07 June, 2008

Weddings and June!

They are a match. However, 95F on a beautiful Saturday while wearing a red satin dress can be challenging. My Sis got married today. She met Don and both insist it was love at first sight. Though, as Sis said today, always believed that concept to be "poppycock". :-)

The only regret I have is the fact that we only had 2 hours. I couldn't possibly talk to everyone and spend time with both new members to our family, as well as existing ones we've known for decades!

I knew I needed to do the toast as Matron of Honour. The only other members of the bridal party were his son (my escort) and her son (her escort), both under the age of 15 and not expected to give a toast. I kept thinking about it, but didn't have anything written or prescribed. Just a theme, she has always been My baby. His mother asked me to expand a little later. So, I told a story or two.

All I ever want for her is happiness. Beware anyone that doesn't understand that and isn't kind. It might not be tomorrow, it might not be next year, but I can guantee you misery if you bring harm to her.

So, I have to confess. No matter how hard I've fought the "farmer's tan" syndrome with cycling, I still had white shoulders and feet. So I bought a can of spray on tan. Did it twice on Friday. Woke up today with orange splotches and stripes. Oh deary me. I put Calgon in the tub, ran very hot water and then took the pumice stone to scrub off what would. Thank goodness, most worked it's way down the drain.

I have missed riding. Need to get back in the saddle. This damned heat shall be accepted and the ride will happen. ;-)

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