each. After the ride I did some core bldrs and yoga for stretching. During downward facing dog, I'm stretching and open my eyes and see my knees. OMG, I have wrinkly knees! I hate wrinkly knees. Pooh!

Vanity #3 - I didn't wrinkle nearly as much when I had more body fat. Now that the fat is gone, the skin is too big for my face. ARGHHHH But I truly believe most of these wrinkles all start from years of laughing and smiling with my family and friends. What better way to carry them with me?

There were 5 cyclists at The Pantry at lunchtime today. One was getting a banana in front of me. I asked how far they were riding today, he said he was riding 100 at least. I'd love to get comfy with 25-30!

Warmer tomorrow. I want to run! it's been 11 days since I last ran. This is not good. I need a good kick in the arse. Riding outdoors tomorrow and Monday. I want to try a couple of hills and see how my legs feel. If they get hungry, we'll find a nice long one. Wish me luck!

22 January, 2008

6 Months of Tobacco freeness on Jan 23, 2008

It is a fantastic thing to be able to declare. It will be, tomorrow. I'm excited and know other things now fill the void. I haven't counted the time as much lately as I did early on. Hell fire, 48 hours was HUGE!! My quit buddy, BFF, is supposed to join me for a celebration dinner after work tomorrow. If it weren't for her purchasing the Chantix and declaring her quit I'm not sure I would be where I am today.

She helped me focus all that frustration and excess energy into brisk walks. They could be around the block or several blocks to make over a mile. Breathe in some fresh air, clear the cobwebs between the ears and get the blood pulsing through your body. She and I have been there for each other, grab coffee, talk through all those things that happen in life with spouses, children, and colleagues. Sure has made it healthier than grabbing a 10 minute smoke break a few times a day.

There have been many people to stand by me, support me, and encourage me along the way. I need to make sure and thank them all in some special way. It's been great that my Sis and Hubby quit a few weeks later. I've made some new friends with cycling and hoping to grow that list even more.

Anyone wanting to quit smoking should talk to their doctor about Chantix. There are side effects, some much more serious than others. I had tried everything and never could quit. Chantix helped me to create an opportunity to break into a healthy lifestyle.

I will spend less time talking about not smoking and more time about life, adventure, fitness and anything else that comes to mind. Hope it's not a huge bore. I'm not sure I'll have any more milestones to count, at least not about tobacco freeness. This one has given me the confidence to go for more goals.

20 January, 2008

Never get too comfortable - it's all gonna change again

That's the fun of it! This is the adventure of life.

Found out this week I get to move to a new place in the office, but no one can tell me exactly where, yet. I was asked my preferences, which was good. For this I am grateful. I requested a window and cubicle with tall walls. I could be put on any of 3.5 floors that our group occupies. As long as I have a place to call home in the tower I will be happy. I like the flexibility of working remotely, but wouldn't be good if it was 100% of the time.

The weather! It has been cold, it's winter time and it should be cold. But it is detrimental to my work-out agenda. I'm losing time to get my training for the 5K. Today's high got to 18F I think, wind-chill was bitter.

I'm still learning and increasing my vocabulary. Balaclava is something that keeps coming up when I read about cold weather fitness. It's on my list of items to purchase.

It's been a good weekend. I rode 50 minutes Saturday. Oldest daughter came by and spent some time visiting and doing laundry. Hubby fixed a big pot of cabbage, potatoes and kielbasa. YUM! We watched my Cardinals lose. :-(

Today, I simmered a pot of white chili (http://www.courier-journal.com/features/food/requests/recipes/timothys_white_chili.html). I've used this recipe for years, always with modifications. Remember to soak your dried beans overnight, this helps reduce gas and cook time. I get a little more generous with garlic. If you like it with more heat, increase the cayenne or better yet, have a jar of jalapenos handy.

I rode the trainer for an hour and a half today. I didn't use a workout. I decided to spin and just have some added Time In The Saddle. I ran through 3 gears with a warm-up and cool-down around 85RPM, cruised the rest of the time between 95 and 105. Watched New England win again during my ride! I love Tom Brady. Hubby rode yesterday and today during the times I was riding. He's said that he's sticking to 25 minutes easy minutes. My reward was a great big bowl of chili, with jack cheese, sour cream, salsa and tortilla chips. I treated myself to a Mountain Dew! (first one in a quite some time). After finishing off the last drops, I ran a tub full of hot water and sat with the jets on for 30 minutes. Guess I'm gonna spend the next little while watching Green Bay and New York.

Have you noticed the longer days? I know it's not much, but it is enough to be encouraging!

Tomorrow we'll see 42F, that's a heatwave! Plan on doing a run, gotta get one in! We have more cold days ahead. But change is always a day or two ahead. Keeps me on my toes!

