24 October, 2009

Long weekend

started Thursday evenin' with a movie, Race Across the Sky. A 100 mile mountain bike race in Colorado, which Lance Armstrong won this year 3 weeks after the Tour de France. It was a great time in very good company.

Friday, I slept in. Took a leisurely morning and then went for a massage session with Christine. This one was very, very good. She even commented on how far I've come since the broken bones. I left her feeling full of high vibrations and smiles. I made my way to the LBS and proceeded to test drive some bicycles. I had given forewarning to the mechanic (best wrench in town). He worked patiently with me, going through the inventory, locating sizes that should work for test rides. Eventually, I wound up riding 5 bikes. I didn't have proper shoes, so tested barefoot for too long. We improvised. The biggest lesson I learned is that I have expensive taste and need to start saving to get what I want.

Stayed up too late and hit the snooze too much this morning! But I got to the cross course by 8 and had a job assignment by the start of the first race. Rogue Racing Project had representation throughout much of the day! It was a dark, cool, wet morning and then the wind picked up. BUT that wind blew the clouds away about lunch time and the sun shone and warmed up the course and the winds dried the mud. Good times! Great racing and competition and comraderie, even between teams. We were all pulling for each other. Michael W just started racing and has been in top 5 in his Cat since the first. Brooke is racing for the first time and is in the top 50% each time out. Michael S achieved 29 out of 100 after taking time off following IMLOU in August.

This long weekend has seen many things in my personal family life, mother and daughers.

Tomorrow will start early! Another day of racing. Zack won't be racing as he crashed and was gashed in some way. Wound up with 20 stitches, but still finished the race. B2 will be racing. A team friend couldn't race today due to a chronic hamstring injury.

I'm looking forward to a third day off work, a lot of fun racing and friends and more sunshine!

peace out

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