19 August, 2008


She said Monday and Tuesday were recovery nights. Monday was definitely recovery. We skipped the hills in Cherokee and did additional loops instead. Felt great spinning out the tightness in my thighs and calves. Wound up with around 17 or so miles.

Tonight was going to be recovery. We started with the group at Burdorf''s, but instead of going downtown and hitting all the traffic lights, we took Spring. We got up to 23mph or so and I was feeling good. Then we get to River Road and D says we're taking turns pulling, 1 mile each. Had a bit a of a head wind (I'm not sure why, but there's almost always a headwind on River Rd). D said to maintain 20 mph. Man, I did for a bit, but by the second pull I was more like 17 or 18. She coached me the whole way. Keep your head up, that's right exhale, blow out that carbon dioxide. and so on and so forth.

Working out the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles and pushing through that ache is what is takes. Sometimes it just feels like I'm dying, but you have to push through it. She told me tonight that I'll be riding with the fast boys by the time she's done with me.

Update on another topic. Hubby was released by the surgeon last week. By end of the week he had already bought a pack of cigarettes and is smoking again. I'm just so disappointed. But I can't smoke. I won't. Not now. Too much fun riding, getting stronger. And now I might get to catch up to those fast boys on bikes.

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Mz Diva said...

Good for you that you are determined to stay quit! Its hard to exercise with a cigarette hanging outta your mouth!