24 August, 2008

Last week of August ahead

Last week was okay for training. Wednesday we went out Hwy 148 to practice time trial. Nice flat piece of road, found a good turn around point at 3 or so miles. The first time out D said to maintain 20 mph. I grabbed her wheel and was working with the aero bars, but they get moving up and down. That's no good! I started going slower and slower and could not stay with her. Then my right thigh started talking to me and cramping up. Keep pedaling I told myself. Made it to the subdivision where she was and then went uphill (fun). I thought I was going to cry! We started back and both realised why it had been so hard. The road has the slightest of inclines in that direction. Heading back it was a piece of cake to do 20 mph, almost coasting!

Had a retirement party after work on Thursday and then took Friday off too. Not again. I just can't ride after 2 days off the bike. Sat morning I did the 35 slow and easy ride. Started out with Murph leading and me beside. There was a 10K going on that had streets closed. Thank goodness they let cyclists through the road blocks. Made it all the way to Shawnee and got dropped in the park. My thighs felt like lead. About StJames court I gained my second wind and caught up to Murph, who had also gotten dropped. This happened about 4 times, feeling good then miserable. I took Iroquois hill and was over 10 MPH all the way up, which is slow but faster than anytime previous. I added miles to the front and back due to parking away from ride start. Wound up with 35 miles this tme. The high temp of the day was 96F, I'm sure it was in the high 80s by the time my ride ended about 11:30 am or so.

Today was Hot Hazy and Humid, 90+ and 70% humidity. Had a flat tire before leaving the house, so I was soaking wet before driving to the ride start. I did arrive early enough to ride to Seneca around the tennis courts and back to Heine Bros, about 3.5 miles extra. Glad I did that warm up. Rode out with the front group and was feeling good in the park until that first stop sign. Everyone but one made it through. One guy and I stopped as there was traffic turning and it was their turn at the stop. I worked hard to catch up, but just couldn't get it going. Finally caught up to everyone at Lexington and Grinstead, but was dropped before Spring. Traffic signals caught me and I rode with 3 others through downtown. What is it with a headwind that follows you no matter what direction you are heading? geez I just keep thanking Mother Nature for the added breeze.

Tomorrow we'll do some work in the park before the recovery ride and then recover. ;-) maybe Planning on riding each day this week weather pending. That and getting my spoke replaced.

I want to give a shout out to MzDiva. She's one of my blogging, Chantix, quit smoking girlfriends. She has done a terrific job with not smoking. She's now changing her diet, to several smaller, smarter meals each day and on an exercise regimen. She's running! I'm so very proud of her accomplishments. Check out her blog, there's a link on my main page.

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