02 March, 2008

What weather and a great weekend!

It took it's time getting here today. We had rain that wasn't in the forecast. It was 2:00 pm before the temps reached high 50s. Late afternoon was wonderful for a ride on the bike in the open road.

Now, my legs were/are still screaming at me after running 5K yesterday. To be more specific, my quadriceps are sore as hell. Left leg is sore more around the outer sides of the quads, while the right leg is more front and center. No shin splints and just a teeny bit of soreness in my calves. I think all this time on the trainer paid off somewhat, even though riding and running use different muscle sets.

My ride was good, though slower than I'd like. That will be better soon, you can count on it! Once I got about 35 minutes into the ride my legs must've warmed up as they stopped bothering me. I was able to put down ~15 miles in about 55 minutes.

Once I got back to the house and the bike put back in the trainer, I got a chill and curled up in the afghan for a bit. Wrong thing to do! I should've gotten in a nice hot tub of water instead. Now my quads are tender again, though it feels good for some pain. I just run faster up the stairs!

I just went outside, it's 8:30 pm and it is 65F on 2 March 2008. Wacky, crazy weather here in da Ville. Maybe I'll get my ass out of bed and run in the morning before leaving for work. Have to admit this was a good weekend.


cycledork said...

Congrats on your 5k. I look forward to learning what the next goal is. I've got a 10k coming next month so it's nice to know the running hurt but didn't kill you. About your ladders (two posts down): at what cadence did you those? Or were you trying to stay in a particular heart rate zone?

Sherri said...

Thanks, I have a long way in the improvement area. It's good to suffer, which is a mantra of a friend of mine. Give me some time to define the next goal. As far as the cadence goes, Coach Troy would provide guidelines for each gear. The easier gears would be much higher cadence. Ladder with 4 steps would be 105RPM or more, 95, 85, 75 (this is Big ring/12). I pushed very hard to try and maintain those, but having just spent 10 days with this flu bug had considerable difficulty on the 2nd rep.
Don't have a heart rate monitor, so do not have that info. Might need to be an investment, that and a new saddle with cutouts.