27 January, 2008


is nothing more than good health and a bad memory." Albert Schweitzer

The sun shone today! I think we saw 46F on the thermometers. I spent the morning reviewing a couple of emails for work and then surfed a while. Hubby left for Florida to play golf with the boys for the week, so I am solo through Saturday. I spent sometime writing a couple of items, too.

Took off around lunch time, grabbed a pimiento cheese sandwich and banana and headed to the office. Was supposed to move to temp space tomorrow, so went in to purge and pack. Only got to purge as there were no boxes. Spoke to one of the guys in charge of moving and I found out that I might get away with one move instead of 2 - not holding my breath! At least now I get to work from home tomorrow and take a nice long ride outdoors tomorrow! YIPPEE it's those little silver linings that make life so much fun.

So I spend sometime doing some work and scheduling webcasts. Then about 3:30 or so I took off for a run. Run was good meaning that I felt good getting out there- I need to get a treadmill. I can't keep going 10 days between runs. I ran down to waterfront park, Did most of my workout around the great lawn and by the fountains. My running sucks big time. Just not getting relaxed with my breathing and it takes more energy than it should. I will still do the 5K, but doubt seriously I will be able to run the full distance. BFF will smile when I tell her, I think. So I called my oldest and invited her to have dinner with me. Then I hit the showers. We went to Cafe Mimosa. Pot-stickers and sushi for appetizers, Heather had Mongolian beef while I had the Lemongrass Shrimp with spring-rolls. We were in heaven! I let her take all the leftovers and dropped her at the apartment. Then headed to an empty house. It's not empty, I have Socks and Bastian to keep me company. My shins were tight and my right hamstring was starting to grab so I changed and put an easy 30 minutes on the trainer.

Guess I'll find out tomorrow if any of this trainer work is keeping me ready for outdoors. I am very excited. They are predicting a high of 58F. I get to ride in shorts! Hope to put in a good hour maybe 1.5 and go ahead and face my first hill. I'll take my cell and email somebody to let them know my intended route.

I already have the bad memory, now all I have to work on is the good health. Just workin on the fitness puts a smile on my face and keeps me happy.

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Sounds like all good stuff!