15 June, 2008

Wish I could remember the exact words

but it's not terribly important. At the end of the ride today, I was chatting with this one and that one. Everyone is so great! One of the instructors at bike handling class rode with another instructor today, S & D, I'll label them. They passed me just before River Rd and D said, "Come on, Sherri, you can do it". I had dropped back from the front group in the last few blocks. S said he asked D about me, if I'd be okay and D said something like, "She's tough and a go-getter, she's fine". Now, D has ridden many of the same rides as me since I started with the club. It was good to hear a comment thru another like that. :-)

I was ready to ride to the ride from my Sis' house. But something wasn't quite right with my bike and I didn't know what it was. I drove to the ride and asked T. He looked at it and said my breaks were too tight, which I thought my LBS had fixed for me, but didn't. T's loosened them up, which made me very appreciate. I owe him a coffee or a beer soon. There were no clouds today. It was 88F+ when we began. I rode with the front group and then chased them as far as I could. When D and S passed me, S asked if I was okay. I said, "this ole lady is HOT!". I had and kept a good cadence down River Rd. Have no idea what speed though as my comiputer was acting up and reset and i need to fix it now. I kept my cadence above 100 until Zorn. Just couldn't maintain and my thighs were getting tight - lactose buildup. Think I need to add a little more salt to the diet as I've been trying to back off.

Had a few small groups pass me as we pedaled down River Rd. Got to Glenview and stopped, took off my helmet and poured water on my head. Got started again and had one fellow pass me and asked if I was okay. I said, yes just hot. Still working out the gearing option on these longer hills. As I topped Glenview and hit the neighborhood streets V, C, D, (all women) caught up with me. We rode in together.

I have lots of work to do before I'm happy with myself out there. But it's nice to know that people think I won't give up and will push myself. Some worry about burning up and not having enough to finish. Maybe I should think that way, too. But I have to finish, no way around that. I might have to stop and pour water on my head, but I have to finish.

Odd about the asthma thing. Had more sputum following the ride as I drove home than usual. Not sure what that's all about. Guess it'll never go away. I should be thankful that it's as light as it is. So much better than last summer. Not smoking and doing all this activity has greatly improved my breathing, all around health, and outlook on life. 3 more days of being 49. Thursday I will continue this journey I started last summer. I may also be starting a new adventure or two. I've decided that if my health stays good and Murphy doesn't pull too many tricks on me, I'd like to have another 30 years to ride, get young at heart and have some glorious fun on the road!

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Mz Diva said...

So glad to see you send me a post! I think it is amazing that you have become quite the jock after quitting...you are a big inspiration to me! One day I will be posting about my exercise program but until then, I will just keep posting!