29 June, 2008

So, Master's Nationals are in da Ville this week

I've never seen a cycling race live. I'd love to see the Road Race in Cherokee park. There are 24 women in Age group 50-54! I will be following the results. I don't see anyone local, so not as much to pull for someone. More to better understand how far away I am from those ladies as far as speed goes. I'm sure it is a long ways.

Rode my usual Heine Bro's ride for 21+, but was slow. All the way to the ride I said I needed to take it easy. Then I started to chase some guys thru the park. Had some very nice headwinds, my right hip started talking to me and I eased up. That's all it takes, just a mile per hour and they are gone, leaving dust in the road ahead of me. This one took me 1.5 hours and from Glenview back was basically solo. That's okay. My legs are thanking me for riding and taking it easy.

Need to read about some nutrition stuff. I've been eating 2 banana's a day, most days for the last week. However, I'm having some cramping issues. It's roaming, feet, hands, thighs, abdomenal muscles. Might need salt, could just need to chug a sport drink. YUK, I really prefer water, beer or coffee.

Wonder what excitement this week will bring? 4th of July and time off from work.

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Tasha the Triathlon Goddess said...

Hey, I'm a fellow Gemini too - happy birthday!! :-)