06 October, 2009

random things

sometime late last year (or early this year) I had a flat tire on my car. Put on the doughnut and went to get the flat fixed. They said the rim was cracked, but filled it with Fix-A-Flat. It was fine until Friday night. While going out with friends it went flat again.

So, Monday I call the salvage yards and find a wheel. Drive out to get it only to find out they are backed up and it would be today before they could have it pulled for me to pick up. So, let me tell you how much fun it is to drive 48 MPH on the interstate. NOT! At one point a semi was On My Bumper! what good did that do? There were 5 lanes to choose from and I was in the slow lane. gee whiz

Finally taking a vacation day tomorrow and Friday. There's a club ride to Bernheim Forest! Should be fun

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