29 August, 2008

Learn something new everyday!

A cycling buddy pointed out a slice in my rear tire on Wednesday night. So, today I decide I should "boot it". Place something inside the tire between the wall and the tube. The tire was flat when I pulled it off the bike. So I changed the tube while I booted the slice. I finally got it back and and aired up. While I was getting ready to put it back on the bike, the tube popped! It was my last one. So I load up and drive to the LBS. While there I check on a new tire. The kid tries to sell me something heavier. I don't want heavier, I want the same kind of tire I had. He has a tire that is very close so I buy it and 3 more tubes. Now the last tubes wound up with a shorter stem so I asked if I could get the longer stem. When I get to the ride and start putting the tire and tube on I realise the tubes are very different from the last ones I bought. It took some effort, but I got the tire and tube on and aired up. Then the sub RC shows up and I tell him about my fun so far. He looks at my tire and tells me it's on backwards. I did not know you could put one on backwards. But the tread is in the wrong direction! Then we look at the front wheel and it's on backwards, too. I guess the mechanic was never told that either as he put that one on the front wheel.

The ride is the weekend tune-up, 12 miles. Felt good tonight, even if it was short. 35 in the morning, not sure about tomorrow night. Not sure about the rest of the weekend actually. I'll take it hour by hour. Try to savor this holiday.

27 August, 2008

Oh dear, the days are getting shorter

I've noticed it's dark later and later in the mornings. The last two nights we've had dark cloud cover which makes it darker earlier than if we had clear skies. I hate short days! All I want to do is sleep and eat.

So far I've ridden every day. Monday recovery ride, Tuesday D and I did Burdorf's but cut out downtown. I stayed in my aero bars most of River Road. She pulled the entire way. I have to push through that damned wall I keep hitting about mile 12. Tonight was good, but the ride is listed at 25 and might actually measure a little longer. We got to the ballpark and I kept thinking how low the light would be when I got back. So, I cut it short by 6 miles. Got in 20. I need to do interval work. Trying to decide if I want to do the fruit ride tomorrow or just go to the park and do intervals and a few loops instead.

Long weekend and I need to plan my rides. Louisville is sponsoring an Iron Man on Sunday, so most rides will be altered if not cancelled.

These last 2 days have been cool - right around 80 or so. Going to heat back up tomorrow and Friday. I can feel Autumn coming. You can almost smell it. The birds are starting to move, too. and another season changes to the next.

Oh yeah, at lunch today a colleague made a comment. She told me how my butt is smaller than ever. (Not her exact words). That was so very nice, to hear from a woman. Well, not that a man I work with would tell me that. Anyway, it's nice to hear that people notice things like that. I can only say that muscle is much more compact than fat,

24 August, 2008

Last week of August ahead

Last week was okay for training. Wednesday we went out Hwy 148 to practice time trial. Nice flat piece of road, found a good turn around point at 3 or so miles. The first time out D said to maintain 20 mph. I grabbed her wheel and was working with the aero bars, but they get moving up and down. That's no good! I started going slower and slower and could not stay with her. Then my right thigh started talking to me and cramping up. Keep pedaling I told myself. Made it to the subdivision where she was and then went uphill (fun). I thought I was going to cry! We started back and both realised why it had been so hard. The road has the slightest of inclines in that direction. Heading back it was a piece of cake to do 20 mph, almost coasting!

Had a retirement party after work on Thursday and then took Friday off too. Not again. I just can't ride after 2 days off the bike. Sat morning I did the 35 slow and easy ride. Started out with Murph leading and me beside. There was a 10K going on that had streets closed. Thank goodness they let cyclists through the road blocks. Made it all the way to Shawnee and got dropped in the park. My thighs felt like lead. About StJames court I gained my second wind and caught up to Murph, who had also gotten dropped. This happened about 4 times, feeling good then miserable. I took Iroquois hill and was over 10 MPH all the way up, which is slow but faster than anytime previous. I added miles to the front and back due to parking away from ride start. Wound up with 35 miles this tme. The high temp of the day was 96F, I'm sure it was in the high 80s by the time my ride ended about 11:30 am or so.

Today was Hot Hazy and Humid, 90+ and 70% humidity. Had a flat tire before leaving the house, so I was soaking wet before driving to the ride start. I did arrive early enough to ride to Seneca around the tennis courts and back to Heine Bros, about 3.5 miles extra. Glad I did that warm up. Rode out with the front group and was feeling good in the park until that first stop sign. Everyone but one made it through. One guy and I stopped as there was traffic turning and it was their turn at the stop. I worked hard to catch up, but just couldn't get it going. Finally caught up to everyone at Lexington and Grinstead, but was dropped before Spring. Traffic signals caught me and I rode with 3 others through downtown. What is it with a headwind that follows you no matter what direction you are heading? geez I just keep thanking Mother Nature for the added breeze.

