02 July, 2008

First day of vacation

Just hanging close to home. Didn't make any formal plans. Maybe a day trip or two. I was hoping to ride as much as I can squeeze in, but have to wait and see what Mother Nature has in store. Rain is forecast through Monday!

My BFF (best friend forever in the whole world) told me that she fell off the wagon in the last week. She was all concerned with letting me down. Silly girl. She can't let me down. She was my inspiration. She was my rock. She is the reason that I am tobacco free for more than 11 months. She said she's going to start back on the Chantix. I am here to support her in any way possible. It is not my place to judge others.

I've witnessed more honking cars in the last week than all year to date while riding. It's amazing how inconsiderate drivers can be around cyclists. But then drivers are inconsiderate to other drivers, so why am I so surprised?

I've been keeping up daily with ther results of the Master's Natz here in town. Local women rocked Monday and Tuesday with top finishes. http://www.usacycling.org/results/index.php?permit=2008-1887 Also, 2 local cyclists have been out west riding the Cascade 1200. This brevet is over 4 days and has a 93 hour limit to complete. Micah finished in 82:27 and Steve in 90:04. 1240 kilometers is the same as 770 miles. A very long ride. The home team looks great!

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