21 March, 2008

Spring has sprung

What a beautiful day. So why do I sabotage them so often? I managed to begin this day in a terrible mood. I think I've managed to alienate my BFF. Yep, pretty sure about that.

I am sick and tired of the change of life, of hormone surges and more importantly, the fact that I can't seem to just let things go and control myself from making regretful responses. You know, if you smoke they won't put you on hormone replacement. If you don't but did for as long as I did, same thing. One more reason not to smoke! I've been experiencing plenty of symptoms for a year and a half or more. I've had my monthly periods last a month, skip 2 months, be so erratic I wasn't sure when they'd come, if they would and if they'd stop. I tried a soy supplement that helped the night sweats, but then it seemed to make my periods more erratic. Maybe I should try it again. Hmm

So today started out with major woman issues. Decided to sleep in a couple of hours and work from home. Finally got through the last of my UAT for a system and think I'm ready to start importing data!

The sun rose shining as bright as could be. By noon the temps were already nice and comfy in the open, but still a little cool in the shade. I took a late, long lunch so I could ride for a while.

I rode 3 miles down Dawson Hill and back for a warm up and then took Routte Rd. It was so nice I road all the way to Floyd's Fork Park. From my house to Floyd's Fork Park is 9.5 miles. I had a nice long ride on the bike, longest to date.

Think I mentioned road kill is much more interesting when you're on a bike. Well, in the spring it becomes more abundant, too. The skunks have a nice strong smell that have a nice large geographical area they encompass. I saw a dead hawk. It was almost as long as my arm. I pedalled past several other small animals on this trip. The park is nice and they are putting up building for meeting rooms and other amenities.

When I got to the park I heard the frogs. They were singing and singing. The Fork wasn't as deep as I expected, but then it's all in the Ohio River and places south by now. While riding along Routte Rd, the water was flowing at a nice clip. Several places were turned into white water and small water falls. There were Mallards sitting on the bank of the pond in my subdivision sunning themselves. I love Springtime!

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