28 October, 2009

USGP weekend was a blast!

This continues from my prior post. Sunday morning was dry and cold. I got up early and fretted about how much to wear. Finally decided to ride the bike to RRCC, wore layers and carried shoes and jeans with me.

I arrived about 7:45 There seemed to be some concern over not enough volunteers. ML sent me with 2 others to Gates 2 and 3. They were already covered with some folks. Went to gate 4 and it was covered. So I headed back to #1, the Green Monster!. There were only 2 people there and 4 is optimum for crowd control.

Since the first race didn't go off until 8:30 I was lucky enough to view the entire morning of races from this spot. Rogue was well represented in the Mens Cat 4 and Cat 3 races as well as the Women's Cat 4 and 3 races. It was an exciting and fun morning. There were enough volunteers to show up mid-morning that I was able to retire my post by 11:30 and join the team at the team tent. The beer was flowing! We had such fun watching the top men and women race. We ran from one point to another to catch as much of the race as possible.

I'm very fortunate to be part of this team. Some race, some photograph and I cheer and ring the cowbell (at least this year).

Last night it raned out the last BBC ride of the year. I rode the trainer and got in a good sweat and nice spin. My right calf has had a knot in it since Friday night, following test riding those bikes. After standing all day Saturday and Sunday it was quite painful Sunday night and Monday. Maybe the trainer helped, it's not as bad as it was.

It's already Wednesday and memories are fading too quickly. Much work to be done before I leave the office tomorrow. It seems since I decided to take most Fridays off this month Mother Nature has decided those are the days for rainfall. No sour grapes. I'll find some other fun things to occupy my time.

Heading out for a night ride later. First one in a while. I've tried to recruit a few people to join in. We'll ride from Hogan's to Iroquois and back. Now to locate the headlight and make sure the batteries are good.


24 October, 2009

Long weekend

started Thursday evenin' with a movie, Race Across the Sky. A 100 mile mountain bike race in Colorado, which Lance Armstrong won this year 3 weeks after the Tour de France. It was a great time in very good company.

Friday, I slept in. Took a leisurely morning and then went for a massage session with Christine. This one was very, very good. She even commented on how far I've come since the broken bones. I left her feeling full of high vibrations and smiles. I made my way to the LBS and proceeded to test drive some bicycles. I had given forewarning to the mechanic (best wrench in town). He worked patiently with me, going through the inventory, locating sizes that should work for test rides. Eventually, I wound up riding 5 bikes. I didn't have proper shoes, so tested barefoot for too long. We improvised. The biggest lesson I learned is that I have expensive taste and need to start saving to get what I want.

Stayed up too late and hit the snooze too much this morning! But I got to the cross course by 8 and had a job assignment by the start of the first race. Rogue Racing Project had representation throughout much of the day! It was a dark, cool, wet morning and then the wind picked up. BUT that wind blew the clouds away about lunch time and the sun shone and warmed up the course and the winds dried the mud. Good times! Great racing and competition and comraderie, even between teams. We were all pulling for each other. Michael W just started racing and has been in top 5 in his Cat since the first. Brooke is racing for the first time and is in the top 50% each time out. Michael S achieved 29 out of 100 after taking time off following IMLOU in August.

This long weekend has seen many things in my personal family life, mother and daughers.

Tomorrow will start early! Another day of racing. Zack won't be racing as he crashed and was gashed in some way. Wound up with 20 stitches, but still finished the race. B2 will be racing. A team friend couldn't race today due to a chronic hamstring injury.

I'm looking forward to a third day off work, a lot of fun racing and friends and more sunshine!

peace out

16 October, 2009

Roller adventures - part 1

Oli has been kind and let me borrow her spare cx bike and most recently her rollers. Rollers are used for indoor workouts, much like trainers. However on a trainer your bike is fixed in place. The bike is free flowing on rollers. There are 3 cylinders which are 18" - 24" long. They are placed onto a frame, spaced so the rear wheel fits between two and the front wheel sits on top of a single cylinder.

So, I get these home and after work Thursday decide to give them a ride. Get on my gear, setup a kitchen chair to balance on, set the rollers in the hallway so I can have a hand on a wall. Trying to cover the bases 'cause I don't want anymore broken bones. I get on the bike, clip in one foot and just spin the rear wheel for 1/4 rotation. This was hard and the front wheel kept going to the left. I worried it would ride right off of the cylinder. After about 10 minutes, I gave up and setup the trainer for an hour workout.

