11 June, 2008

Steady as we go

Monday was a good day. Spent most of it in the office, but drank water all afternoon. Went to handling class and learned to dodge obstacles in the road at 15 mph. I can dodge and dodge, but there are times I'm gonna hit that bottle cap or pothole dead-on! Dad would tell me when I was learning for my road test, "I believe you are aiming for the potholes!". Sure seems that way at times. We also learned quick turns. These are two skills that I'm not so sure I'd be aware of until I had another year or so behind me.

After practicing these skills in the parking lot for a while we left for our 12 mile ride. It was still very warm, but there was a nice breeze and most of this ride (not all!) is shaded. I rode with the fast group and stayed up front most of the way. Now, fast on Monday after class is NOT considered fast on Tuesday nights. Dave pointed out somewhere around Bowman field that I was pointing my toes while pedalling. I didn't realise. This was somethingi I focussed on while riding in the trainer. Need to make a point while on the road, too.

Rode Tuesday with the club ride out of Burdorf's. It was still hot, but I needed a good longer ride. Monday was 12 and I cut Sunday short to 17. We had a great turnout, I'd say 50+ cycist. As we made our way to the park I made my way as close to the front as I could. Dixie and I were together through the parks and a short part of Lexington. She's very strong and kept up with the fast group. I inched my way back 2 groups around the first couple of lights on Market St. MIke talked to me a bit, urging and encouraging me on. He's one of those cyclists that is completely "ate up" with it. He rode a 600K brevet a couple of weekends back. That converts to 375 miles in 36 hours. So when I asked him about last Thursday night's 30 mile ride in 94F, he didn't seem that it was a big deal. Anyway, he's a good guy and took time to urge me on down the road!

We hit Main Street and here's Bernice. She passes me and is movin' on! Now, Bernice rides every day, a lot of the time twice a day. She is 78 years old and has a daughter that is 54 (older than me). Bernice is my hero. She pulled me quite a ways down River Road until I just couldn't maintain the pace - gear/cadence ratio. I did Glenview solo. Which was fine with me. I've been away from hills and it shows. I pushed myself by trying to maintain 18-20 the rest of the way and rode in with a few others.

Took tonight off. Needed to spend time with hubby. Problem is, he got up at 5 this morning and has been fairly worn out since I got home. :-( His physical therapist has given him a booklet of exercises to do. It takes him about 1.5 hours to do them and is supposed to do them every few hours throughout the day. This and he's trying to work a few hours each day doing "one-handed work".

Tomorrow LBC has a Fruit Ride out of EP Tom Sawyer. Should be hilly, hard and great fun! I'm sure I will be breathing hard on each ascent. I mentioned Mike earlier. He said I was doing great with my progress and that his first year he was a mess. Said that it takes time for a lot of this to become second nature. That I need to be patien with myself. I'm trying. I know it takes time to accomplish the really good goals. I try to keep that "instant gratification" flaw tucked in a drawer as much as possible!

I'm getting anxious. Getting closer and closer to my first anniversary of tobacco freeness. I've continued to have urges. (Maggie calls them tuggins'). But they are far and few between. Lately, except for night sweats, most of my hormonal effects have subsided. I've been sleeping again, too.

Just keep the steady progress. One day at a time. Keep those little goals and celebrations so we can achieve the really big, life altering ones. Life is good.

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maggie's mind said...

Yay, Sherri! It's so wonderful to see how awesome you are still doing almost a year later, trading a bad habit for something so much healthier and that you enjoy so much. I'm thrilled for you. :) Many, many congrats.