02 August, 2008

Progress and a little setback

Had my appointment with the gyno. Hate that the scales still read 152, but then if I hated it that much I'd give up my beer consumption. I have to admit that I've lost a number of pounds over the last year, so I should be happy with that. She lit up when I said I haven't smoked in a year. She's attentive and listens very well. We are going to try progesterone for now. See how it goes. She said that hormones get out of balance at this point in life. Just have to see what needs supplementing. Progesterone has the least side affects, one of which is it makes you sleepy so I'm taking it at night. Maybe I will get better sleep now.

Man, you turn 50 and now all these tests rear their ugly heads. She said I should have a colonoscopy, that sounds like so much fun, NOT. Guess I'll schedule it for end of September or early October. She also did bloodwork to check my thyroid function as well as lipids. But I didn't fast (I had a nutrigrain bar and coffee), so the lipid test won't have any accuracy, at least that's what I've been told.

I rode Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so far this week. Planned on riding this morning, a 60 miler, but something I ate yesterday woke me about 3 this morning and kept me running to the restroom for over an hour. Can't ride with no sleep or dehydrated. Today is rehydating for tomorrow's 50 miler. My weekly mileage is going to be less than usual this week.

I've signed up for the KY Senior Games in Sept. They have a 5K and 10K Time trial and a 20K Road Race. This will tell me how slow I really am compared to others in my age group. D has some clip-on aero bars we are going to try out. She is going to coach me over the next weeks. I'm so grateful that she's doing this. Not sure if those bars will work or not. For some reason my bike has granny brakes. Buddy of mine made fun of that recently. Guess I can be good natured about it. :-)

Tomorrow will be mid to upper 90s just like today. Just have to be smart and hydrate!

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