05 June, 2008

Where did Spring go?

It has been a fantastic spring and I have taken advantage of the good days. We've had plenty of rain, too. But 90 degree weather in early June? What's up Mother Nature?

My sis gets married on Saturday. My legs look like crap. Road rash on left knee from a crash on the bike. A burn on the right shin from the lawn mower (long story).

Changed a tire in bike-handling class on Monday. Good to know stuff like that.

Wednesday was the Dundee ride, tried to stay with the fast group. Got dropped on River Rd, but never saw any of the slow group. Got to my car and no one was there. Guess the fast ones either finished and left or added miles by going back through the park. Some of them do that when the ride is posted at a certain mileage, but is actually 3 miles short. Drove home, took a shower and almost an hour after I finished the 20 miles, my face was still bright red.

Tonight I went for the SE Christian ride. There were 18 and 34 mile options. When I arrived at the church my themometer read 94F. I went for 18. I got to 6 miles and said uncle, turned around and went back. It was hot and I have no idea what the humidity was. We had a good head wind, which felt a little cool, but was strong enough to have to pedal that much harder which raises body heat. I rode 12 miles. BUMMER! Been kicking myself ever since.

Off tomorrow, getting my hair done, last minute instructions from sis, meeting a good friend, and having Friday night date night with hubby. Wedding is Saturday, so no riding tomorrow or Sat. Have Sunday to look forward. 2:00 Heine Bro's ride and the temps will be 96F.


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