15 January, 2008

No! I hope this is just a very minor setback

Monday was good. Got up and out and on a call by 6am in the office. Home by 4, quick 20 minute power nap and 60 minutes on the bike.

I was looking forward to today and my first fitness lunch with my buddy. Instead I wake up with major sinus pain and headache. So much pressure I thought my face was going to explode. I sent her an email apologising for not being there. She was home sick with a nasty head cold! I'm starting to feel somewhat better now. but taking it easy, still have that "waiting in the wings" nagging behind my eyes. And my face hurts. Damned sinuses. What's even more odd, is my BFF is having issues and my sister's new friend isn't feeling well. Must be winter time in Da Ville.

I was chatting with a bud earlier, when I realised that I have only used my fast acting inhaler a couple of time when in distress since Thanksgiving. I've been using it prior to outdoor exercise in cooler temps.

My legs are talking to me, they want to workout. Think I might go for 30 on the trainer if the 'naggin' goes away. Otherwise, I should just do my yoga for a while. Stretching is always good. I was hoping to get back to my 5K workout today, even though the high was only 30F. Maybe it's all for the best. Tomorrow will be 41F, I know I can do my workout at that temperature.

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