04 March, 2008

Sorry, but this topics is all about boobs

There is this fact I've always been aware of. Girls who have bigger boobs seem to be popular with guys, at least early on.

I've had conversations with female friends. Seems if you have them, it's nice but there are drawbacks. If you don't have them you don't understand drawbacks. Not that all women with big boobs want reductions or women with smaller ones want implants.

I've had them since I was 12. I'm starting to remember how much they annoyed me by the time I was 14. I ran track. It is a huge detriment to have big bouncy boobs and try to run. Thank goodness for the latest in sports bras. They make them that bind you. They are wonderful!

Now, I am a vain person. I've thought about breast reduction. Nah, can't stand the thought of surgery that isn't necessary. Don't want to stop training to heal!

So, it was a random tangent :-)

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maggie's mind said...

For so long I wasn't content, and now I think I've got it pretty good. Small isn't always bad ;)