Tomorrow we'll do some work in the park before the recovery ride and then recover. ;-) maybe Planning on riding each day this week weather pending. That and getting my spoke replaced.

I want to give a shout out to MzDiva. She's one of my blogging, Chantix, quit smoking girlfriends. She has done a terrific job with not smoking. She's now changing her diet, to several smaller, smarter meals each day and on an exercise regimen. She's running! I'm so very proud of her accomplishments. Check out her blog, there's a link on my main page.

19 August, 2008


She said Monday and Tuesday were recovery nights. Monday was definitely recovery. We skipped the hills in Cherokee and did additional loops instead. Felt great spinning out the tightness in my thighs and calves. Wound up with around 17 or so miles.

Tonight was going to be recovery. We started with the group at Burdorf''s, but instead of going downtown and hitting all the traffic lights, we took Spring. We got up to 23mph or so and I was feeling good. Then we get to River Road and D says we're taking turns pulling, 1 mile each. Had a bit a of a head wind (I'm not sure why, but there's almost always a headwind on River Rd). D said to maintain 20 mph. Man, I did for a bit, but by the second pull I was more like 17 or 18. She coached me the whole way. Keep your head up, that's right exhale, blow out that carbon dioxide. and so on and so forth.

Working out the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles and pushing through that ache is what is takes. Sometimes it just feels like I'm dying, but you have to push through it. She told me tonight that I'll be riding with the fast boys by the time she's done with me.

Update on another topic. Hubby was released by the surgeon last week. By end of the week he had already bought a pack of cigarettes and is smoking again. I'm just so disappointed. But I can't smoke. I won't. Not now. Too much fun riding, getting stronger. And now I might get to catch up to those fast boys on bikes.

17 August, 2008

Great weekend of riding

I'm very lucky that I've met D and she's willing to spend time and coach me along. We've done hill repeats last Thursday and this Tuesday and Thursday. 6-7 times up Indian hills - Arrowhead - etc. That helpe prep me for this weekend. We rode 28.5 and 23.5 miles yesterday.

The morning started out very cool at 8 am and I worried the first 30 minutes as it was taking longer than normal for my legs to warm up. By 45 minutes in, I was warm. ;-) It never got past 85 I think for the evening ride. Hills on both rides! Challenging, but I felt great climbing even though I'm no where near the speed I'd like. I was a little tender last night before bed, but this morning felt great.

We rode 24.5 and 21.5 miles today. This morning was cool again, about 62, felt so refreshing. We had to detour as River Road was closed past Zorn and we couldn't get through back streets either. So instead we took Mockingbird and around. Wasn't happy about my climb up Hogan's hill in Cherokee. Lots of people out, walkers, strollers, skateboards and cars. This afternoon I started out very strong and was feeling like I could ride hard. I slowed a bit on Spring and bounced back in a paceline. But once I got to Zorn, I was slowing to 18, the 17 and think I got to 16 at one point. I have this catch/pain in my right hip. D says to move on the saddle where I'm sitting on the hip to make the other leg work harder. It could be that I'm depending too much on my right leg.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be recovery rides. The start workouts for the Time Trials. Think we've found a nice flat road about 6 miles or so and little traffic. I'm crossing my fingers!

My oldest daughter came out on Wednesday and visited for several hours. It was so nice. It had been 2 months since I laid eyes on her. Youngest is on her way out. We plan on grilling and spending some time. Life is very good!

12 August, 2008

Training for next month

Yesterday was the first true recovery ride I've done. Met Dixie and the club guys at the church. Monday night recovery route was going to do 2 loops through the park, which meant Dog Hill and Hogan's Hill twice. Dixie said we need to skip the hills and just ride so that's what we did. We rode with the club until the first ascent and turned around. We rode 19 mile, which is 7 miles further than the club ride, but took it easy. Felt great after and through the night.

We met today at Thurman Hutchins park like last week. She put her aero bars on her bike and adjusted mine. We rode down River Road to Indian Hills. Turned onto Country Club road and went all the way to the top. I worried that someone was going to chase us off the property. They have signs posted everywhere, no trepassing, no joggers, cyclists, etc. The few we saw were cool and waved at us. :-) We rode back down and did Indian HIlls three times. Then we took Arrowhead to the right, next we took Arrowhead to the left - this had some grade. Finished with Indian hills one last time. I can feel that I'm getting stronger. It's still tough stuff.

