28 October, 2009

USGP weekend was a blast!

This continues from my prior post. Sunday morning was dry and cold. I got up early and fretted about how much to wear. Finally decided to ride the bike to RRCC, wore layers and carried shoes and jeans with me.

I arrived about 7:45 There seemed to be some concern over not enough volunteers. ML sent me with 2 others to Gates 2 and 3. They were already covered with some folks. Went to gate 4 and it was covered. So I headed back to #1, the Green Monster!. There were only 2 people there and 4 is optimum for crowd control.

Since the first race didn't go off until 8:30 I was lucky enough to view the entire morning of races from this spot. Rogue was well represented in the Mens Cat 4 and Cat 3 races as well as the Women's Cat 4 and 3 races. It was an exciting and fun morning. There were enough volunteers to show up mid-morning that I was able to retire my post by 11:30 and join the team at the team tent. The beer was flowing! We had such fun watching the top men and women race. We ran from one point to another to catch as much of the race as possible.

I'm very fortunate to be part of this team. Some race, some photograph and I cheer and ring the cowbell (at least this year).

Last night it raned out the last BBC ride of the year. I rode the trainer and got in a good sweat and nice spin. My right calf has had a knot in it since Friday night, following test riding those bikes. After standing all day Saturday and Sunday it was quite painful Sunday night and Monday. Maybe the trainer helped, it's not as bad as it was.

It's already Wednesday and memories are fading too quickly. Much work to be done before I leave the office tomorrow. It seems since I decided to take most Fridays off this month Mother Nature has decided those are the days for rainfall. No sour grapes. I'll find some other fun things to occupy my time.

Heading out for a night ride later. First one in a while. I've tried to recruit a few people to join in. We'll ride from Hogan's to Iroquois and back. Now to locate the headlight and make sure the batteries are good.


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