27 July, 2008

Warning - mature female topic below

Well, maybe not the entire post, but initially. Change of life, menopause, it's happening to me. Has been for a number of years now. I am blaming most of my nuttiness on changing hormones. I go back to the Gyno on Friday. I'm hoping, now that I'm tobacco free for over a year, we can discuss hormone replacement. Seems they don't like giving those to smoker's.

But honestly, I can't exactly put all of my nuttiness on menopause. Some of it is how I am, have been and always will be. I won't expand here. That would be too boring.

I didn't ride Wednesday or Thursday, but did Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Should've worked more this weekend, but just couldn't bring myself to it. I even told hubby that I was working all day today, but then talked myself into riding this afternoon.

Glad I did. Yesterday's 30 miles felt great and I pushed myself to stay with the front group. They were going fairly easy, but I was averaging 20 - 22 hanging on to one of their rear wheels all the way from downtown, to Shawnee and 3 blocks from Iroquois park. That incline into the park always gets me. Should've done the hill, but all the coffee I drank earlier made my bladder start talking to me, so I hit the restrooms instead. Sat at the stop sign, waiting for the guys to come back down when Paul rode past. He had skipped the hill like me. I took off and grabbed his wheel for a few blocks. He said something like he was gonna take off, had things to do and I said no problem. I kept up with him until the hill at Papa John's stadium and got dropped at the light at the bottom. I still kept within a block or two but by the time he got to Kentucky and turned I never saw him again. Fastest time I've done this ride. But was wiped out all afternoon. I only had a peanut butter sandwich and chips for dinner the night before. I know better than that.

Well, I need to decide what I want to do in September. The Senior Olympics has 4 cycling events in Ashland, KY. I was thinking this would be a good way to "get my feet wet" with racing. One of the girls at work approached me about joining Team Louisville about a week ago. I'm not thinking I'll do anything but last place at the Senior games, but at least I'll get some idea if I have the potential to be competitive or if I like it. Lots of work to do before then if that's what I decide to do. Planning, interval work, and need to get a copy of the course map.

Hope this week turning into August is a good one for everyone.

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