06 January, 2008

Great weekend for fitness

Well, it's been an interesting week for weather. It worked on getting a little warmer each day and rain. I've ridden the trainer all but one day this week until today. Temps got into mid 60s today, no rain, though it was damp and humid and overcast all day. I got out and and had a nice ride. Nothing spectacular as far as my fitness goes, right about an hour long or so.

Had one close call. I was approaching a sharp curve with a diesel doolie behind me and a car approaching. Damned country roads have no shoulders and in this particular spot the pavement was breaking up into a nice steep ditch. Everyone wound up getting around and past me, even though I had a nice slide into the ditch. Just some muddy shoes and tires to show for it. What cracks me up, is that this sharp curve is my turnaround spot. The road curves a hard 90 degree angle to the right and there are 3 gravel drives on the left. Once I stop, get a long drink and catch my breath I head back. I get just about even with where I slid into the ditch and something (maybe a poltergeist!) caused me to loose my balance and I fall, kerplunck, on my right side. No vehicles to be seen, except for the ones parked in driveways. I knock my saddle out of kilter and had to adjust it. Thank goodness I didn't mess up my sprocket or derailleur. And there were no witnesses to my fall, unless you count the cows in the field chewing their cud and looking my way.

I only averaged 84 rpm. Now I have something to try and best next time out. Wind was killer = gusts up to 25 mph. Oh well, nice day for a ride. Only thing that would've been better is if the sun had come out a bit. But then I would've gotten all hot and sweaty.

I finally got to the 1st workout of the 2nd week for 5K training. I lost a week. I took about an hour and a half break after my ride and then went out. I expected it to be really difficult, mostly since I've missed a full week of running. It wasn't bad at all! Even with the ride before hand.

It's almost 7:30 pm on January 6th and the outside temp is 63F. The low tomorrow morning is supposed to be 57, so I'm gonna try to get out and do workout #2 early. Hope I can get my butt outta bed!

I have a late call for work tonight :-( it's going to be a long month workwise. But you know, once I get this month behind me it should all be good. Optimism! Must be oxygen in my body's cell making me feel so good.

So thrilled I'm tobacco free.

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