16 January, 2008

Okay, I think it's gonna be a good thing

I got past the sinus crud. My cheekbones were still tender this morning and lots of pressure behind my eyes, but as the day wore on it got better and better. I think 1) not smoking 2) exercising regularly 3) taking vitamin C daily all contributed to this being an easy setback that would've been much worse anytime prior to July 07.

I took yesterday off, even though my legs were wanting to do something. Had another 6am call this morning. I thought it was going to be my last one at that hour, but then found out another regular call is being moved back for the next couple of months. :-) All in a days work, I reckon.

So, the forecast and weather.com said it was going to be 43F/45F late this afternoon. I took off about 4:30 and did workout #2 of week #3 for the 5K. Had my ears covered and dust mask on, but forgot to grab the gloves. It was okay, hands were only cool for the first few minutes. I wore the dust mask for first 10 minutes. I took it off for a few, put it back on for a few and finally it got on my nerves so bad I moved it aside for good. It's funny, I expected it to be hard to run since it's been several days. I won't say it was easy, 'cause it wasn't. But can't say it was hard.

I was reading some running tips online last night. This particular article talked about form and posture, running on the balls of your feet, trying to glide/fly across the ground and not pound the pavement. I remember that feeling (ancient history) of feeling light and gliding during a run. I tried to strike the ground fast and keep my feet moving. I also tried to keep my chest pushed forward and stay more on the balls of my feet. According to the article, this puts more energy into moving forward and not putting so much into the ground, just pounding vertically.

When I got back to the house, the front door was locked! I knew basement would be, so came in thru the garage. Oh my goodness, the heat in the house was suffocating! So, I go out back and do 5 reps up the steps to the deck and back down.

I hadn't been in the house 30 seconds and the phone rang. It was my sister. We haven't talked forever, most of our conversations are chatting online. :-) I was breathing hard and she asked if I had just run. I said, yes but it was good. I kept thinking out how hard I was breathing, but failed to mention that I had done those stairs, too. Oh well, no matter.

While I'm sitting here typing this and wishing I was doing better, the news comes on and I see the weather. The high is happening now and it's just 38F. Hmm, now I feel a little bit better about my run. I did it in the 30s, that's saying something! Last winter I would walk to the parking garage from work in mid 30s and need my inhaler. I did my workout and didn't wheeze. I did breathe hard! Part of that was from hitting the stairs, too. Part of it was coming into very warm air after such cold air. Okay, maybe I'm rationalising just a little bit. But by golly, Sherri is doing some good things.

Even more important, I know I can do this run stuff in the 30s. This is good, because the 10 day forecast doesn't look like we'll be out of the 30s unless it's down into the 20s. I want to keep this training going. I want to run this 5K!

Well, tomorrow is back to the bike for 60 minutes. I'm really hoping I can do the routine and maintain the RPMs, etc. I know I'm using different muscles when riding than running. But all of this is working my heart and lungs. That's where I need the real results.

I just wonder when/how I'm going to get this 5K training accomplished.

15 January, 2008

No! I hope this is just a very minor setback

Monday was good. Got up and out and on a call by 6am in the office. Home by 4, quick 20 minute power nap and 60 minutes on the bike.

I was looking forward to today and my first fitness lunch with my buddy. Instead I wake up with major sinus pain and headache. So much pressure I thought my face was going to explode. I sent her an email apologising for not being there. She was home sick with a nasty head cold! I'm starting to feel somewhat better now. but taking it easy, still have that "waiting in the wings" nagging behind my eyes. And my face hurts. Damned sinuses. What's even more odd, is my BFF is having issues and my sister's new friend isn't feeling well. Must be winter time in Da Ville.

I was chatting with a bud earlier, when I realised that I have only used my fast acting inhaler a couple of time when in distress since Thanksgiving. I've been using it prior to outdoor exercise in cooler temps.

My legs are talking to me, they want to workout. Think I might go for 30 on the trainer if the 'naggin' goes away. Otherwise, I should just do my yoga for a while. Stretching is always good. I was hoping to get back to my 5K workout today, even though the high was only 30F. Maybe it's all for the best. Tomorrow will be 41F, I know I can do my workout at that temperature.

13 January, 2008

Good weekend here

It's been a good weekend, all in all. Friday I find out that hubby has sold one of the houses! He is a home builder - and he's had two new homes on the market for several months now. I get in a nice hour workout on the bike. It's funny how some days it just clicks and other days it's pure drudgery.

Saturday I decided to run the 1st of week #3. It was in the low 40s and I couldn't find the dust masks anywhere! I finally decided to use a cloth headband instead. It was okay. I'm going to have to find some different sunglasses for running and riding. Maybe goggle types. If I have to cover my nose in cold air I need to overcome the fog factor for the glasses. The workout was a good one. I took 2 hits off of my albuterol about 15 minutes before I started. I wore the headband through my 5 minute warm up and another 6 - 8 minutes of the workout itself. I stopped using the headband and I was fine. I think giving my lungs 10 minutes to warm-up and acclimate definitely helps. Now to try this in colder temps. Looks like Mother Nature will oblige me with the opportunities this week!

