12 August, 2008

Training for next month

Yesterday was the first true recovery ride I've done. Met Dixie and the club guys at the church. Monday night recovery route was going to do 2 loops through the park, which meant Dog Hill and Hogan's Hill twice. Dixie said we need to skip the hills and just ride so that's what we did. We rode with the club until the first ascent and turned around. We rode 19 mile, which is 7 miles further than the club ride, but took it easy. Felt great after and through the night.

We met today at Thurman Hutchins park like last week. She put her aero bars on her bike and adjusted mine. We rode down River Road to Indian Hills. Turned onto Country Club road and went all the way to the top. I worried that someone was going to chase us off the property. They have signs posted everywhere, no trepassing, no joggers, cyclists, etc. The few we saw were cool and waved at us. :-) We rode back down and did Indian HIlls three times. Then we took Arrowhead to the right, next we took Arrowhead to the left - this had some grade. Finished with Indian hills one last time. I can feel that I'm getting stronger. It's still tough stuff.

Dixie was great. Telling me to relax, work on breathing easy, keep my heart from burning up too fast. She gave me several tips. Talked about the road race and things to expect. Practice starting from a slow pace, not too slow to have to unclip, Stand and get to a speed I'm ready to ride at and then sit. Make sure my gearing is right. So much more, but I can't give away everything. ;-)

I need to spin in the trainer tomorrow, even though I'm "off". I have to get used to the aero bars, find a comfort zone.

Thursday will be more hill repeats. Friday is off night. Saturday and Sunday will see 2 rides each days. Saturday will be hillly rides. All weekend rides will be 30 miles or less. I need to gauge being in the saddle, like I will be on race day, throughout the day. Need to make sure I understand what nutrition works as well as hydration. I'm wondering about down time and then warm up time. I'm sure it will all come together.

Full moon is approaching. Wonder what crazy things will happen?

Post script: I had an almost overwhelming urge to smoke a cigarette today. Took a walk around the builiding. It worked.


Mz Diva said...

I was wondering if you still got urges...I guess it happens to all of us at one time or another!

Sherri said...

I still get urges. Most times they are just a passing thought, no big deal. Yesterday, it was strong! It scared me so I had to walk the block. Thank goodness there aren't many like that these days.