25 March, 2008

Girls ride

A friend sent me an email late Sunday evening from a yahoogroup. Ok, first I thought it was odd because he sent this from PurpleRides, group about women cycling. I'm still not sure why he joined this group, but I have to say that I'm glad he did and that he shared the information with me.

A younger cyclist has put together a ride for Monday evenings for women. She's planning to group people based on ability and interest/goals. About a dozen women showed for the "Meet and greet". Not everyone brought their bikes with them and so we only had about 8 that rode. We did a couple of small loops around the soccer fields and tennis courts, then rode 2 loops around Seneca and Cherokee parks. It was a lot of fun getting to know some new women that enjoy riding. I need to learn to ride with groups. Having spent most of my riding by myself it is nice to have someone to talk and ride with. Niki complimented me on not being too shy to get close to other cyclists. She said that we should be comfortable enough to place our hand on another's shoulder, arms stretched. Yeah, I like my hands on the bars still, but have no problem nudging in behind or riding in two's.

I think the most difficult part for me was riding the hills while starting behind others. Maybe I've developed bad habits, or just have a different way and need to learn a new method. I prefer to get a nice cadence going in a good gear before hitting the hill. It's easier for me to maintain a good cadence in this way. If I start out slow, I just go that much slower the further up the hill I go, making it more and more difficult to get to the crest. A lot of this is stamina and maybe I need to do some weight training for my legs.

We finished the first lap around both parks and decided to continue on and do a second. The temps were in the low 40s and I started out worrying about the cool weather. But standing outside waiting for everyone meet and then chatting for a short while, I think this helped my lungs acclimate to the cooler temps. My lungs had no wheezing issues during the ride. This is not to say that I didn't have times where I was breathing fairly heavily. I was! especially on those hills. I pulled another DUH Sherri. We were coming up to a stop sign and I only unclipped one shoe. Lost my balance and went Kerplunk on my left side. Buggered my knee up very nicely. :-) Oh well, I'm sure this will be very small compared to other injuries I manage to have in the future.

Next week plans are to ride to Iroquois from Cycler's Cafe. Should be about 2 hours worth of riding, What better way to spend a Monday evening?

21 March, 2008

Spring has sprung

What a beautiful day. So why do I sabotage them so often? I managed to begin this day in a terrible mood. I think I've managed to alienate my BFF. Yep, pretty sure about that.

I am sick and tired of the change of life, of hormone surges and more importantly, the fact that I can't seem to just let things go and control myself from making regretful responses. You know, if you smoke they won't put you on hormone replacement. If you don't but did for as long as I did, same thing. One more reason not to smoke! I've been experiencing plenty of symptoms for a year and a half or more. I've had my monthly periods last a month, skip 2 months, be so erratic I wasn't sure when they'd come, if they would and if they'd stop. I tried a soy supplement that helped the night sweats, but then it seemed to make my periods more erratic. Maybe I should try it again. Hmm

So today started out with major woman issues. Decided to sleep in a couple of hours and work from home. Finally got through the last of my UAT for a system and think I'm ready to start importing data!

The sun rose shining as bright as could be. By noon the temps were already nice and comfy in the open, but still a little cool in the shade. I took a late, long lunch so I could ride for a while.

I rode 3 miles down Dawson Hill and back for a warm up and then took Routte Rd. It was so nice I road all the way to Floyd's Fork Park. From my house to Floyd's Fork Park is 9.5 miles. I had a nice long ride on the bike, longest to date.

Think I mentioned road kill is much more interesting when you're on a bike. Well, in the spring it becomes more abundant, too. The skunks have a nice strong smell that have a nice large geographical area they encompass. I saw a dead hawk. It was almost as long as my arm. I pedalled past several other small animals on this trip. The park is nice and they are putting up building for meeting rooms and other amenities.

When I got to the park I heard the frogs. They were singing and singing. The Fork wasn't as deep as I expected, but then it's all in the Ohio River and places south by now. While riding along Routte Rd, the water was flowing at a nice clip. Several places were turned into white water and small water falls. There were Mallards sitting on the bank of the pond in my subdivision sunning themselves. I love Springtime!

16 March, 2008

Life sure does have it's highs and lows

Interesting how it twists and turns. Like a roller coaster with it's ups and downs or the tide with it's ebb and flow. It's all constant change. We can try to plan, but there's always a surprise or two just around the bend.

Put in 2 hours on the bike last Saturday, knowing it was going to be difficult to get in enough training time on the road. I messed up my Advair prescription and let it run out. Only time I've done that in over 5 years. My last dose was Saturday morning, and didn't have another til Tuesday night. I was thrilled that it was delivered on Tuesday. I had no issues the entire time I was in San Antonio with my asthma. In fact, my lungs were more clear while there than normal. It was when I crossed the Mississippi River on the way home that I noticed a difference. When we landed in Birmingham, I realised that I was getting some raspiness in my chest.

In addition to the chest crud, I was starting to feel squeezed with projects and requests. Stress has come and gone over the last weeks and months, but Wednesday and Thursday I felt it more than normal. Then, on Friday a situation that I thought was going sour turned out in the best of ways.

I managed to run or ride Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Was supposed to do the 10 K on Sat. My chest was still too raspy and I was too tired and worn out from the week of travel and stress. I slept in on Saturday til almost 8. Once I got coffee I turned on the TV. The local news was on and showing the 10K. I've annoyed with myself ever since, but I know I made the right decision.

Saturday was an odd one. My youngest came and we talked about her wedding, which is April 2009. Now we have 2 weddings! Sis in June and my daughter next Spring! Before she arrived at the house, Hubby and I talked a bit. It's been a long winter for him, with no work and he's battled with depression. I'm not sure what I can do to help him. I think it's up to him to find a way to pull out of this. He told me that he started smoking again a couple of weeks back. I knew he had, but ignored the signs.

