11 August, 2008

A week of marvelous weather

Last summer we had many, many days of 90 - 100F weather in July and August. This past week our temps stayed in the low to mid 80s and beautiful sunny skies.

I rode every day but Tuesday last week. Dixie and I spent Thursday evening doing hill repeats on Indian Hills - 5 times. Then, just for kicks, we did a side street that has about a 10% or 11% grade. I thought my heart was going to explode! Fun stuff though. when we got back to the cars she put her clip-on aero bars on my bike and I rode around with them for a bit. They are going to take some getting used to. Saturday we went to Cathy's ride out of Salem, Indiana. Beautiful countryside with a few tough hills right at the beginning of the ride. I was disappointed (though I need to get over it) that though the ride was listed at 60 miles, it turned out to only be 50. I left the house about 8:05, 20 minutes later than I planned. I pulled into Cathy's street right at 9:15 (when they normally would be leaving), but so did several others. There were a couple that pulled in 10 minutes after us. Needless to say we started later than scheduled. If I counted correctly we had 25 to show up. 4 of them did the 30 mile option while the rest of us did the longer one. Got back to a huge spread of food and a keg of beer. Good day of riding.

I think we are going to focus on hill repeats a couple of times a week through most of this month. I need to work on the 5K and 10K somehow, too. Just gotta find time to squeeze it all in.

My doctor's office called on Tuesday with lab results, but I didn't get the message until Wednesday. It seems my cholesterol is acceptable, but approaching the high end of that. Now I need to find an internist though. My thyroid is over active according to the labs. Guess I need to check this out and see what it all means. Fun stuff!

Haven't seen or heard much from my girls this summer. Looks like they are enjoying their friends, which is what young adults should be doing.

Hope I have something more exciting to write about soon. ;-)

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