My brother invited Hubby and me to watch the Lady Cardinals play basketball on Sat. What a game! They played UCONN who is undefeated, yes still. I don't know if there is a team that can beat them unless it's UT.

I rode indoors on the trainer today. It wasn't a great workout, mediocre is more like it. I just couldn't maintain the 100 RPM on the last 2 series of reps, I had more like 88-90. Think this one will be a do-over.

I'm excited about Tuesday. My riding buddy (what I'll call her for now) and I have decided to have set Tuesdays at lunch for run/walk sessions.

Oh yeah, I signed me and my BFF up for the 5K on March 1st. Now - to get there and do it!

10 January, 2008

Funny how you have good days and bad days

This happens in all aspects of life, whether it's work, family, friends, etc.

There have been several times I've ridden my bike or gone out for a run and been very disappointed with my performance. I hadn't ridden my bike since Monday. I was jonesin' to get back on it today, so I made a point to leave work by 4 ish. Well darn - there was a wreck and it took me 1:10 to get home. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but my Cards were playing at 7:00!

I get in and changed, do all the routine stuff you have to do when you get in and started some meat defrosting in the microwave for burrito dinners. I finally get on the bike about 5:45. I look at the workout and start. I was amazed at how good I felt during the warmup. I kept checking my trainer, where my gears were set, all was where it should've been. I was warming up at 95 + rpm! Up until now I've been doing good to warmup at 80-85. The workout was a good one and felt great the first 40+ minutes. Most of the workout was moving through gears at 100 rpm. I was doing most of it between 105 and 110 RPM. I was looking at the last part which was a 16T gear doing 45 off/15 on for 8 minutes. I kept telling myself, "you need to get dinner, just skip this part, it won't hurt anything, blah blah blah". I thought, nah I'll go ahead a do a couple of minutes then cool down. I did the full routine. It felt so good! Now, this is indoors not outside so it's a lot easier than outside.

Needless to say I was still cooking dinner during Tip-off. Hey, that's okay. I can watch and cook. My legs are still warm and tingly. I love this feeling! AND my Cards are up by 21 with 3:50 left in the game. Nice Thursday for Sherri.

Temps are dropping back to 40s and 30s for a while. I have to find a way to start week #3 of my 5k training! I'm hoping the dust mask will work for me this weekend. I really want to run this race come March. Where there's a will...

09 January, 2008

Gotta love those little goals...

Especially when you can mark them off and move on to the next! Today I completed workout #3 of week #2 for the Couch to 5K. Nice sunny day with a high around 50F. My nose kept running, so I breathed through my mouth too much. I'm starting to get a little nervous about week #3, it gets a little more difficult. But I'll stick with it as long as I can find days warm enough to get in the workout.

Went to yoga last night for the first session. I loved it! There were only 6 of us plus the instructor. It's a beginner's class. My muscles were so warm and loose by the end of the session which lasted about an hour 20 minutes. I surprised myself by being more flexible than I expected.

One of the girls at yoga is the one that rode with me on my first group ride and is the reason I bought a new bike. She told us last night that her new goal is to compete in the 2009 Louisville Iron Man Triathlon. That is so very cool! She's been through some stuff over the last few months and now she's on my inspriation list. I'm so very excited for her!

Wish I felt up to riding tonight, 'cause my Cards play basketball tomorrow night. Guess I'll just try to ride before work or as soon as I get home. Even though I ran today, I really want to feel that burn in my quads again soon!

A friend of mine that runs marathons finally made a doctor's appt. Their back has been bothering them for a few weeks now and I've been concerned. So happy they are going to get it checked out. I know how difficult it is right in the middle of training. They have been working to a race in April. I'm hoping it's no big deal!

07 January, 2008

I am blessed

I can't believe how lucky I am! My job affords me the flexibility to work remotely. They provide me with a laptop and a long distance calling card. My role is global in nature and I work with people around the world, so I am on calls at 9 pm with Asia or 6 am with India. (I try very hard not to work between midnight and 5am - I don't function well during those times.)

There is some construction happening on my floor in the office. It was loud and very dusty and dirty last week, so I worked from home on Friday. I chatted briefly with a colleague Friday and was told there were fumes like paint thinner throughout the floor. So happy I worked from home!

I had a late call with Asia last night that ended just past 10pm. I decided to work from home today, due to possible construction stuff, late night, and the fact that the temps pushed 70F today! I rode my bike during lunchtime - I was slow - only 8.2 miles in about 33 minutes. Guess I could blame the headwinds gusting to 25 mph, but won't. The tops of my thighs at the knees burned on those slight inclines. They keep telling me hills are great, geez I hope I find out one day soon! I'm too much a big chicken and outta shape still. I took this picture while riding today. Green grass in January, you just never know what to expect here.

