23 July, 2008

One year anniversary

of smoking my last cigarette is tonight at 10 pm. I was really mad at myself when I finished it, because I had gone a full 24 hours without one and then had to start counting all over again. :-) I have to say that I'm glad did smoke that last one. It reinforced how badly I didn't want to smoke again.

I was riding a stationary bike most days, putting in 10 or 15 minutes at a time. I was terribly out of shape and 10 minutes really isn't much. But I had to start somewhere. Now I'm riding my road bike at least 100 miles a week and my longest ride to date has been 60 miles over 4.5 hours. It's still not easy, just easier. But then I keep adding to my goals.

Ms. Diva asked if I've lost weight. Yes, most definitely. But more importantly I've gained tone and shape. Unfortunately, I've also gained wrinkles. That's what happens when there is less fat to fill out the skin. :-) I don't have the official numbers though. I only weigh when in the doctor's office. Haven't been since April and will be back in October. I've dropped 2 pants/skirt sizes, from a 10 to a 6.

My life is different. I feel more alive. I am in the out of doors, enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells. Birds singing, children laughing, horses running in the fields, fawn with their mother's walking out of the woods, grills cooking dinner, roadkill, skunks, manure. I didn't say it was all pleasant!

This year has been a journey for me. I've learned a lot. I have a lot more to learn and do. I have so many more adventures on my to do list. Now that I can breathe easier, maybe I will get to mark some off.


maggies mind said...

Yay and congrats, Sherri!! I am so thrilled for you and so inspired by you, too. I hope that you will do something special to celebrate this big milestone. I gave you a little shout out today on my blog and Tabatha, too, because she also just hit a year. So few us of have; it's not easy. But you did, and you took it even further, and I hope it's cool to say that I am proud of you because I really just am! Congrats!!

Sherri said...

Maggie, I am humbled by your compliments and enthusiasm. While I have always hoped to be a good example for others, my target audience was mainly Girl Scouts and school age kids. If it weren't your blog and good friends, I'm not sure I could've made it. Thanks so much for all of the encouragement.