Dixie was great. Telling me to relax, work on breathing easy, keep my heart from burning up too fast. She gave me several tips. Talked about the road race and things to expect. Practice starting from a slow pace, not too slow to have to unclip, Stand and get to a speed I'm ready to ride at and then sit. Make sure my gearing is right. So much more, but I can't give away everything. ;-)

I need to spin in the trainer tomorrow, even though I'm "off". I have to get used to the aero bars, find a comfort zone.

Thursday will be more hill repeats. Friday is off night. Saturday and Sunday will see 2 rides each days. Saturday will be hillly rides. All weekend rides will be 30 miles or less. I need to gauge being in the saddle, like I will be on race day, throughout the day. Need to make sure I understand what nutrition works as well as hydration. I'm wondering about down time and then warm up time. I'm sure it will all come together.

Full moon is approaching. Wonder what crazy things will happen?

Post script: I had an almost overwhelming urge to smoke a cigarette today. Took a walk around the builiding. It worked.

11 August, 2008

A week of marvelous weather

Last summer we had many, many days of 90 - 100F weather in July and August. This past week our temps stayed in the low to mid 80s and beautiful sunny skies.

I rode every day but Tuesday last week. Dixie and I spent Thursday evening doing hill repeats on Indian Hills - 5 times. Then, just for kicks, we did a side street that has about a 10% or 11% grade. I thought my heart was going to explode! Fun stuff though. when we got back to the cars she put her clip-on aero bars on my bike and I rode around with them for a bit. They are going to take some getting used to. Saturday we went to Cathy's ride out of Salem, Indiana. Beautiful countryside with a few tough hills right at the beginning of the ride. I was disappointed (though I need to get over it) that though the ride was listed at 60 miles, it turned out to only be 50. I left the house about 8:05, 20 minutes later than I planned. I pulled into Cathy's street right at 9:15 (when they normally would be leaving), but so did several others. There were a couple that pulled in 10 minutes after us. Needless to say we started later than scheduled. If I counted correctly we had 25 to show up. 4 of them did the 30 mile option while the rest of us did the longer one. Got back to a huge spread of food and a keg of beer. Good day of riding.

I think we are going to focus on hill repeats a couple of times a week through most of this month. I need to work on the 5K and 10K somehow, too. Just gotta find time to squeeze it all in.

My doctor's office called on Tuesday with lab results, but I didn't get the message until Wednesday. It seems my cholesterol is acceptable, but approaching the high end of that. Now I need to find an internist though. My thyroid is over active according to the labs. Guess I need to check this out and see what it all means. Fun stuff!

Haven't seen or heard much from my girls this summer. Looks like they are enjoying their friends, which is what young adults should be doing.

Hope I have something more exciting to write about soon. ;-)

02 August, 2008

Progress and a little setback

Had my appointment with the gyno. Hate that the scales still read 152, but then if I hated it that much I'd give up my beer consumption. I have to admit that I've lost a number of pounds over the last year, so I should be happy with that. She lit up when I said I haven't smoked in a year. She's attentive and listens very well. We are going to try progesterone for now. See how it goes. She said that hormones get out of balance at this point in life. Just have to see what needs supplementing. Progesterone has the least side affects, one of which is it makes you sleepy so I'm taking it at night. Maybe I will get better sleep now.

Man, you turn 50 and now all these tests rear their ugly heads. She said I should have a colonoscopy, that sounds like so much fun, NOT. Guess I'll schedule it for end of September or early October. She also did bloodwork to check my thyroid function as well as lipids. But I didn't fast (I had a nutrigrain bar and coffee), so the lipid test won't have any accuracy, at least that's what I've been told.

I rode Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so far this week. Planned on riding this morning, a 60 miler, but something I ate yesterday woke me about 3 this morning and kept me running to the restroom for over an hour. Can't ride with no sleep or dehydrated. Today is rehydating for tomorrow's 50 miler. My weekly mileage is going to be less than usual this week.

I've signed up for the KY Senior Games in Sept. They have a 5K and 10K Time trial and a 20K Road Race. This will tell me how slow I really am compared to others in my age group. D has some clip-on aero bars we are going to try out. She is going to coach me over the next weeks. I'm so grateful that she's doing this. Not sure if those bars will work or not. For some reason my bike has granny brakes. Buddy of mine made fun of that recently. Guess I can be good natured about it. :-)

Tomorrow will be mid to upper 90s just like today. Just have to be smart and hydrate!