This afternoon I wound up scheduling an hour call with Australia that lasted til 6, so I took off about 4:30 and put in workout #2 of week #2 for my Couch to 5K. Now, the low tomorrow morning is supposed to be 57F. I'm contemplating getting up and out for a run.

I love the feeling at the end of a ride or run. What a good feeling - to really sweat - and those muscles that start to ache, then tighten up and then warm up and feel really good. The low tomorrow morning is supposed to be 57F. I'm toying with getting up and going downtown early to wrap up

This sounds so stupid, 'cause I know what I'm doing is so minute [mi noot] in the grand scheme of working out and JFT. I just want to run 5K by March 1! If I can make that goal, then I'll set another one.

I think this could turn into an illness. Does that happen often?

Ya know what? It's a good kind of illness to have. I know my heart and lungs have taken decades of abuse. I know I could be pushing the limits of what they will take. I'm breathing, sweating, living, and loving it.

So happy I tried the Chantix and kicked the tobacco habit!

06 January, 2008

Great weekend for fitness

Well, it's been an interesting week for weather. It worked on getting a little warmer each day and rain. I've ridden the trainer all but one day this week until today. Temps got into mid 60s today, no rain, though it was damp and humid and overcast all day. I got out and and had a nice ride. Nothing spectacular as far as my fitness goes, right about an hour long or so.

Had one close call. I was approaching a sharp curve with a diesel doolie behind me and a car approaching. Damned country roads have no shoulders and in this particular spot the pavement was breaking up into a nice steep ditch. Everyone wound up getting around and past me, even though I had a nice slide into the ditch. Just some muddy shoes and tires to show for it. What cracks me up, is that this sharp curve is my turnaround spot. The road curves a hard 90 degree angle to the right and there are 3 gravel drives on the left. Once I stop, get a long drink and catch my breath I head back. I get just about even with where I slid into the ditch and something (maybe a poltergeist!) caused me to loose my balance and I fall, kerplunck, on my right side. No vehicles to be seen, except for the ones parked in driveways. I knock my saddle out of kilter and had to adjust it. Thank goodness I didn't mess up my sprocket or derailleur. And there were no witnesses to my fall, unless you count the cows in the field chewing their cud and looking my way.

I only averaged 84 rpm. Now I have something to try and best next time out. Wind was killer = gusts up to 25 mph. Oh well, nice day for a ride. Only thing that would've been better is if the sun had come out a bit. But then I would've gotten all hot and sweaty.

I finally got to the 1st workout of the 2nd week for 5K training. I lost a week. I took about an hour and a half break after my ride and then went out. I expected it to be really difficult, mostly since I've missed a full week of running. It wasn't bad at all! Even with the ride before hand.

It's almost 7:30 pm on January 6th and the outside temp is 63F. The low tomorrow morning is supposed to be 57, so I'm gonna try to get out and do workout #2 early. Hope I can get my butt outta bed!

I have a late call for work tonight :-( it's going to be a long month workwise. But you know, once I get this month behind me it should all be good. Optimism! Must be oxygen in my body's cell making me feel so good.

So thrilled I'm tobacco free.

02 January, 2008

Hello 2008

Well here we are and I can say that it's nice waking up to a New Year and not smelling like stale cigarettes and not having a stinking hang-over, because I smoked 2 packs of cigs in 4 hours of drinking.

We did manage to stay up past midnight. LOL You never know about us ole folks these days. New Year's Day was cold and blustery and it snowed. But the wind blew so much there was no snow to stick around anywhere. I rode my bike on the trainer for a full hour. Felt great when I finished.

Went back to work today. That was a good thing. I needed to get back to a routine. Put another 55 minutes on the trainer when I wrapped up my work. Next week will be better, harder, but better. This month is going to be crazy full of work stuff, too.

It was 11F this morning and the wind-chill was below zero! Never got past 20, I don't think. I hate it when it gets in the single digits. It stings and burns. Get this, it will be 68F on Monday. Nuts!

I'm thrilled 'cause now I can get my 5K workouts in over the weekend and should be able to next week as well. If it stays dry, maybe I can get back on the open road with the bike too.

I had lunch with one of my best girl friends today. We've hardly seen each other recently. She's been travelling like crazy all year with her job and took the last 3 weeks of the year for vacation. First thing she said to me was that I was skinny! I said, "Thank you for that". I'm not skinny, but compared to what I was in the summer I much slimmer. I love good friends that say sweet things.

I have a suspicion that 2008 is gonna be killer - in a tremendously good way. Now wouldn't that be just lovely?