Halfway through the trainer, I'm looking at the rollers in the hallway and I have this "light bulb" Good Grief Sherri Jane! I had the bike on the rollers backwards. The rear wheel was on the single cylinder and the front wheel was between the two. geez louise

So, at the end of my workout I put the bike back on the rollers the correct way and get on. So much better when your setup correctly! It's still not an easy thing to do. This is going to take me awhile to do without holding the wall or chair. Hope to try it again soon.

My energy level has dropped considerably these last two weeks. I've put on weight, and want to sleep and eat and not much else. I gotta get out of this funk! Off to Radio Shack to see if I can get what I need to hook up the TV, Cable box, Receiver and DVD so they will work along with the surround sound system. hmm another adventure!

13 October, 2009

Unusual times

so much change at times I feel I've gained such wealth; other times I grieve over losses.

My daughter was contacted by an old friend's niece on Facebook. Her uncle, my and my ex-husband's friend, is dying of cancer. I don't know details. Am supposed to get his contact info and will call him as soon as I do. This makes me sad.

I've lost a couple of friends lately, not to death or illness. I'm not 100%, but think it's been due to my stupidity, insensitivity, oblivious beyond my own nose.

11 October, 2009

Finally a week with some mileage

I need to go back to my FlightDeck and see if I can browse through the days as I've not updated my spreadsheet since before the crash. It has a huge hole of nothingness.

Struggling to remember when/what I rode this week. I'm thinking I did an abbreviated Sunday ride on the 4th (20ish) and then the recovery ride on Monday (12), nothing Tuesday. Then along came Wednesday with 50.7 over 3:30 ride time. Nothing Thursday or Friday, I could've squoze (is that right?) one in between the rain maybe.

Saturday was Tim's show and go ride for pancakes to the Chat N Nibble in Eminence, KY. 56 miles on a cool and overcast day. The sun did come out for the last 10 miles which was welcome and a nice way to wrap up the ride. Ride time was 3:15 and I am looking back with a smile. My front derailleur would not let me down shift to my small chain ring about 10-15 miles into the ride. I pulled a few rollers in my big ring and finally just stopped the bike. Manually put it in my small ring and restarted. Nice that Rick and Kelly stopped with me. We got to the restaurant after everyone else. Tim said we weren't too far behind. I was soaked with sweat and pulled off my arm warmers and vest and unzipped my jersey halfway. I had on a light base layer so was covered. I couldn't imagine having pancake sit on my belly for the 28 miles back, so opted for OJ and coffee with my trail mix of raisins, cranberries and walnuts.

Went to the Twinspires inaugural team party last night. Still not sure why I got the invite, but had a blast. Jon made some wicked chili and Sara made this vegetable salad with sweet potatoes and corn that was delish! YUMMY! I hadn't eaten much after the ride, just a banana and few crackers with peanut butter.

Today's ride was 22 miles. I got to Lexington with the front pack and was feeling fairly good. Then this guy, Charlie, winds up in front of me. He can't hold a line at all and is always passing on the right. I dropped back and took Spring. Didn't feel like doing all those traffic lights so I rode the balance solo. Wind on River Road kept changing direction. My legs were heavy from yesterday's ride. I'm really tired now. But it's a good tired.

Just waiting for B and M to call. Team mates needed a ride to Cincy so I lent them my car. They raced CX and did very well I understand. Good for them!!!

Going to make this peach cobbler tonight if I have to stay up late to do it. I've been talking about it since Thursday. :-)

09 October, 2009

Vacation Friday

slept in, it rained all night and I had closed the windows except for the most miniscule crack. The times I started to stir, I opened my ears and listened to the rain lull me back to sleep. Though this has been a lax, lazy day I did vacuum, mop, and pick up a bit along with looking at the finances again. I visited Christine, she does me good. Such a wonderful massage and spritual treatment. I am blessed to have her in my life. She came just at the right time. The moments before I met her I was at my wits end, overwhelmed with all I'd experienced so far this year. Though I broke some bones after meeting her, she helped me get on track and heal body and mind.

Back to my waking moments, I had this vision. I've had it before. Familiar sight that was full of sensuality and eroticism. At first I pushed this vision away. But it would return, as I vac'd or mopped. What do I do? I fear the vision is just a pipedream, a moment long lost now.

07 October, 2009

Vacation day!

