17 August, 2008

Great weekend of riding

I'm very lucky that I've met D and she's willing to spend time and coach me along. We've done hill repeats last Thursday and this Tuesday and Thursday. 6-7 times up Indian hills - Arrowhead - etc. That helpe prep me for this weekend. We rode 28.5 and 23.5 miles yesterday.

The morning started out very cool at 8 am and I worried the first 30 minutes as it was taking longer than normal for my legs to warm up. By 45 minutes in, I was warm. ;-) It never got past 85 I think for the evening ride. Hills on both rides! Challenging, but I felt great climbing even though I'm no where near the speed I'd like. I was a little tender last night before bed, but this morning felt great.

We rode 24.5 and 21.5 miles today. This morning was cool again, about 62, felt so refreshing. We had to detour as River Road was closed past Zorn and we couldn't get through back streets either. So instead we took Mockingbird and around. Wasn't happy about my climb up Hogan's hill in Cherokee. Lots of people out, walkers, strollers, skateboards and cars. This afternoon I started out very strong and was feeling like I could ride hard. I slowed a bit on Spring and bounced back in a paceline. But once I got to Zorn, I was slowing to 18, the 17 and think I got to 16 at one point. I have this catch/pain in my right hip. D says to move on the saddle where I'm sitting on the hip to make the other leg work harder. It could be that I'm depending too much on my right leg.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be recovery rides. The start workouts for the Time Trials. Think we've found a nice flat road about 6 miles or so and little traffic. I'm crossing my fingers!

My oldest daughter came out on Wednesday and visited for several hours. It was so nice. It had been 2 months since I laid eyes on her. Youngest is on her way out. We plan on grilling and spending some time. Life is very good!


Mz Diva said...

Hi there...I started my journey towards fitness last night when I checked into fitcamp. Today I jogged and it was the first time that I have done that since, oh lets see, 1994 when I was injured in the Northridge earthquake! Oh what a journey this is gonna be! Keep posting cause you are a huge inspiration to me!

Sherri said...

MzDiva! I'm not sure what fitcamp is, but if you have started moving keep going. Set small goals to get to the bigger ones. If you've been sedentary for a long time it will take a while to get back into it. No worries here, I will keep posting! I want to here from you too