15 June, 2008

Odd tid bits

Well, I've heard of lots of things but Thursday morning brought a new happenstance. It's before 6:30 and I'd just started my commute. I'm barely a mile from home, turn onto Dawson Hill Rd and a car that should've stopped at the stop sign kept moving forward. There was no time to react and he hit me. Well, he hit the rear wheel of my bike that was on my carrier. The carrier fits on the rear of my car and the rear wheel of the bike barely protrudes from the cars profile - maybe 3 inches. He stopped and we exchanged information. He even called me at the end of the day to say that he gets paid in two weeks and will help me out. Wanted to know how much, which I didn't have a firm # yet.

I took my bike to the LBS following my mid-year meeting with my boss. They checked out the entire bike and thank goodness didn't see any problem with the frame or other working parts, just the wheel. He started checking stock and said it was going to be a full week before a replacement came in. Well I became very unhappy. He said to let him do some more checking. I asked how much it would be to expedite shipping. This was Thursday, my last ride was Tuesday. I was having withdrawal just thinking about no riding. Went back to work and waited for the call. He called later in the afternoon and said it would be in on Friday. Yippee!

I picked up my bike, happy as can be. He says that it has a silver rim and doesn't match the other wheel, but couldn't do better as I didn't want to wait. I'm more concerned with riding, not fashion. Well, road on Saturday with the group and one of the guys asked about it because it doesn't match. Said I should've asked for a loaner while waiting for a new wheel. I'm such a newbie that didn't occur to me, sad that the LBS didn't suggest that option. Maybe I should use another LBS, but I bought the bike there and do have a sense of loyalty as they have treated me right so far. Think I might have them order the proper replacement. Received a nice gift certificate from my sis for my birthday that should cover it. We'll see.

The Saturday ride was 35 miles. I started with the front guys. They had a nice pace averaging between 18 and 20 MPH. This meant that I had to work, but also could draft and not expend all of my fuel too fast. As we approached Shawnee some of the younger guys took the lead and picked up the pace to around 22. Instinct dictates that everyone adjust and follow. I tried for a few blocks, but just couldn't maintain. Slowly I watched them get further and further ahead. So disappointing! I'd only done this route once before and couldn't remember exactly how to get back to 6th. Was telling myself that I'd have to stop and wait for the next group so I wouldn't get completely lost. About that time I saw 2 cyclists stopped. One is today's RC. His right pedal broke. We ride back to 6th together. He's pedalling with his left leg the whole way and only complaint is when we have to stop at traffic signals. I'm thinking he might have some good cramping in bed later. But most of these guys are so seasoned/experienced and ride so much, he should be fine. The other cyclist and I head towards Iroquois and a few others have caught up with us. My right hip starts giving me fits as we approach the park - I go to the restrooms and most others take the hill. I get back to the entrance and wait. I assumed I'd missed the fast group, but hadn't. We take off and ride back together for the most part. They are still pushing the pace. I lose a block or two due to timing at traffic lights, but felt good by the time I got back to the lot.

I'll update later about today. Think I'll ride to and from the ride today. (Have to feed cats and birds for Sis and oldest daughter. Sis is still on honeymoon and daughter is at Bonaroo.) I just need to push harder and harder. No taking it easy! :-) Still trying to decide on what I"ll ride this week. Already know that I'll miss next Sunday and possibly Monday due to something hubby has planned. Hope to make the most of these last days being 49.

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maggie's mind said...

Wow, glad you were OK and that your bike wasn't damaged too badly, either.