09 October, 2009

Vacation Friday

slept in, it rained all night and I had closed the windows except for the most miniscule crack. The times I started to stir, I opened my ears and listened to the rain lull me back to sleep. Though this has been a lax, lazy day I did vacuum, mop, and pick up a bit along with looking at the finances again. I visited Christine, she does me good. Such a wonderful massage and spritual treatment. I am blessed to have her in my life. She came just at the right time. The moments before I met her I was at my wits end, overwhelmed with all I'd experienced so far this year. Though I broke some bones after meeting her, she helped me get on track and heal body and mind.

Back to my waking moments, I had this vision. I've had it before. Familiar sight that was full of sensuality and eroticism. At first I pushed this vision away. But it would return, as I vac'd or mopped. What do I do? I fear the vision is just a pipedream, a moment long lost now.

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