29 August, 2008

Learn something new everyday!

A cycling buddy pointed out a slice in my rear tire on Wednesday night. So, today I decide I should "boot it". Place something inside the tire between the wall and the tube. The tire was flat when I pulled it off the bike. So I changed the tube while I booted the slice. I finally got it back and and aired up. While I was getting ready to put it back on the bike, the tube popped! It was my last one. So I load up and drive to the LBS. While there I check on a new tire. The kid tries to sell me something heavier. I don't want heavier, I want the same kind of tire I had. He has a tire that is very close so I buy it and 3 more tubes. Now the last tubes wound up with a shorter stem so I asked if I could get the longer stem. When I get to the ride and start putting the tire and tube on I realise the tubes are very different from the last ones I bought. It took some effort, but I got the tire and tube on and aired up. Then the sub RC shows up and I tell him about my fun so far. He looks at my tire and tells me it's on backwards. I did not know you could put one on backwards. But the tread is in the wrong direction! Then we look at the front wheel and it's on backwards, too. I guess the mechanic was never told that either as he put that one on the front wheel.

The ride is the weekend tune-up, 12 miles. Felt good tonight, even if it was short. 35 in the morning, not sure about tomorrow night. Not sure about the rest of the weekend actually. I'll take it hour by hour. Try to savor this holiday.

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