What a beautiful day Mother Nature handed us! I set the alarm for 5:15 and had a nice leisurely morning until about 7:30 when I realised how late it was. I had to put the rack on the car, pack my gear, get dressed, load the bike and pack the car. Got my HR going by running up and down the stairs 4 times.

Arrive at the ride start about 8:45. First decision, how much and what to wear since the temp was 52 and windy. So glad I opted for arm and leg warmers with the wind vest and new LTP cap. We had about 15 show up for this ride. Great group of people, most I already knew. They kept saying we'd have a relaxed pace. So I laid in behind the front 4 or 5. I'm still trying to understand who's definition of "relaxed pace" we were going by. :-)

We travelled through countryside with the sun shining all around. Mallards and geese are migrating. Vultures were out in force. There were a few dogs, most behind fences. Early on someone said, "is that thunder?" I responded that it was Fort Knox soldiers on maneuvers, shooting their big guns.

It was a great 50 mile ride to Bernheim Forest with good people. We stopped for lunch at the Country Cupboard in Shepherdsville and had a nice home-cooked meal.

My butt muscles are tender and that feels great! My shoulders are tired and sore, but who cares after a day like today. When I got home, I was a whooped puppy. I laid my body down and took a nice nap. And after the nap I had a long hot bath. Boy I miss that whirlpool tub with jets.

My oldest and her hubby came to dinner. It was so nice to cook for someone again. Fresh brussel sprouts with butter sauce and steamed asparagus with raspberry vinagrette along with salmon. yum!

06 October, 2009

random things

sometime late last year (or early this year) I had a flat tire on my car. Put on the doughnut and went to get the flat fixed. They said the rim was cracked, but filled it with Fix-A-Flat. It was fine until Friday night. While going out with friends it went flat again.

So, Monday I call the salvage yards and find a wheel. Drive out to get it only to find out they are backed up and it would be today before they could have it pulled for me to pick up. So, let me tell you how much fun it is to drive 48 MPH on the interstate. NOT! At one point a semi was On My Bumper! what good did that do? There were 5 lanes to choose from and I was in the slow lane. gee whiz

Finally taking a vacation day tomorrow and Friday. There's a club ride to Bernheim Forest! Should be fun

05 October, 2009

Tour de Louisville

Yesterday was my first experience at watching a real cyclocross race. What adrenaline and effort, lung-busting someone called it. Plenty of my team mates were coughing for some time following their respective races.

Liz and I rode out to the venue. Early Sunday morning, we felt traffic would be acceptable and took Taylorsville Rd from one end all the way past Gene Snyder to New Hopewell. It was a refreshing 17 mile ride and relatively little trafffic. We arrived in plenty of time to see the first race at 10:30 and watched until about 2:00. Five Rogue women raced yesterday as did five Rogue men. Nice to see our team be so competitive! There was steep competition in all categories. We missed Oli's Women's 1/2/3 race unfortunately.

The ride back was made up of more back roads, some of which is part of the Old Kentucky Home Tour route back from Bardstown. Nice to have the Dan Henry's show us the way! Then we took a familiar club ride route from Tom Sawyer park to what we wanted to be River Road and points west. We did that eventually, after your's truly makes a right turn onto Wolf Pen Branch and adds several miles and a number of tough hills. OUCH! I apologized several times to Liz, so nice that she is good-natured and a seasoned cyclist. I'm still "getting my legs back", really more aerobic fitness. I won't complain much about the added miles and hills, as that was a good test. The main problem I had with the ride was the pack I carried on my back. Instead of wide backpac straps, it just has strings. I carried a second kit and pair of jeans and shoes out to the race. I carried my jacket, leggings, long-sleeved jersey, cap, gloves, etc on the way back. The return home was 32.5 miles.

My shoulder (with plate and screws) was getting more and more tender as I got closer and closer to home. This morning both arms, elbows, shoulders and neck muscles were talking to me. Longest mileage yet, 50 yesterday. I have so much work to do to get where I want to be!

There was a dinner party for the team and several friends of Rogue last evening. Delicious food, great company and tasty beerverages were in abundance!

It's time to take a hard look at the budget and see if I can find funds for a coach. If funds aren't there I'll have to get creative in getting and keeping my motivation. Looking at goals for next year. 1) get past my fear of going downhill fast 2) participate and finish in as many of the Spring Series as is practical 3) Improve my performance at Master's Natz over 2009. If I don't get #1, might as well forget 2 and 3.