I had such a feeling of panic when I heard him say the words. Because the first thought was, "he has cigarettes and I can smoke one". NO! NO! NO! Can't do that! Not ever again. I emailed someone close about it. They told me they had fallen off the wagon a few weeks ago, too and didn't want to tell me. It sort of makes me sad to think they wouldn't say anything. But then I remember the feeling of shame when I wasn't successful in quitting so many times. I've had fewer and fewer thoughts of smoking. However, I still make a daily choice.

Now, what I need to do is start putting together a strict regimen for fitness. The weather is improving. I need to get my arse to the HS track and start building a nice base. Then maybe by mid-April I will be running the neighborhood hills with more ease. Time is getting past me too fast now. I have a few areas to tone and a miles to put behind me both running and riding before my birthday gets here.

Take the bad with the good and hope the good is always bigger and better!

11 March, 2008

Nice trip, happy to be home

It was a good trip. Just had delays getting home, which is frustrating. Had a very easy time getting to San Antonio on Sunday. We had 12 inches on snow on Friday. This ruined my plans for a get together (dinner) with my Sis and her fiance, my Bro and his daughters, my daughters and their significant others and Amber's fiance's daughter. When we drove to the airport on Sunday morning at 5 am, all roads were clear. Even our subdivision! This doesn't even qualify as a secondary road in my opinion.

I flew Southwest to save money. They have improved their queuing, though most of my friends and colleagues still don't like flying with them. I find their Flight attendants and staff to be very friendly and humorous, more so than many of their competitors. On one leg, the safety instructions were written the in the form of poetry! I find that refreshing. A little humour and plenty of pleasantries with Southwest.

The meetings were good. I learned a lot and listened to plenty of clients. Was cool weather and rainy on Sunday night and Monday. It cleared up just in time for dinner. Tuesday was beautiful but cooler than i expected. I spent too long getting home, but that's a fact of life these days. Best to sit back, relax and find some way to let the time pass. I cleaned out my Inbox and Sent items, that chore was well over due.

04 March, 2008

Sorry, but this topics is all about boobs

There is this fact I've always been aware of. Girls who have bigger boobs seem to be popular with guys, at least early on.

I've had conversations with female friends. Seems if you have them, it's nice but there are drawbacks. If you don't have them you don't understand drawbacks. Not that all women with big boobs want reductions or women with smaller ones want implants.

I've had them since I was 12. I'm starting to remember how much they annoyed me by the time I was 14. I ran track. It is a huge detriment to have big bouncy boobs and try to run. Thank goodness for the latest in sports bras. They make them that bind you. They are wonderful!

Now, I am a vain person. I've thought about breast reduction. Nah, can't stand the thought of surgery that isn't necessary. Don't want to stop training to heal!

So, it was a random tangent :-)

02 March, 2008

What weather and a great weekend!

It took it's time getting here today. We had rain that wasn't in the forecast. It was 2:00 pm before the temps reached high 50s. Late afternoon was wonderful for a ride on the bike in the open road.

Now, my legs were/are still screaming at me after running 5K yesterday. To be more specific, my quadriceps are sore as hell. Left leg is sore more around the outer sides of the quads, while the right leg is more front and center. No shin splints and just a teeny bit of soreness in my calves. I think all this time on the trainer paid off somewhat, even though riding and running use different muscle sets.

My ride was good, though slower than I'd like. That will be better soon, you can count on it! Once I got about 35 minutes into the ride my legs must've warmed up as they stopped bothering me. I was able to put down ~15 miles in about 55 minutes.

Once I got back to the house and the bike put back in the trainer, I got a chill and curled up in the afghan for a bit. Wrong thing to do! I should've gotten in a nice hot tub of water instead. Now my quads are tender again, though it feels good for some pain. I just run faster up the stairs!

I just went outside, it's 8:30 pm and it is 65F on 2 March 2008. Wacky, crazy weather here in da Ville. Maybe I'll get my ass out of bed and run in the morning before leaving for work. Have to admit this was a good weekend.

01 March, 2008

One goal achieved - now to set more!

This morning was the Anthem 5K. The first in a series of 3 races in Louisville, KY labelled the Triple Crown of Running. There is a 10K in 2 weeks and a 10 miler in 4 weeks. Today's race began at 8:30 and the temps were ~35F. My BFF was a great partner, she encouraged me throughout the race and kept asking how I was doing. I know that I held her back. She kept telling me, leading up to today, that she would be happy to walk, she wasn't that thrilled at the thought of running the race. I know that was all for my benefit, because once we got started I could tell that she was chomping at the bit to run ahead. She may not admit it, but she is competitive. I made it thru the first mile before walking. I walked much less than I thought possible, but still more than I would've like. Our electronic chip time was 36:29 which works out to an 11:34 minute mile. The winning woman ran it in 16:48 and the winning man's time was 14:19. A friend that is a long-time runner asked why we ran two laps! :-) ha ha funny funny - but that's okay, 'cause I expect a nudge and a push from my competitive friends.

Now I know a couple of things: I can set out to do physical things that I've never done before (or at least not in 3 decades) and achieve them; I have a fantastic best friend; even though I've entered into a new phase of my life, I am still viable. I also know that I can run faster than today. I know with the proper amount of training I should be able to break a 10 minute mile, but first I need to break 11. Small goals lead to bigger ones.

The weather forecast for Sunday is 67F and beautiful. I'll be getting out on my bike and putting some miles and hills behind me. I hope my legs don't let me down!

I'm so glad I quit smoking cigarettes and can get out and have fun with 7,000 other people (closer to 8,000 for the race). Now I have to find some more events to enter. Still thinking about the duathlon in June. Definitely will be joining on some rides by mid month.